Nokia has not sold 2 million Lumias in China, denies details

With Nokia making a large deal to sell numerous Lumia Windows Phones on China Mobile, starting with the Lumia 920 and including the popular Lumia 620, speculation and curiosity about sales numbers have piqued interest from observers.

This morning, a questionable story on WinP.cn started to make the rounds complete with photos, that reportedly showed the Nokia team “celebrating 2 million sales (or activations)” in that massive country. We’ve been in indirect contact with Nokia China and are hearing that the story is in fact not accurate.

Nokia PartyLike all great mysteries there’s some truth to the origins of those photos but they are taken out of context, resulting in a much more grandiose story than reality portrays.

 From a source at Nokia China who was there:

“We had an internal celebration some time back. An employee took some snapshots and uploaded to Sina Weibo. The pictures were deleted quite soon though. These pictures are genuine, however the '2M' live tile doesn't stand for '2 million'. I can't tell you what it stands for however."

Indeed, as far as we know Nokia is categorically denying that they sold 2 million Lumia phones (or 920Ts) in China. There is no doubt that such an accomplishment would have been massive news for the company but like all things, these photos and the resulting story, are not reflective of what actually occurred to our knowledge. To put that number in perspective, Nokia sold 4.4 million Lumias in Q4 2012 in total worldwide.

Of course we’re all wondering what the “2M” does stand for but like a lot of mysteries, this one may go unsolved.

Nokia is set to report Q1 2013 sales results on April 18th and perhaps there, we will learn a little more about China.



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lippidp says:

2M is in between 1M and 3M. I think we all know what that means.

x I'm tc says:

I'm confused.

Mroofie says:

Was that for me :/

dkp23 says:

It was a dream

Mroofie says:

Win fan his,comment = fail

WinFan1 says:

im still confused

smartklove says:

well,I am the main witnesses of this event, my Sina weibo is reported the first time ,the link》》http://weibo.com/1898587152/zmbRk8A0K

smartklove says:

To be more accurate, I mean  2 million WP8 Lumia activations,includes 920,920T,820,620

LoL, what's the meaning?

sholokov says:

Maybe it means "2 Many!"

lippidp says:

I've already said too much.

hopmedic says:

Where I work, 2M would be 2,000, but surely that's not the case here.

AngeloUCF says:

Agreed, 2 million is generally 2MM, not 2M where I am

Where do you work, Rome?

MidahoX says:

I thought usually K = 1000 and M = 1000000.

pnhd says:

guess it was too good to be true. but what if it is? damn it nokia, ship more phones

tissotti says:

While i doubt the story, it should also be said that Nokia could not pretty much make this official without giving out a positive result warning like they did on Q4.
That in a other hand would need to go via the official routes and would likely happen some weeks before the Q1 report in April. 

fardream says:

Chinese don't usually speak English and don't usually use 2M

CobraJ82 says:

Maybe the prononciation of "2M" means something in chinese?

TTianner says:

Actually,I don't think 2M has another meaning in Chinese.PS:I am from China.

HillBillJr says:

2M means 2 more :hiding

stumlad says:

It's the Chinese sister company to: http://www.3m.com/  :)

HillBillJr says:

Hehe..knock off for 3M products

jcagga says:

3m tape typo ??

WinFan1 says:

Are those Lumia cakes?

WPfreak8 says:

thanks for clarification wpcentral, this is journalism. 

aprilcy says:

Actually I am following the original weibo owner (Chinese version twitter). I got the chance to see comments of that piece of weibo before it was deleted. His friend (who seems from his normal life not his IT society) asked what's going on and he replied/confirmed it's a celebration of 2 million Lumia activations in China. So yes, 2M here does mean 2 million as the conversation is in Chinese.

This guy's weibo are mostly about his personal life and comments for social news. Only small part are about IT stuff and the deleted one's language was very normal.

My guess: he is telling the truth which is not supposed to be shared publicly. WP Central got the deny because you checked through official channel.

aprilcy says:

To be more accurate, he said 2 million wp8 Lumia activations

Fantastic, I can't wait to see the current quarter's results. Thank you for the clarification.

WPfreak8 says:

why does wpdang write "200 million" in their report??

aprilcy says:

Wpdang is an overexcited fan site rather than serious report media. The original weibo is the only original source of this story. Any other report is second handed.

prochris says:

I believe in Chinese, 2M is read as 200 "wan". A "wan" is 10k

I do believe with you. I also saw all of the conversations between the guy with other people. But now, all of that have been deleted.

phatboy66 says:

If the numbers are not true, this could affect NOKIA stock greatly because China and India are really important markets for them and stockholders will be disappointed

jsnod25 says:

2M financially mean $2,000 but in chat slang means "tomorrow" and it also is Meters for measurement, maybe the size of the cakes are 2M in size? Don't know, still think it means 2 million though.

ihavewp8 says:

Anyone here ever drinked Boba?

xconomicron says:

Yesterday. Yummm

Richie Rich1 says:

2 million in China alone!???
This is amazing news, especially if it is the 920T sales. Wouldnt be supirsed if Nokia beat estimates this q (which i beleive is a -.06 eps)

FW190D says:

Just wait guys...920 has not yet appeared in many countries in Europe.