Nokia's having a Lumia 900 launch party in New York City this Friday

Nokia Launch Party...

We knew Nokia wasn't going to just sit by and let the AT&T Lumia 900 launch without an "event" to go with it. Low and behold, that whole countdown on the SmartphoneBetatest.com site was counting down to this very day.

The launch party is happening in New York City, specifically Times Square at 7 pm and is open to the public. There will be a live performance from....someone and we're hoping for something awesome visually (Lasers? Can we get some lasers?).

Of course being that we're in New York City, heck we're not too far from Times Square right now, we should be able to be there to cover the event with video, photos and a full report.

Stay tuned...

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karelj says:

I am gonna try and make this. Maybe my gf can get out of work early and join me.

NaterBater says:

Any idea on when the EA games that Nokia had the rights to will show up and will they be XBL enabled

This is gooooood :D

They need to come to the big D. DALLAS TEXAS that's AT&Ts spot so it could happen and AT&T is all over the COWBOY STADIUM ;)

Residing says:

Too bad the Nokia Theater is now the Verizon Theater :(  Would have been a great venue as well.

rodneyej says:

Yes! Dallas, DFW! Good point. I forgot that the Cowboys Stadium is att's crack house. I hope they tag up the whole building with 900 marketing. That's right baby, Arlington, TX thats my hood! Lol. I love WP so much I've been thinking of starting a website to unite all the WP heads here in Dallas... Would you join?

dtboos says:

Exciting!  I can't wait for this.....

WPSteve says:

More ridiculous lines? I hope not...

theman60099 says:

What,makes no sense

Arun3 says:

This is awesome!! Thank you Dan for that awesome news!! And thanks Nokia!! See you at 7 pm this Friday fellow WP enthusiasts!! :-)

danielm298 says:

ATL!!!! please: how can we start a WM7 Party here in Atlanta!!!

XboxOmac says:

Well, unless you correct yourself to WP7.

rodneyej says:

P is far enough away from M on the keyboard, sooo you can't use that as an excuse.... ???

nokia4life says:

Come bring the party to dallas

rodneyej says:

Yes Dallas! att practically pays the electricity bill for cowboys stadium! Not to mention that DFW is att's playground.

ATT is based out of Dallas lol

Hey rodneyej I got some lizard lounge videos on my YouTube account I put up last year I recorded with my Samsung focus in 720p lol check them out under pizzahutlovinhulk

rodneyej says:

Ok... I used to go there back in high school.. Over 16 years ago. Talk about business longevity..

rodneyej says:

You pizzahulk! Check me out.. rodneyej1 .. My Samsung Focus is sitting there in the red case..

kidjenius says:

So with all this money being poured into the US market, I'm assuming that Canada is once again left in the shadow? We had no launches for the Lumia 710 or the Lumia 800. The 900 has been POOOORLY advertized on pre-order on Rogers. I only found out about it from WPCentral, absolutely no marketing being done.

dtboos says:

They may have to wait until the AT&T one is over.  Thats supposed to be Nokia's big launch for the 900.

rodneyej says:

Dtboos is absolutely correct! Contractual obligations with att has blocked other carriers from "getin some". For example, The Tmobile here in Arlington, TX has just taken their 710 posters down, and the Basketball Tmobile commercial on tv has sliped in some betaphone as a substitute for the 710 as well. Coincidence? I think not.

Mikes2nd says:

I think they will target canada... They can't do this everywhere at the same time :)
Seriously this is a huge undertaking, takes time and money.
I want to see Deadmau5 in NYC...

blnwp says:

Wow!! I'm going to make it and hope they give away some phones :)

MaulerX says:

Damn!!! I gotta work 4x12 that day. And I work on 66 St close to Lincoln Center!! Arggg!! Come to think of it, I really feel like I'm starting to catch a cold...

procen says:

Getting sick are you, you need to take couple of Nokia pills at the Lincoln Center. :-P

pgoth says:

Damn.. Heading out of the country Friday

Netro1 says:

Oh, Im jealous you guys have these big parties in UK an US!

larrynj says:

Will they be selling them at the launch?

simonnyc says:

A couple of shots of the Lumia 900 Launch party being set up...
On my way to work this morning....

Another one on my way home.  That's a clock counting down to 7pm tomorrow.