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Nokia’s giving away a Lumia of your choice, a Lumia 2520, Xbox One and more (US only)

Choose A Lumia

Like winning free stuff? Of course you do. Nokia US is at it again with another contest. Last month they gave away a brand new Nokia Lumia Icon and a trip to an iconic location in the United States. Now they’re doing another big giveaway where you’ll win $1750 worth of tech! Details below.

Like last month, all you need to do to enter is head to the Nokia US Facebook page. There you’ll select which phone you’d want to win and enter your contact information.


The grand prize winner will win a Nokia Lumia smartphone of their choice, a Nokia Lumia 2520, an Xbox One, a 50-inch TV and a JBL PlayUp speaker! Four runner-ups will walk away with a Nokia Lumia of their choice.

It’s a sweet contest that you should enter if you want some new gadgets in your life. You have until March 17th to enter. Make sure you’re at least 16 years old and live in the United States.

Which phone did you select? The Nokia Lumia Icon, Lumia 1520, Lumia 925 or Lumia 1020?

Head over to Facebook to enter the contest yourself! 



There are 110 comments. Sign in to comment

Show some love to other countries Nokia.

amcalexandre says:

Mother F#*-*@ is always US Only contests!

afgzee says:

That's starting to annoy me too. Seems they don't care for customers in other countries

theroyboy44 says:

Nah, windows phone continues to grow in other markets but the US its very hard for it, so this is their way of promoting WP. But I can agree that it sucks when I see outside US sweepstakes that I want to enter.....

Duffau says:

Don't worry, their customer support in the US is terrible. Friends haven't had the best experiences when trying to resolve issues and chat support told me they would contact me in 48 hours for my issue. That was a week and a half ago. I like their products, but customer service in America is shit. Better to try your luck through Microsoft.

Awkanu says:

I'm with you on that one!

HoosierDaddy says:

Show some love for the Facebook averse.

dhruv07 says:

Holy crap..!!! They givin so much dere ..

OMG55 says:

I guess the Finn's will blame Microsoft for Nokia not returning the love to European countries

DreadVenom says:

FFS NokSoft, what about the rest of us. You know Europe is your biggest market, right???

Sean D. says:

And that is exactly why their doing it this way... Think about it.

2tomtom says:

USA only......Really!

Wael Hasno says:

Oh come the f*ck on, European company holding US only contests? Show some respect to the people who built you up and stuck by your side! I don't care what the terms of the contest are, they should hold an identical one for European countries or regions. Same goes for you, Microsoft!!

rogerhew says:

Yeah ! We are feeling left out

It's because of legal issues.

Saiyaku says:

Imagine if they put just half of these efforts in the countries where WP already surpassed the iPhone and sits in a healthy second place...

QilleRz says:

Agree with you !

kidjenius says:

US only...?!?! ELIIIITTIIISSSTTT (half joking)

US only bash comments in 3, 2, 1...

Yup... And the non-Facebook users.

Forgot about that.

nickros182 says:

yeah like if you really want to enter just make a facebook. lol

zaidgkhan says:

I hate this.. "(Only US)"

Sam Sabri says:

Why? This is a contest from Nokia US, not Nokia Global. 

Fritzly says:

What sucks is that you can only enter the contest using Facebook which I do not use and I would not join even for a 1520.

bmetelsky says:

I agree 100% with you.

rogerhew says:

But but is still Nokiaaa

unknownguns says:

Yes, but that's not what everyone is annoyed at, its the fact that there are NEVER any contests for other countries. Its only the US. It can be really annoying cyz we're being left out on giveaways and competitions all the time

In Europe we don't give things for free, they come at higher costs and with taxes! :lol:

unknownguns says:

Completely true.

juanbelljr says:

Awesomeness! Totally going for the 1520, not really feeling the Icon all that much. That screen is amazing!

spectre51 says:

Ditto, really want that 1520.  Hard to leave the AT&T store everytime I go in to play with one.

Darnath says:

I hate us only

Niavlys77 says:

FFS, what's with this "US only" all the time...the least you could do is North America! Show Canada some love, eh?

simphf says:

I'm Canadian.

walter1832 says:

I've been waiting for a long time for you to admit that.  Doesn't it feel good to get it off your chest?

simphf says:

You have just been nominated for comment of the year. I can't can't stop laughing. This is amazing. And yes, it does feel good.

walter1832 says:

See I told you!

Talk4Lig says:

Us only how unexpected

Dusteater says:

Facebook only? When will companies realize they are alienating people without Facebook accounts?

twelvetudors says:

Are you serious?

zeke009 says:

They alienated me from this contest.

2tomtom says:

I agree, why alienate non Facebook users. Its a serious question!

zeke009 says:

I f'ing hate contests that require Facebook to enter.

Use something that allows people who do not sign up for the internet billboard known as Facebook. Also, show some love to all the world wide fans.

TechnoBull says:

Here here i agree - Liverpool UK

juanbelljr says:

Better for me!

OMG55 says:

Yahoo does too : )

Mystictrust says:

I don't use twitter, but I signed up to enter contests. Just create a Facebook account with the bare essentials, don't look for friends, turn off the ability to be found or have messages sent to you, and sign up for contests

aavz100 says:

Lolz! IE doesn't support this webpage xP

imakhil_kp says:

Learn something Nokia India from Nokia US :P

I was going to do it, until I saw it needed to use Facebook. I don't do Facebook garbage competitions, which I believe are just chances for backdoors into mining personal info.

OMG55 says:

Are they trying to have makeup sex because of that mistake called the X??? Joking

I entered this contest earlier, but unfortunately, I'm positive it includes carrier locked phones only. I actually said I would like a 1520 (what the hell?). I guess it would be impossible to get that unlocked, though.

donbreathe says:

Stupid idea, same old silly marketing strategy that leads nowhere. Americans are obsessed with Apple, they don't give a damn!

brebo33 says:

Icon, since I'm on V

jsfx07 says:

I hate facebook only contest.

turbo022 says:

You actually dont need a facebook account to enter the contest. You can click on the link and click the enter now button. I spoke too soon, apparently you have to log in whey you try to submit.

desilva says:

Dear Nokia,

Stop with the Facebook contest.  Believe it or not there are people who do not use Facebook.

J Ice70 says:

The reason it's done on Facebook is to let advertise to your friends you are interested in their products. It's a promotion.

sie282 says:

Fuck only us

Jack Larson1 says:

By "us" do you mean U.S.? Or us. Lol

borasar says:

no thanks, I have committment issues, so I'd like to keep my options open

cannon#WP says:

For all of you outside of the US, if I win, I'll sell you the Nokia I choose for cheap.

Jaskys says:

Why no EU only?

1MiNo2 says:

Can anyone explain me why MS/Nokia are making contests mostly in the US ? It's not fairl. US is getting everything as the first and the best ...

Nakazul says:

windows Phones aren't selling in U.S so they give them away hoping to gain traction. We in Europe are stupid enough to buy there phones so why give them away? :P

mdram says:

Dual citizenship has it's privileges!  :D

rogerhew says:

read that ? Time to follow suite Nokia Australia

Pablo0208 says:

Uk always misses out on giveaways :-(

I hate Facebook contests. I know I am the oddball but I don't have a Facebook account.

bigbmc26 says:

Nope, I'm with you buddy...

MrSimmix says:

F*cking US only BS!

Xaphoon148 says:

US only...
What a surprise...

hectorlemon says:

En EE.UU. Siempre sortean los Nokia de gama alta y nokiaspain como máximo sortea un 520 ó 625...así les va que casi nadie participa//In us.UU. They always lots of high-end and nokiaspain Nokia as maximum lots a 520 or 625... so going that almost nobody participates

bigbmc26 says:

I don't do facebook, can't enter... What happened to giveaways available to everyone?

Hopefully I could win a Nokia Lumia 1520 (white) (pours all his coins into a bleeding wishing well)

RichieB07 says:

I definitely picked the 1520.  The 20MP camera would be more than enough, and that screen!  Here's hoping!

Pynokio25 says:

<===== Non Facebook user here.

humdinger says:

Sad irony that they designed a page that cannot be used from a Lumia 1020.

kc77 says:

The reason they have US contests is for publicity and to grow their phone brand. They dont need to focus on growing the brand in Europe right now. They already have the user base. They want the user base in the US so they have contests to raise awareness. They aren't shunning other countries like so many people seem to think. They're marketing.

Antluv82 says:

I got all of those besides tha JBLs


Can everyone who complains about USA only contests understand how many legal issues there are with having a completely global contest?

Unicron109 says:

Okay so like Sam said this is a contest by Nokia U.S. hence U.S. only. Also I just entered from my Icon and did not do anything Facebook related. Good luck to all who entered. Fingers crossed could use an Icon to lure the wife away from her iPhone and I am in need of some technology upgrades.

genuine555 says:

Lots of Europeans down here including me. So really NOT cool, regardless if they are doing marketing or not and regardless whether it is international or not. There can be a contest for the US, then there can be contests for European countries aswel. Don't need to be global. I want to see some European contests up in this mf, excluding the US. Ahaa! ;-)

Jazmac says:

Do people actually win these? I wonder.

mswindows101 says:

Dang it! I have a 1520 and 920 already,so they are essentially the Icon and 925. I really want a 1020 as well. I love the camera on the 1520,and it was between it and the 1020 and I went with the bigger and more feature rich.. So I guess this time it's the 1020.

Kasey Pierce says:

Link not working? or is it only bcause im doing it from a Surface RT...

Like a 929 with 8.1 for at&t

TheRem says:

Lucky America. :P

Live2Deliver says:

US only every, single, time. Nokia isn't really interested in making money in other countries. what kind of f'ed up marketing strategy is this by abandoning everybody else?

bossmads says:

F..k only is Again

tvolpe86 says:

would anyone like some cheese with all this wine?

Dafter says:

US only, not a surprise. Why we don't have special offers etc in Europe? :/