Nokia giving away Lumia 1520, headphones and premium subscription in MixRadio sweepstakes (UK only)

Nokia MixRadio

Nokia has unleashed a competition to celebrate the launch of its MixRadio service. Open to UK residents only, the company is giving away a brand new Lumia 1520 (yet to launch in the UK), Nokia Purity Pro Wireless headphones and 3 months of Nokia MixRadio+ (previously Nokia Music+). 

The Finnish company has two sets of the prizes above to give away, so to be in with the chance of bagging one of them, be sure to head on over to the Nokia MixRadio Facebook page to enter. All you have to do is download the latest version of MixRadio and answer five questions about the new features implemented. Simple, right?

If you see a splash page with little information displayed when clicking the below link, be sure to "like" the Nokia MixRadio page first. This will then load the content to get you started. You've got until December 6th to enter. Again, this competition is open for UK residents only. Good luck!

If you don't already have Nokia MixRadio installed, grab it from the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Facebook (Nokia MixRadio)

QR: Nokia MixRadio



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L2nak says:

What UK only? Man that's not fair. /s

silentgee says:

makes a change, usually all the comps are usa only!

2tomtom says:

I'm in the UK so think its fair lol

Jack Janik says:

Get ready for all the complaints. Good for UK WP owners. :)

sonosp says:

Seems fair, the US always gets giveaways.


My time to SHINE!

Micah Dawson says:

Finally non us members can quit whining about us centric contests.

adrian1338 says:

Since US and UK presents the World.

Wael Hasno says:

US ONLY, US ONLY, UK ONLY, US ONLY.. Yeah, don't mind the rest of us down here struggling for some attention..

hwangeruk says:

Who said that?

Facebook?! BAH! No 1520 winning for me then. 

hwangeruk says:

Nice to see another grown up in the house. Cheers <clinks glasses>

Glad to see UK fans get some love.

morpheus1982 says:

Need a Lumia to download the app! Oh well.

topleya says:

Yeah that annoyed me as well. I have an Ativ S but cannot enter competition

No! Why does UK always get the good stuff? The US NEVER gets anything! /s

Seriously, USA doesn't get good stuff?

NykoAlly says:

The /s means sarcasm, by the way.

erasure25 says:

I know!!! US never gets anythiiiiiiing. /s

sumton says:



anyway i stopped believing these giveways



hwangeruk says:

That's not entirely correct, I have tried to dry the UK out by drinking most of the beer. Credit where credits due?

isi mcf says:

Only for UK? how unfair ! Lol with as many US giveaways you guys deserve it!!

isi mcf says:

On a side note I did win the 1520 @gameloft was giving away!

daidebut says:

What UK only? Man that IS fair. About time too.

Nimdock says:

What?!!!! UK only???!!!!


Bwwwaaaaaaa, nooooo!!! What about US, bwaaaa!!!!!!

NykoAlly says:

This is a pretty awesome competition. Sure I wish it was also applicable in the US, but oh well. We'll wait our turn :)

Good luck to all my UK friends out there!

Oxymoron428 says:

Even if it was in the US, I'm on Verizon, so I couldn't win anyway. Exclusivity sucks...

BonzeUK says:

Ain't got no lousy Facebook. Don't people email no more?

cybermoose89 says:

I want the 1520 in red not headphones lol

immyperez says:

How did you manage to enter, I had a look and couldn't figure it out, lol?

cybermoose89 says:

Its on facebook dude on type in the apps name scroll down the wall should be able to see a link there :)

willied says:

UK only? BOOHOO, I'm going to cry for the rest of my life. /s

CarlosTSG says:

I hate Facebook competitions. You can't do them on your mobile and most people use Facebook only their mobile.

hwangeruk says:

Fact: 8 out of 10 statistics are made up

silentgee says:

sure you can, just use ie!!!!

I'm having trouble finding the competition on the Facebook page.

immyperez says:

Me too, lol! I have the latest update and I liked the page etc...nothing happened! :-(

Not just me then? I did come across another competition to win a 1020 though. I don't remember how but it was by tapping on a link on the mix radio page

cypripri says:

Same problem here :(