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Nokia factory workers sample and test the Lumia 920 camera

File this under fun.

During the production phase of the Nokia Lumia 920, the hardworking folks who put together these remarkable devices quickly test out the camera, checking for colors and whether or not it even works. Sometimes though, they forget to delete the samples. Such is the case with Ryan J.'s phone, which still had a few photos and even a video clip on board.

Head past the break and catch a quick glimpse at the people behind your new toy.




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Pluckcharm says:

Haha that's hilarious.
Lla te dije - I already told you

cdbstl76 says:

That's too funny!

Cartman says:

That must be the factory in Mexico...could make out some of the words being spoken in Spanish. :)

rodneyej says:

That's cool! I would love to get a phone and it had video of the factory workers testing my device. Cool!

k00ksta says:

Windows Phone .. It puts PEOPLE first haha :)

Cristoby says:

Somebody is getting his a** chewed by the line supervisor. That's my highly imaginative take.

aubreyq says:

I remember some iPhone owners had test pics on their phones.

SaviorXX9 says:

Love it. Glad I will be getting one soon to support Nokia and its workers.

ljgg says:

It's Mexican Spanish for sure. I know there is a nokia factory in Tamaulipas Mexico.

koenshaku says:

LOL put some cooler stuff on there like drop test lol.

rodneyej says:

This is not a very good example of the cameras capabilities! Lol

Wow, amazing quality in that video!

Emilin123 says:

yes, they are mexican, 
i remember when i gt my Nokia N8 there were some vides and photos, i thing they were testing the phone, anyway
can i Get a lumia 920 here in chile? thanks :P

tlo07 says:

I remember this happened to someone one time with a BlackBerry and the guy who bought the phone was so mad!  I don't know what the big deal is.  I think that just makes your phone special!  Anyway, the guy said he was going to return the phone.  WTF?  Did he think phones hatch out of an egg like a bird?  LOL!

z06tim says:

I have 2 videos and 1 picture on mine. The picture of the lady you have is the same lady in my video. Too funny