Nokia gets festive with a comical Lumia Christmas tale

I can't say I'm a big fan of getting up early on a Sunday morning but at least today I had something to smile about once I dived into my emails. Nokia U.S. are officially oozing Christmas spirit with the latest video to hit their YouTube channel

With the festive season just around the corner Nokia have taken the comedy approach to promote the Lumia range of Windows Phones in the video - titled "Tis the Season". As you'll see, the Lumia 1020 makes an appearance a couple of times - highlighting its camera awesomeness. 

So sit back, prepare to grin and enjoy the great creation. Nice job Nokia and a Merry Christmas back at ya. 

Thanks for the heads up Kyle



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mjyumping says:

Merry christmas!

Video not found via app?

Found it on YouTube site on web. Hilarious! But now I'm looking forward to their Santa Surfers...

simmomelb says:

Video not working :(

Marco Gomes1 says:

Use the "show in browser" option, then the Nokia Chanel link.

mythos13 says:

Thanks that worked.

Funny! I like it! lol

mythos13 says:

I can't get it to play on my 1020. I'll try on my desktop later.

guillams says:

The links are not working on my WPC app! :'(

"Dived?" I think "dove" is the word you're looking for. :-/

schlubadub says:

Technically both are acceptable...

schlubadub says:

Getting up early? Posted at 9:18pm. That's one heck of a Sunday sleep-in :P :P
(Yes, I know. Time difference etc)

Geronimo928 says:

Hahaha! Nice! I had a nice grin most of the advert; well done! Merry Christmas!

Ecurb87 says:

Didn't miss anything good

Duduosf says:

Video unavailable...

I didn't understand much

sticitodaman says:

Well idk about you guys but I'm SOLD! One 1020 please!