Nokia Conference Beta receives update, adds numerous improvements

Nokia Conference

Nokia has updated its Conference Beta for Windows Phone. We last looked at the Lumia exclusive app back in April, but we're happy to see some improvements being applied. This new release adds support for conference calls that are regular appointments, as well as longer pauses and improves phone number and ID / PIN logic. If you've been actively using the beta, you'll be pleased to learn that feedback is being implemented.

Here's what Nokia reports as being new in this version (0.95): 

  • Improved phone number and ID/PIN parsing logic, based on beta feedback.
  • Added support for conference calls that are regular appointments, not meeting invites. UI wise, that’s achieved by the new “Use for meetings from company” checkbox in the conference system settings UI. When unchecked, the conference system rules are used for every appointment in your calendar where the digit rules match, not just meetings from a particular email domain.
  • Added support for longer pauses than just 3-6 seconds
  • Made several bug fixes and some UI tweaks

You can download the Nokia Conference Beta from the Windows Phone Store, as well as finding out more details about the app and other beta programs over at the Nokia Beta Labs. Thanks, daza, for the tip!

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Sarang68 says:

Nokia firing on all cylinders with turbo attached!

wayne310 says:

Can finally suggest all office people to ditch their lameberrys and samHung and use a phone that actually works and gets the work done while also gonna have the most epic game halo on it soon

caliborn says:

Been using meeting dialer for the longest time. Works totally fine for me.

kojakki says:

Awesome app. Easy dialin to meeting while driving. BT headset and voice Command is GOLD