Nokia drops O2 UK as stocklist for WP handsets

File this under "O2 you muppets" as it seems the carrier and Nokia couldn't reach an agreement on strict criteria including volume targets, store displays and marketing campaigns for the manufacturer's upcoming handset. I knew we could count on Nokia to push carriers in launching Windows Phone handsets with pride and force to match the iPhone and Android. O2 UK, enjoying a cosy partnership with Apple, could not agree with Nokia on the above due to the iPhone 5 launch just around the corner.

A source close to both O2 and Nokia told Mobile News:

"O2 is very good at handset marketing, better than any of the other operators, which tend to stick to promoting tariffs and deals. They work very well with the manufacturers and channel their message very well. But they are very close to Apple and will not look to compromise that relationship. O2 was initially very excited by the Nokia portfolio, but in recent weeks that attitude has changed."

Of course if O2 has had a successful run with the iPhone since the first generation device then it would make sense to focus on the iPhone 5, but to not allow each platform to compete with one another fairly for consumers to make their choice without bias marketing is poor (much like bias sales staff). Hats off to Nokia for putting their foot down. With Three UK looking to decide as to whether they will continue stocking Windows Phone handsets or not, it may prove worthwhile to approach the carrier (or Orange) since they could use some exclusive devices.

Source: Mobile News



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This will have serious effect on WP sales in N. Ireland, by far O2 is the dominant network, personally I am with Vodafone as they are the only ones to offer me 3.5G where I live. ThreeUK have no plans to cover me any time either.

IanLorenc says:

:-/Not a smart move or progressive outcome for either side.

Why does everyone always forget about T-Mobile in the UK?Anyway, this is **** cause WP is such a good platform. iPhone is just getting old, and android is too buggy for my liking (was when i used it).O2 need to pull their heads outta their asses and sort it out, iPhone is a dying market. Jump on the next big thing promote the **** out of it and sit back and enjoy the return! Simple.

Rich Edmonds says:

I merely mentioned Three since it was speculated they could be dropping support so a Nokia handset could sway them.

oh was not aimed at you Richard. :)

its just in general, people mention Orange UK. But forget the Orange and T-Mobile are the same. MS do it on their lists

jinxPad says:

idiots... Looks like I'll be buying my next windows phone sim free.

stevethenerd says:

a lot of carriers will carry, but not feature WP7.Unfortunately we have to be the sales for Microsoft.

@Richard Edmonds...Man, you pick the BEST images :)

Rich Edmonds says:

Anything to liven up bad news for you guys ;-)

Gaffney says:

Typical, I hardly seen WP7 advertised at all. I seen maybe 1-2 tv adverts from Microsoft themselves but no adverts from any of the networks. The only shop I seen with an Advert in the store was Three UK and it was just a billboard that was there for about two weeks on launch.Maybe this year it will be different, as for O2 don't go to them their prices are inflated and the data, text and call limits are poor. In three the Mozart was £25 per month and my Omnia 7 was £35. In O2 the Mozart was £42 per month. My sister has an iPhone from them and it costs her £55 per month!

kasser says:

Hopefully Three will come around at some point because of their data plans and also I have contract that runs out around Nov 2012 (in time for WP8?)

HeyCori says:

Good job Nokia! Way to stick up for your man.

MastrMeatWad says:

This would by my only concern about the success of win7. You have retailers that down right lie to consumers about devices and OS and many consumers are not able to try other devices because of nonsense such as this. Partnerships that limit the selections for consumers is never a good thing. **** O2 and their hard on for Apples iphone. Sounds like Verizon in the US

scaramanga89 says:

"O2 was initially very excited by the Nokia portfolio, but in recent weeks that attitude has changed."Translation: Apple put the foot down as well. They see WP7 as big competition, especially the Nokia handsets, they will do anything they can to keep the launch small.

ymala1 says:

This is Bullshit.People should start calling up customer support in droves to bug them about this, get few email addresses and start writing in as well. How else are these 'muppets' supposed to know that what they're doing is not considered ok by a significant proportion of their subscribers? I mean if the subscribers are ok with it, O2 might as well go ahead and do what they want to. It's all about the payoff to these idiots.