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Nokia launches Imagin8 Mission to capture the imagination of developers

Nokia Camea

Nokia has launched its Imagin8 Mission, tasking developers to either publish a new app or upload an update for an existing Windows Phone app, taking full advantage of the new Nokia Imaging SDK (version 1.1). While all valid submissions will be rewarded with both DVLUP Points and XP, the best 3 apps will win special Imagin8 Mission prizes.

Here's what Nokia has on the table for developers:

  • Winner: An expenses paid trip for 2 to experience zero gravity. Nokia will take the winning developer and a chosen person to Cape Canaveral, Florida on July 19 2014. As well as this trip, the winner will also bag 2 Nokia Lumia Windows Phones (of choice), 10,000 Points and XP on DVLUP and promotions throughout the app store, App Social and other channels.
  • 2 Runners-up: Two app developers who come in behind the winning entry will be rewarded a new Nokia Lumia 1520 and 5,000 Points and CP on DVLUP.

Nokia Imagin8

While you won't be heading into space itself, it'll be an awesome experience nonetheless. Should you be interested in participating in this mission, be sure to familiarise yourself with the covered DVLUP challenges.

Source: Nokia



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nuclax says:

Liek if yew crie eveuyrtiem.

ahmadcrofton says:

Is the Nokias Nokia or MSFTs Nokia?
SN: and will MSFT Nokia ever start not being Nokia and only be MSFT?

Storl says:

The deal is still not complete, Nokia is still completly Nokia.

Zero gravity fuck yeah im in (jk)

felickz says:

Free ride on the vomit comet, YEAHhhhhhhh

IzaacJ says:

I just want two 1520, one for me, and one for my fiancee, then I would GIVE my 920 to someone in need !

Nazir Taib says:

Waiting for Lumia 930 ;)

birgs says:

They need to support IT schools to learn c# programming language,, because our IT school here use outdated vs 2010

FandyAryana says:

Where the update of Winner Imagin8 Mission at WpCentral?