Nokia confirms that their latest Play To app and GDR3 developer preview don’t play nice

Yesterday we reported on a rare update for the Play To app by Nokia. The DLNA program allows users to stream media, like photos, videos and music, to their DLNA enabled TV or Xbox. The update was intended to improve “Wi-Fi connectivity ensuring it continues working with future devices and firmware updates.”

Ironically, however, many users on our site began having problems with the update. Specifically, reports of users only getting a black screen began rolling in, with warnings to others to not install the update.

This morning, Nokia has come clean on the problem and as it turns out, it’s because many of you have the Update 3 Preview for Developers installed. That release, while a preview, is missing some key components necessary for Play To to work. Nokia sent an email this morning to users of the app, with the following note:

“Some people have reported issues that Play to version with updates starting 19th December is no longer working on their devices. One common problem seems that those users have updated their devices with the GDR3 developer preview image from Microsoft. That image is missing crucial SW components written by Nokia and the Play to application will not work on such devices.”

Basically, you’re out of luck until your official Lumia Black with the Nokia-specific Update 3 software comes to your phone. Of course if you don’t have the developer preview installed (i.e. you’re still on Amber) or you one of the few to have the Lumia 1020 ‘Black’ update from yesterday, then you should be okay.



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kjnoel says:

Nokia should roll out black faster to unlocked phones then.

Or you know, you live with the consequences of signing up for a beta program. Sorry, dems the breaks. I'm sure people will survive a few weeks without Play To.

blackhawk556 says:

No this is crazy. The beta should still work! Not sure which is crazier, this or apps costing $.99 & up. /s

Glad to get the explanation. Would like to see the PlayTo stuff brought into the OS itself rather than being a Nokia add on. Would bring more users into the Windows 8 PlayTo fold. 

Fiann says:

I'm sure I will considering that I've never gotten the app to work even once. Play to works from my computer to my Xbox but not my phone.

Are you trying to "play to" your phone? Because that won't work.
PlayTo has always worked for me until this recent update.

Fiann says:

No. Trying to play from my phone to my Xbox 360. I've never been able to get it to work. I pretty much just gave up after a while. I forget the exact error message now. It wasn't helpful though. It either couldn't see it or just said there was a problem.

It IS supposed to work for music too, right?

Groover1971 says:

Daniel, you said "a few weeks". Was that a slip or can you confidently predict that "Black" will be out by then?

Rem97 says:

Will WP8.1 support DLNA natively?

I hope. If they can do something like airplay, but to the Xbox, that would be AWESOME!

That's what PlayTo is... you can send video/music/photos to your xBox or Windows 8 or any other DLNA compatible receiver.

explosive0 says:

You've clearly never used AirPlay. He's talking about it being integrated natviely, not being a standalone app. 

Yup. Also, I would like to mirror my phone and W8.1 tablet, like how airplay does it.

GustavN says:

You can already mirror you W8.1 tablet with miracast :) (I hope miracast comes to WP8.1 as well)

Groover1971 says:

Nokia Beamer (not be confused with Nokia Photo Beamer) will duplicate whatever is on your phone's screen to another screen that has access to the internet. Of course it will have to wait on "Black" before it will work.

Guzzler3 says:

Windows 7,8,8.1 have had DLNA. Buried, but there. Airplay is just a custimized version of the DLNA protocal that is all Apple specific. Apple likes closed system to force people to spend more money on their stuff and only their stuff.

poddie says:

I've never been able to get videos to play via Play To. Only photos. I am also hoping for an integrated solution.

tbird635 says:

But didn't gdr3 roll out yesterday to everyone with a T-Mobile 925, and wasn't that supposed to be the same as the developer preview?

kendric84 says:

That exactly what I was wondering.  I did install the developer preview and my 925 did not receive an update yesterday.

Sounds to me like anyone who installed the T-Mobile pushed updated will run into the same problems.

marcus small says:

Alot of people still didn't even get the update, people such as myself.

kendric84 says:

Interesting.  I'll keep checking then!

DJCBS says:

The problem isn't really GDR3 it seems. It's the lack of firmware from the Black Update that comes with GDR3.

nickg0413 says:

Play To has never worked for me. It would load, then when I would try to send something to my TV the TV screen would show "loading" then, nothing!!

Did the Play To update yesterday, NOW when I open it up it shows just a narrow band at the top of the phone screen where my photos to tap on can be seen, can't even see the full photo to click on. 

Uninstalled it.....call me when this program ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!!!

It always worked for me before this last update.

Groover1971 says:

It worked really well on my Nokia 822. Music, pictures, and video all played. I was so surprised to see HD video that I had taken with my phone to finally see it on my big screen TV in HD. Now it doesn't work. :P

I updated my AT&T L1020 to Black yesterday, and all I get when opening Play To is "Sorry, but this version of Play to won't work with this version of Windows Phone.  The good news is the latest version of Play to is available for download from the Store now."  When I tap "Download", it goes to the store, but the only button I have from there is "Share."  I've uninstalled and reinstalled.

Richard_Indy says:

Search for "Nokia play to"

ScubaDog says:

When I tapped "download" it took me to the store where the app is now called Nokia Play To instead of just Play To.  After it installed I noticed the tile has the "beta" tag on it.  It looks much nicer and it does work.  I have the Lumia 1020 on AT&T that just got the Black update.  I was running the GDR3 Preview before this, though. 

Ecurb87 says:

I never downloaded this app. Honestly I forgot about it until I read the article. Anyway, the same happened with me. Just finished playing with it. Works fine & its pretty cool. Just need to figure out why I can't download video directly SkyDrive to my L1020. Thought I could before.

sundawg#WP says:

It's good that they gave an answer. Seems like they could put a check in their software for black and show a proper message at launch (same for beamer).

marky_yo says:

Least Nokia acknowledgeds their problems!

SirVarrock says:

Why is it their problem?

mrappbrain says:

Have any of you noticed the windows 8 tablet in the picture background? It seems to be running a pre release version of the wpc app for windows 8.

abhishake620 says:

criminal case ehhhh (an addicting game) .............good find even i thought of the same thing

cddigi says:

I noticed the problem last night when I wanted to try it out with the XONE. Gave up trying to get it to work and then woke up to see that email in my inbox. I hope it's not too long of a wait for the 920.

paulheu says:

The ATT and T-mo updates were probably pushed by the respective carriers despite the GDR3 update being unfinished (for these devices)

BTW, has anyone experienced their known WiFi networks being forgotten when you try to switch your WiFi ON after installing the developer preview? This seems to be happening to me a lot...

ScubaDog says:

Huh, not me.  I installed the GDR3 preview on my Lumia 920 and both my and my wife's Lumia 1020 devices and all the WiFi networks & settings remained.  In fact, I didn't lose anything at all.  Now both of our 1020 devices have been updated with the Black update, and no issues there, either.

Plz upate my L920, i m from India

How much time later come update in India for L920..

Does anyone know how to downgrade to amber again? where may i find an official firmware from nokia to install it and how to do it? 
Thanks a lot!

Tahd says:

Play To added a note telling you to download Nokia Play to (3.x), if you have Black installed.

Play To 2.x does not work in Black, as the necessary firmware components are not compatible. Vice versa, Nokia Play to 3.x does not work in pre-Black, as those firmwares do not contain components Nokia Play to 3 requires.

Supporting both pre-Black and Black devices with Nokia Play to 3 would have caused major increased complexity with little gains.

Unfortunately Play To 2 requires some firmware components, which cannot be updated with regular application updates. Good news is that Nokia Play to cano be fully updated through application updates, once the first firmware update (in Black) has been done.

sentinel101 says:

Good to know. Would be great to be able to downgrade to the last working Play-To Version.

Tahd says:

You have to remove GDR3 preview to get Play To working - or wait for Black. The older versions of Play To will not help.

sentinel101 says:

Well, the version before the update worked quite well with GDR3-Preview so why would a downgrade not help ?

Tahd says:

Right, the update only checks for GDR3 not for Black so there's the problem.

Guzzler3 says:

Anyone have the old version they can share? I use "Play To" quite a bit for my music to my AVR setup. Saddened that the update broke it.

Tahd says:

Are you sure you do not have GDR3 preview? Update added only check for firmware version (to inform Black users to install Nokia Play to 3), so previous Play To version will not help you.

jatin360 says:

I am installing Black update on Nokia Lumia 920 as I type in Bangalore, India. It may be available at your place. Check it out here: