Nokia India plays some cricket in the dark, showing off the Lumia 925 and low light photography

Have you played cricket in the dark before? We're not talking about flood lights on full, but in actual darkness? Nokia India has attempted to do so, using only some coloured lighting for guidance as two teams battle it out on the streets. Thanks to the imaging capabilities of the Lumia 925, some shots were captured.

Nokia has been launching numerous adverts to show exactly what its smartphones are capable of when it comes to taking photographs. It doesn't show off Windows Phone as the OS, but Nokia is at least trying new and unique ways to differentiate its products from competitors. That and their marketing efforts are generally entertaining.

This advert aired last month, but we're glad it was brought to our attention as a little gem. Nokia World is right around the corner, so be sure to remain tuned to our feeds for all the latest news from the event.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Ninaada, for the tip!



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Sarang68 says:

Ya saw that. It seems a bit confusing with all that fluorescent bats,wickets,but its ok i guess

anandv427 says:

Ya its a good concept...Indians always love cricket...

Duduosf says:

I was kinda let down when I saw a flash light at 0:42... I mean, isn't this ad about low light performance WITHOUT the flash??
Love my 925, though.

James Allatt says:

You do know if its Dark the Lumia 925 flash aleay goes off before taking a picture but its to show you what your looking at as the picture is taken after the flash goes off.

Duduosf says:

Oh yeah! How stupid of me haha it's because I rarely use the assist/focus light, so I'd forgotten about that.

youlee says:

Had anyone seen the fine print in bottom left corner starting at 00:19? Shot under normal light conditions?

VenumX says:

haha yeah thats the first thing i noticed -- couldn't believe no one else brought it up.. the entire video was shot with lighting... how can they even say this is shot in complete darkness?? Ah well low light is good enough for me

vkelkar says:

I want a nokia L925 is there any exchange option available with my L820