App Highlights Social

Nokia helps you find the latest trends with App Highlights Social (Beta) for Windows Phone

Nokia has released a new beta for Lumia Windows Phone owners to enjoy - App Highlights Social. So what can one do with said app installed? It essentially takes the baton from the App Highlights app we've come to know and love, but improving the overall experience with new functionality and a more advanced interface. Our first impressions: it's really, really cool.

If you're one who enjoys discovering new apps for your Lumia Windows Phone, App Highlights Social is a must have. There's an array of features to hep consumers get the most out of Nokia's Collection and the Windows Phone Store itself. As the name suggests, there's a social element implemented to make finding new apps and games more fun and worthwhile.

Users can create their own app lists, have the community follow said collections and rise to the top of a leaderboard. It's an interesting way to have the community involved with not only finding new apps to download and enjoy, but also sharing what they've already got installed to benefit others. Here are some highlighted (pun intended) features:

  • Enjoy browsing through tons of different apps lists brought to you by Nokia and App Highlights Social Beta users around the world
  • While you browse you can thank users for cool app lists
  • Sign in to create and share lists of apps with your friends and with the world in order to gain thanks and followers in your lists
  • Search for your friends and tech celebrities to start following them and gain insights from their lists of apps

Utilising its own account system, there's the element of personalisation with different experiences for each individual, depending on which apps one's interested in. You can download App Highlights Social from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store - note that the app is currently listed for Windows Phone 8 hardware only.

Update: Nokia informs us that this is a very limited beta, for US, Italy, Finland and India ONLY at the moment.

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Mark Ingram says:

Showing as not available for lumia 620, in the uk btw :)

ArtSooby says:

not avalaible in canada yet

I am in Canada, and i have it...

Suedezu says:

Not available in Romania yet

Ai o bere pt ca ai Lumia

mase123987 says:

I have to say, it is a pretty smooth looking app!

Sarang68 says:

It is much better . Kind of more metro design

DJCBS says:

Not available in Portugal, either.

jammyj77 says:

Not available for 820!!

useme2useyou says:

Not available in UK right now...

Racxie says:

Not available at all it seems, and when I try look at the review section it throws an error and closes the page. Screenshots show fine though.

Bruno H says:

Not available in Sweden :(

thomppa79 says:

Too bad, I can't wait to get it.

Sarang68 says:

I downloaded it here in India

Credo93 says:

Not available in Belgium....

migrant says:

Not available in Malaysia yet.

DarrenSproat says:

Sounds interesting. Sadly, it's not available for me yet.

greedypnguin says:

Not available here in the uk either

God damn that's a beautiful app. Well done Nokia!

Bearach says:

Funny how opinions are different. (From the screenshots here) In my opinion its actually pretty ugly.

Think I might use this more often than the Windows Phone Store.

prjkthack says:

This ia beautiful app. Very great looking and very well done. Basically a social network for Windows Phone apps, which is a unique concept. I suppose it'll help us find hidden gems in the store.

uopjo6 says:

Not available ANYWHERE. But, I can wait :)

mrnavkhan says:

It awesome apps such a great apps it also help many people to find out apps

rcasey says:

Not available on Mars.

Bagsy says:

Which part of Mars are you at? I'm on Main Street and it's working fine :-)

ZuNuKoo says:

You didn't hear? They're renaming Main St, Curiosity Rd. You need to read the Mars Daily. Keep up.

walter1832 says:

Again, not available on Tatooine.  I guess MS/Nokia doesn't care about us Tatooine users.  I was so happy the day I went to theTacchi to get my power converters, to also pick up the 920.  I guess they don't need us anymore.

Milk21 says:

Ever since Jabba was murdered by those rebels, the MS/Nokia distribution network has gone to hell on Tatooine. Who knows if I'll ever get my new Bluetooth speakers with the holographic interface I ordered :(

Bagsy says:

That's just a gossip rag. I'll call it Main St until they change the sign.

Pappa Ed says:

Got it in New England USA. Nice!

KasakDesign says:

Is this a wp8 app cause I dont have it either in my market Lumia 900

david90531 says:

This app is absolutely beautiful and so much fun! Well done Nokia

YasinLumia says:

If you cant wait just change your region to usa and restart

bilal soomro says:

Not available in Saudi Arabia.

afgzee says:

not available in Antarctica

eknocklabs says:

Is wpcentral going to create an account we can follow?

Capossito says:

wow great app well done nokia. Windows Phone Store should really have a similar look and features.

Not available on Mars

Sninio says:

Not available in Israel.. Merd..

This app is absolutely beautiful! Its better than the Windows Store! I think Microsoft should have nokia integrate this into the Windows Store. Desktop, Touch, and Phone. It would not only help improve results through users, it could add a unique social aspect not found in any other App Store.

tissotti says:

Very nice. Hopefulyl they integrate this to the App Highlight app

I believe this is an upgrade to the app highlights app (since collections and recommendations are still present, just slightly different)