Nokia to give away 25,000 Lumia phones to devs starting today

It was announced this morning, almost in passing, that Nokia would begin a program to put 25,000 Nokia Windows Phone in the hands of eager developers. The announcement came during a developer session this morning called "When bigger is better" and was revealed by Marco Argenti (pictured above), Senior Vice President, Developer Experience & Marketplace at Nokia.

We caught up with Argenti a little later to confirm the number and it's 100% accurate. In fact, he revealed that today at Nokia World there would be a developer after-party today where some folks from Nokia will be going around and giving away some Lumia phones. Details for how the rest of 24K+ phones will be given out has not yet been detailed.

Pretty exciting stuff and a huge initiative by Nokia to get developers from Symbian to take a serious look at Windows Phone.



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Bruno H says:

Wow!There are only 9500 registered WP7 developers as of today. This will almost quadruple that number!! Guess we will se some more apps coming our way :-)

FacilisDK says:

Dang! Gimme gimme :)

tsaunders80 says:

I have been meaning to sign up as a developer. Looks like I might be doing that now.

SSaywell says:

As a WP dev it sure would help if I had a device to test my apps on, was going to buy one but this would be a lot better :)

bbennett40 says:

Was there noone around to tell ol' boy to buttin his pants before stepping on stag? ;)But seriously, I plan on makin the move to WP in January and any news that the ecosystem is expanding makes me happy!!

onysi says:


onysi says:

they seem to be the oen getting phones as of late.

Nataku4ca says:

big question here... is this any registered dev or just specific country..? i joined up 3 weeks ago (two apps GoDutch is on and Precious is pending)it would definitely make my decision to join up with wp7 feel like the best thing i've ever done (if i get one...)