Nokia files to trademark "Nokia Zoom"

Nokia Zoom

Nokia has filed a trademark application with the European Union to protect the term "Nokia Zoom". The application was filed back on May 30, 2013 and is currently under examination by the trademark authorities.

Nokia lists smartphones as one of the associated goods and services related to "Nokia Zoom". Undoubtedly an obvious connection between "Nokia Zoom" and the pending announcement of the new Lumia 1020/EOS 41MP Windows Phone.  

Beyond the filing, not much more is known and this is just one more puzzle that should be solved during the July 11th Press event.

So, what do you think Nokia has up its sleeves by trademarking "Nokia Zoom"?

Source: Markify via: My Nokia Blog; Thanks, Technoloay, for the tip!



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This is going to be big

simphf says:

Or close. Closer? Come back to me. I'll figure it out.

Nejcooo says:

what can be so big? it will be windows phone with camera like 808.

xconomicron says:

....that many people do not know the capabilities of just yet. 

Rockartisten says:

The camera is big ;)

sholokov says:

Not "like" that of 808. Newer hardware, software and ois.

R0bR says:

Good thing it wasn't Nokia Zoom Zoom, Mazda wouldn't be happy.

mjfadaway says:

Zoom zoom zoom

NIST says:

Who's zooming who?

duk3togo says:

Man you ain't zooming anybody I knew you guys were gay, lol

fwaits says:

All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom and a boom-boom!

jsnod25 says:

You want to boom-boom my zoom?

trwrt says:

Good, I'm not the only old person here.

cannon#WP says:

MUCH better name than "Lumia"...I wonder if Motorola & Samsung will raise stinks because it sounds like Xoom and that Samsung is launching the Galaxy Zoom.

Shantek says:

I would of thought it would still be a Lumia, they've built up a name for their windowsphone brand now. Nokia Zoom I think would be more something the phone has, maybe the name for the camera or an application that goes with it. Only time will tell :)

tissotti says:

Lumia isn't going anywhere, it's more searched in google than Windows Phone. Nokia is building the Lumia brand more than it is Windows Phone. Same as they did with Symbian as S60.
Nokia Zoom is just a trademark similar to PureView, PureMotion, Clear Black etc etc.

cam45fblax says:

It will either be a name for the phone; Nokia Zoom or Lumia 1020 Zoom or Lumia Zoom (the 2nd and the last one sounds awful IMO) or they are renaming the 'lossless zoom' feature to Nokia Zoom as a new camera feature to be branded and marketed...fingers crossed to the latter of my hypotheses

NIST says:

If it were Android it would be the Lumia 1020 Zoom Maxx Predator Z.

Arun3 says:

Lol. And it would be in Sprint. 

fwaits says:

It would have to be the 9020 then so it could be OVER 9000!

Rockartisten says:

Hahahaha... Yeah, sometimes I wonder if these manufacturers just copy/paste gamertags or something.

MattLFC says:

How about Zoomia?

tissotti says:

I believe the camera will be identical to 808. Something that's great as we finally get Symbian level of camera hardware on WP.
They are just aimply putting more of a marketting spin to lossless zoom and cropping.

umovies says:

not really since coming up with the 808 Nokia has grown in the area of the camera, so its might be based off the 808 but it will be a much improved version of the hardware and  at least we hope it will be on the software side with the addition of lenses feature in windows 8 and as leaked there own camera app to go with the new camera features from the leaks to me it seems like it will also have some extras we don't even know about maybe a optical zoom and or manual optical, aperture 

NIST says:

Zoom zoom in the boom boom

aitt says:

Mazda does not approve

goldenpipes says:

So I want the 1020 to be called the zoom anyone else?

lubbalots says:

A new line of Nokia smartphones with high end cameras known as the Nokia "Zoom xxxx". Awesome. Just thinkin. Lol!

Arun3 says:

Whatever they decide to call it or not call it... It will be AWESOME!! Period. 

blackhawk556 says:

If it doesn't have micro SD, instagram preloaded, notifications center, 64gb, 2gb RAM, barometer, eye tracking, and a quad core it will fail!! /s

simphf says:

And access to its own satellite, makes my farts smell lemony, changes my oil, has Instagram preloaded, and blah.

sholokov says:

O yeah. I cannot live without knowing air pressure around me. And God forbid if I miss a second of that youtube video...eyeball tracking is all I need in a phone.

Clesanbar says:

What about the Nokia Lumia Zoom, sounds cachy

trwrt says:

Lumia Zoomia

sholokov says:

You mean Nokia Lumia Zoomia

Lloyd_S says:

Could be Nokia Lumia Zoom, or a Nokia Lumia with Nokia Zoom technology....

Flavio76 says:

Whatever... I need price. Where. And must be international.

paul1818 says:

Please shut up and take my money now before the event start, so i will be the first one who have this

Dre325 says:

Yeah, I wish it was just July 11th already. All I do is browse this site hoping for more leaks. I want one!!

/\ /\ /\ -- This!
Can i just pull a McFly and bring July 11th here already?

Nokia "Zoom"?
OMG that is such an original, creative name that's never been used by *anyone* before!!!

Spedez says:

"Nokia Zoom" hasn't been used by *anyone* before. And stop shouting douchebag.