Nokia launches official app for Earth Hour 2014 with WWF India

WWF Renewables Market

To celebrate the eight glorious years of Earth Hour and endorsing use of renewable energy, WWF India (www.wwfindia.org) and Nokia joined hands to develop an official app for Earth Hour 2014.

As part of the annual Earth Hour, people across the world switch off the lights for one hour in celebration of the world’s largest voluntary environmental action. Earth Hour this year will be celebrated by hundreds of millions of people in 7001 cities and towns across 152 countries.

The WWF Renewables Market app was developed as part of the Earth Hour App Developers Challenge 2014 organized for members of DVLUP, a rewards program designed to help developers build from an app idea to a successful app using clear guidance, rewards, and continuous engagement through gamification. The challenge was an initiative aimed at promoting and facilitating the uptake of renewable energy by individuals across the country.

WWF Renewables Market

Developed by Shubhan Chemburkar, the WWF Renewables Market app facilitates an interface for individuals and retailers of renewable energy solutions, making the process of switching to renewable energy smoother. This app intends to build consumer knowledge and generate interest on the subject. While the content is globally relevant, the vendor lists links to Government of India’s directories.

Download the WWF Renewables Market app for free from the Windows Phone Store. The app does well to extend the message of Earth Hour from not just switching off for the hour but to also make a switch to renewable energy. The interactive app promotes uptake of renewable energy by providing important information and bringing together potential users and service providers.

QR: WWF Renewables Market



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And in which day/month/hour is the Earth Hour?

Sunnyk says:

8.30 - 9. 30 PM. March 29.

theefman says:

Tax bill for the app incoming in 3,2,1....

Racist comment coming in 3...2... Oh wait- it had already arrived.

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

Germy910 says:

Have been using renewable electricity all my life. " life is too short not to be a Norwegian" :D

aitt says:

At first I was like why is wrestling in India. Doh

mrnavkhan says:

Hello this is not a official apps go to hell

hello , you should mind you language :)

Did you read the article? The app is official, but published under developer's name because it was developed under a DVLUP program.

Sambyo says:

Where is Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink?

on crap website , wmpoweruser :D

Sambyo says:

You are.on Rubino's Death List. :)

IceDree says:

Too early don't you think ?

Thanks Abhishek for sharing my app. Its great to be part of WWF and Nokia initiative.

I'm trying hardly to convince my company to adopt this. Lets see!

Wael Hasno says:

Saving energy for one hour and go to bed every day for the rest of the year thinking that you care for the environment? I don't want to be a part of this hypocrisy.

jason8957 says:

But it delays the entropy of the universe by an immeasurable amount.

Wael Hasno says:

That's my point, they should do it more often and show that they really care. A year consists of 8760 hours.. For God's sake.

jason8957 says:

Well, I regularly try to reduce my electricity consumption; motivated primarily by my electric bill.  I live in the Austin area and my electric bill more than doubles from March to August. 

I installed LEDs and CFLs in any light fixture that is on very often (kitchen, porch, hallway).  The LED bulbs are expensive, I try to phase in one or two a month, but there are over 40 light fixtures in my house.  The LEDs also dump less heat in to the house that the AC has to remove.  I have kids and they only know how to turn lights on until they start paying an electric bill. 

I bought a new air conditioner for my house about 2 years ago and there was a noticeable decrease in my bill from the old one that died. 

My refridgerator is getting old, I'll probably end up replacing it within the next couple of years.

I have been ensuring that my computer and cable boxes are off at night and during the day (unless I have a long video render going) as they consume electricity and dump heat in to the house.

Thinking about looking in to a thermal barrier for the roof.

Wael Hasno says:

If everyone followed your examples, the world would be a better place. Ever thought about investing on solar energy?

jason8957 says:

I have thought about it a lot.  If there is one thing (besides cactus and cedar) that we seem to have plenty of, it is sun light.  I was kind of thinking about that sort of investment for the next house as I don't intend to stay in this one much longer.

I was also considering planting some big shrubs on the SW side of my house to shade the walls.  The bricks are almost too hot to touch on a summer afternoon.  I am sure that makes the inside of the  house hotter.  Fortunately, about half that wall is my garage. There are some tall shrubs that grow quite well around here in full sun.

Editguy1900 says:

The irony of developing apps for devices that use energy to promote the reduction of energy use. I'll be participating by turning on every electricl device in my house.

bpmurr says:

Give the WWF back to the WWE!

Jim_MAY says:

EARTH WHAT??? Sounds like that warm and fuzzy thing again.