Nokia Chat Beta for Windows Phone 8 now available in more markets

Nokia Chat

As well as Ringtone Maker, Nokia has also pushed out an update for its beta instant messaging solution. We previously looked at Nokia Chat when it was released for Windows Phone 8 last month, but the app was limited to a select number of markets. The company has now increased that pool to cover more regions.

Countries added include Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Finland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Spain, or Venezuela. These markets join those already supported: Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, and Nigeria. The update notice closes with the plan to add even more markets in the future.

You can download Nokia Chat Beta from the Windows Phone Store. Source: Nokia Beta Labs

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helios_ says:

Nokia Chat vs. Nokia Pulse?

CX1 says:

How many chat clients does one need?

This is what I thought. FB messaging and Skype pretty much fill my cup. Guess this is for seriously hardcore Nokia fans who for some reason don't want to use Skype/FB/Watsapp/Viber and what not

rockstarzzz says:

Think its more like having something alike Samsung's or Apple's chat apps that are OEM exclusive

vijax21 says:

I'm not even giving it a try.. I've switched off all my chats.. Except whatsapp,. I find chats extremely distracting and annoying

rockstarzzz says:

I've even switched off my whatsapp till I get my audio API back ;)

holyfetzer says:

Why should I do that?

sholokov says:

He needs somebody to talk to....poor thing.

Miksup says:

Awww, I'd add you, if I was going to download that app, but I'm not going to.

fierywater says:

If Nokia would open this up to all WP8 users, I could see them becoming the WP8 equivalent of BBM. Have it pre-installed with every Nokia phone and keep it ad-free.
As it stands, I don't see it as anything more than a curiosity.

devize says:

Highly doubt it. Not while WP market share is so low. I wouldn't be able to message anyone because I don't know anyone else with a WP.

uselessrobot says:

The fact that it only supports Nokia Chat and Yahoo makes this app's usefulness questionable at best.

simmomelb says:

Well most people are complaing how bad the Skype app is operating on wp8 at the moment, including me (see its feedback) it can take days to deliver messages, so probably not a good comparison on that front ;) I agree though, there are plenty of chat apps, don't see the point of any more and only being able to message Nokia users? That's just not convenient.

sholokov says:

Skype works fine for me. WP8 disables notifications from apps that are not used for two weeks. If you don't use ANY app that often, notifications from that app will stop.

Same here. Haven't had any Skype issues since the last update

Nimdock says:

I wish it had jabber support.

5tephen says:

I can't even find it on the store yet

Flavio76 says:

that´s why Im using im pro right now, too many accounts... FB, skype, messenger, googlechat...

Zer0fluX says:

I don't want another chat account. What I want is something like what the messaging hub in WP8 is supposed to be but with support for Messenger, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook Messenger, AIM, ICQ, etc. I want everything in one unified tool with one message thread per contact regardless of messaging client. In short, I want Trillian on my phone. I'd prefer it if the WP8 messaging hub did all of that, but I'll use a separate app as long as it uses the built-in People lists and configured email/calendars on the phone as well.

cybermoose89 says:

Think ill stick to skype what's app and fb though its nice that we get a fair choice to choose from :)

first of all i what is nokia pulse? what is this? how are they diff? ..and do they work like watsapp..if yes can i chat with people who have android as well

nez99 says:

Link please can't find in store

Pl4ub says:

This app is for those who used this in Symbian phones. Everybody else, move on.

mark nt says:

Can't find it the store in Australia, is not listed

Shimoner01 says:

Don't think this is available in Canada, as I can find it.