Nokia to launch Lumia 610 in Belgium next week for €249

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Nokia has released a press statement detailing the imminent Belgium launch of the Lumia 610, the manufacturer's most affordable low-end Windows Phone. It is expected to be priced at €249 (including VAT). Should you be on the lookout for a low-end Windows Phone to get you started, either the Lumia 610 or 710 fit the bill nicely, depending on what deals draw you in. The smartphone will be available in glossy white, magenta, cyan and black

Nokia has been present in the country previously promoting the Lumia family of Windows Phones with cupcakes being handed out, but if the Lumia 610 and 710 don't interest you, the Lumia 900 is also being stocked in the country for €599 at PDAShop.be.

Source: Nokia Belgium (Bing translate), PDAShop.be



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Luffy07 says:

I still thing the 610 is way too expensive for the limitations, the 710 is 250 (300-50€ cashback) at photohall...
And the 900 is also way too expensive, wasn't it 450$ off contract? How did 450$ became 600€. Maybe at 500 they'll have a chance but I don't think so in Belgium people only buy iPhones if they can afford them, nothing else (exept a few galaxy s II).

theefman says:

Nokia dont seem to be hitting the low price points they need to combat those cheap androids. Should be launching at Euro 200, at this price is it really a better deal?

senbobaggins says:

Eh the 710 is that price in Ireland!

Viegie says:

Eh yeah, that's the official "advice price". But the Lumia 710 costs arround €240 in Belgium right now, so the real retail price of the Lumia 610 will probably drop immediately below €200.
The 610 will cost €169 in the Netherlands, so it won't be a lot more expensive in Belgium.

zacman says:

You can still get an Omnia7 for about 200€. Nokia needs to lower the prices fast or otherwise this phone will flop in Europe like the Lumia 800 did.