Nokia HERE Transit for Windows Phone updated with some minor improvements

Nokia Transport

Nokia has rolled out an update for its HERE Transit (or Transport) app, available on Lumia Windows Phones. Pushing up the build number, the company has added a number of minor improvements, including the ability to show nearby stations / stops on the map as well as accessing favourites from HERE Maps and Drive.

Here's the full changelog of what's new in version 3.5.1017:

  • View nearby stations and stops on the map
  • Switch easily from HERE Maps to HERE Transit Planner within the Journey
  • Access favourites from HERE Maps and Drive

You can download HERE Transit from the Nokia Collection of apps on the Windows Phone Store.

Update: The version of HERE Transit for all Windows Phones (other than Lumia hardware) has also been updated (right-hand QR Code).

QR: HERE Transit



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kidjenius says:

does this thing have Vancouver yet? i can't believe vancouver wasn't on it when I last checked (in december 2012)

Viipottaja says:

Same here in Washington DC.. Or at least does not find,routes as well as on the 7.5 version.

Prodigy11 says:

There are so many cities, and so little resources :) Patience is a virtue... I'm sure they are doing their best to add as many cities as possible.

Coan says:

I imagine some of it might do with what the transit infrastructure of the city offers for them to link in to either. Here I can get a number of surrounding cities, but my own is missing (toronto area).

Nataku4ca says:

i blame translink for this, if only these people actually try to make our transit system better....

Hiran Perera says:

it does have vancouver, but only has skytrains on the map, but doesn't have times for the trains! just where the stops are and what trains go there. it's pretty useless if it doesn't have buses, and bus/train times!! next train/bus time is kind of mandatory for a transit app

TruPlaya187 says:

I thought that since Nokia released it's HERE Transit, Maps and Drive to all WP8 devices that when an update would come out, it would be available to all phones at the same time....which isn't the case right now. I can't download it on my 8X.

Jnbs says:

A bit off topic, but The L800 is the best looking device ever!! Sad that it didn't get WP8

Menzlo says:

More like super off topic.

tissotti says:

N9 is actually the best looking of them all. The original design with no front buttons. 

Residing says:

Disagree with you, but to each their own.

Rising Mos says:

Finally, we can access the fovourite from the other Here Apps. Honostly all the favourites for location should be centralized throughout the Here apps. Also, I am liking the show location of nearby stops on map.
For me, these are actually great updates and they are major feature enhacments.

Curtieson says:

There are a LOT of issues on the phone with decentralized maps.  Depending if I go through Search, Local Scout, something pinned or HERE Maps I get a different experience and sets of reviews for businesses.  No matter what I should get the same information on my phone.

morpheus1982 says:

True. Seeing as everyone can have Here Maps, it should all be merged with Bing and built into the Rom.

Amran Nagal says:

When will Nokia update 7.x devices to here. -.-

BlobDude says:

I love the app. Only thing I really want them to add is the ability to toggle off certain modes of transportation.

Chris Yahya says:

"application is unavailable" wut? L920. Is that only for WP 7?

ricsip says:

I find the biggest flaw of this app is the inability to clearly differenciate between the different types of transport i should look for is actually a Train? a Metro? an Underground line? All show the same goddamn train icon, no textual description what it represents actually. Until this isnt shown additionally with at least some textual description, i consider this as a crappy app.