Nokia Lumia 1520 exclusively available in black from Vodafone Ireland

Lumia 1520

The Lumia 1520 from Nokia is the company's most powerful Windows Phone, but not only is a high-end smartphone, you're also looking at a phablet with a massive 6-inch display. Vodafone Ireland has the black variant of the Windows Phone available exclusively for customers subscribed with the mobile operator. Pricing starts from free on the Super Red plan and runs up to €199 on the Red Essentials plan.

Full-HD experience with a superb camera and latest CPU power enables you to take full advantage of the latest technology while on the move. Whether you plan to enjoy full games of Temple Run 2 or read through hours of posts on Readit, the Lumia 1520 is certainly an inviting experience. Are you planning to pick one up in the region?

Source: Vodafone, via: Nokia News Ireland



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rockstarzzz says:

Super Red makes it worth looking at atleast once

DJCBS says:

Luckily this isn't the US and in Europe we can buy the phones without a carrier attached and in the colours we wish :P

PeadarWagon says:

And 32gb with wireless charging built in.

Narr says:

Sadly some of the configurations are locked to certain carriers though, 64GB models etc...

DJCBS says:

That is true but fortunately carriers here don't butcher phones like AT&T

MrGoodSmith says:

Nokia, where is Canada ????

Westoncreg says:

Wait is he talking about upper America? :P

Skunkwurx says:

Hmmm their cheap plans are so crap its not right, twice the price for less than half the other networks but their expensive plans are better than everyone else... do i really need to spend 50+ a month?.... Hmmm

DrewLumia900 says:

No disrespect to consumers in Ireland but WFC's if a flagship phone is available in a tiny country like Ireland. What about Canada?!?

Darren Walsh says:

It's too cold in Canada for the 1520 to work properly

MilkyTee says:

Because Ireland is better than Canada. Its as simple as that.

Nokia amazing nokia awesome nokia brilliant nokia cool nokia fabulous nokia super great nokia beautifull nokia wonderfull nokia sexy, i will miss nokia icon on ur lumias :(

cybermoose89 says:

Better off with unlocked no strings attached but that's just me

Cellus13 says:

I pray for the day when Lumia and exclusive are never in the same sentence again.