nokia lumia 1520 unboxed

Nokia Lumia 1520 unboxed - some users report getting the device early

The official release date for the Nokia Lumia 1520 is still about week away, but it looks like a few members from our forums have got their hands on the device already. MichelleSV purchased the Nokia Lumia 1520 from an AT&T kiosk in Greensboro, NC at a discounted price of $540 and posts some unboxing photos. 

Michelle says:

I just went to the kiosk and asked if they had the phone. I looked at it and said I like to buy it. Pretty simple.

nokia lumia 1520 box

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is expected to sell in stores on November 22nd. The device features a 6-inch 1080 display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.2GHz quad-core CPU, and 20 MP camera with a f/2.2 lens. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.2GHz quad-core CPU with 2GB of RAM. The Lumia 1520 is also Nokia’s first device featuring the Lumia Black firmware.

Have any questions about the Nokia Lumia 1520? Go ask Michelle over at the forum post!



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alikokce says:

Being a 16 GB device just ain't good for this beast, will stick with my 920..

That's what a memory card is for, are you really going to install 14 gigs worth of apps ?

aaa6112 says:

Yes, maybe. Do you think that's outside the realm of possibility? For instance, I have 13+GB of apps and games on my L920.

tallgeese says:

And you regularly play/work with all 13GB+? How do you find the time? Please share with the group...with deep and heavy sarcasm.

numetheus says:

Dude ... Apps store data. Anyone who likes music and use streaming services like rdio or Spotify will likely have tons of music for offline play. Combine that with games and you can burn through that storage quickly. I have over 8 gigs for Spotify alone. Are you saying I should just stream everything?

When it comes down to apps, games, and music, I have 14Gb remaining space left on my 920. And pictures keep in mind. Lots of people dont use a ton of storage, but some games like halo are about 1 GB. And if your phone has an update, lets say when windows phone 8.1 is released, you have to have enough extra storage to store the update before installing it, so that's will over another GB. So personally, I would be pretty upset only having 16gb, because then I'd always be deleting stuff I use and limiting what I do with the device.
(unless there was micro SD support :P)

Z10YkakPES says:

Untill 8.1 comes out, it might be an option to install to SD card, who knows

PeadarWagon says:

I don't care if they do. They need to stop with the skimping.

blackhawk556 says:

The phone has 10 GB of usable storage I think. On my 1020 I've used 9.33 GB in apps alone. So yes, I would like more storage. I remember people complaining about SD support in WP being pretty crappy. Has that been fixed?

MichelleSV says:

It  comes with 14Gig Free

blackhawk556 says:

You're right. I was looking at the demo version. I hope I don't ever reach 14gb of apps.

ThatsAwesome says:

What exactly did you hear when they said its crappy. The sd cards works perfectly as it should on my 520.

blackhawk556 says:

That it un-mounts and things sometimes don't load. I seriously hope that is not the case.

s_lek says:

Get s good SD card

PeadarWagon says:

I have more than 16gb of apps now.

tallgeese says:

Delete the ones you don't use...or do you like saying you have 16GB of apps?

vidwa says:

Lol, wth. People want more space than the crappy 16 GB stop telling people to delete the apps they purchase. Dropping the storage for this phone that has a quad core processor, 2gb of ram and a 20mp camera is a huge factor that will most definitely affect who buys this phone. Saying"delete your apps" is the same as the people who said "dont hold it like that". Its a serious Flaw.

rex.reyesiii says:

Delete then Sync later? HMMM.. How is the iTunes versionof WPhones? :D

kingkoopa09 says:

Yea it would be alright except as more games come out and need nearly 4 times the size to even install with no option to install apps to SD that is a major no I have trouble balancing my 32gb 920, I have apps from wp7 I bought I don't have installed because of no room, and I'm pretty sure there will be more apps dropping I'll want and not want to delete what I have

I have over 18 gbs of apps and games. So 16 gbs is not acceptable for me, at all.

rogerhew says:

I agreed. When i got my 925, i didn't know there was also a 32gb one. Having installed a app, l wish there more gb left. Any way it won't hurt to have more storage space, it come in handy.

Lumia 8x says:

Stop lying. No one has 14 gb of apps alone...

pw38 says:

I have 14.4GB in apps/games.

Iain_S says:

i too would love to see this, please take a screenshot of your storage from within settings on your phone.

peterfares says:

How about you WP fanboys stop being like the iOS fanboys of 3-5 years ago? Just because you guys don't do something on your phone doesn't mean no one else does.

absolutshame says:

After an hour of removing apps and paid games I have 12gb off app storage. 9.9 in apps and 1.9 gb in app data. Other Storage is sitting at 5gb and another 2gb for system.
That alone is 19gb on my 1020. XBox Music takes up another 4.3gb. That still leaves Photos and Videos, which I keep to a minimum, at 2.8gb. That leaves me at 3.4 gb of free data.

I'm not a user that needed much storage in the past but with several games (Avengers, Batman, Spiderman,N4Speed, Asphalt) taking up almost 1gb each more onboard storage is nescessary.

kingkoopa09 says:

Yea I do too when u have halo, asphalt 7 and Sims free play that almost 4 GB right there, I download most of the Xbox games to get achievements when I have free time but don't tend to focus on one I do that on my 360/one and rt tablet

Lumia 8x says:

Games are not apps. I said 14 gb of apps alone specifically.

ajftl says:

I know. What that hell. Lol. I just check my 1020 and I have only 2.2 gb in apps. And I have a good amount of apps. 2gb system and 14 gb pics and videos. That I can put in the sd card when I get my 1520 whoever using 14gb of space in apps only is a freak. Lol

numetheus says:

Apps AND their data. Spotify by itself (with data) takes up around 8 GB. Are you saying that we should not store music for offline play and should stream everything because we have unlimited data or we should be 100% around WiFi? Seriously ... 16gb is not a lot of room for anyone who likes games and music.

Lumia 8x says:

Music isn't app. My point was whoever uses a phone with 14gbs of apps alone is too extreme. Remember app usage isn't same as games or music.

numetheus says:

Yes. It is part of the app and uses the same storage. The music is stored in the app as local storage ... part of the tiny 14gb. I don't care if the INITIAL app is only a few MB. You can't really use it because of the 14gb limitation. You can love music and games, have only 4 apps ... and fill up your 14GB of storage just because you decide to store music offline. Telling someone that they should not store their music offline and stream because they limited the device is nonsense. 14GB is DEFINITELY not enough space for me. I would have already used up the entire allotment just because I store music offline through a combination of Nokia MixRadio and Spotify. If you have to say ... use a different music service or just use wifi, then I just defeated your argument. People easily fill 14GB, and it DOES NOT mean they have a million apps.

retyler says:

You are missing the point. AT&T decided to gut this phone from 32 gigs to 16 gigs for no reason, and they had the Qi wireless charging removed instead of offering a choice. I will wait to see if Nokia will offer it as a direct buy with the 32 gigs and Qi charging.

Sin Ogaris says:

I suspect the reduction in space had to do with price, getting it down to $550 is pretty good when the 32gb version is going to be $750. Not saying I agree with the decision perse (Hell in Oz the 32gb with QI is going to cost $959, yay us) but for people who want their phone a bit cheaper and don't NEED the extra space it is a good idea, plus the 32GB is on its way.

Gutting QI sucks balls though, no doubt about it.

peterfares says:

Reducing it to 16GB barely affected their price, if at all because AT&T is the ONLY ONE not going with 32GB. AT&T is just the devil.

Kascha K says:

Given how cheap storage is right now cost is a poor excuse. There's no way in hell the other 16GB justifies a $200 price increase to the unlocked cost. Really, this shames Nokia, not AT&T for taking Nokia's ridiculous price point and reducing it to something that makes sense. But still, AT&T is not saving so much money by reducing 16GB that they could claim they needed to do this to cover cost to them either. 16GB simply doesn't cost that much.

skandas says:

Can someone tell me the early termination fee for ATT. I live in Canada and from, it shows 325$. So if I buy it from ATT and cancel it immediately I'd be looking to pay (325 + 99) Vs paying 540$ from the MS Store outright. Doesnt make sense!

peterfares says:

You can't do that. Before 14 days you have to return the device and there won't be an ETF. After 14 days you have to pay for the month of usage and don't forget the $36 activation bullshit fee! $325 + $99 + $36 + ~$60 = $520. Just save yourself the hassle and buy it off-contract.

numetheus says:

Yes. Because apps like Spotify or Rdio store music for offline play as part of app storage. Going with 16gb means you have to constantly shuffle which music is on or off your device just because you have limited space. People store lots of music on their device for different moods or times of day.

I used tho think like you, but then I realized app's data, not only app's binaries, take a lot of space. 32 gb I think it's nowadays sweet spot.
All in all my favourite Lumia device is still the 920 (and now that elusive 929), and I own a 820, which I bought because it was the highest Lumia device with sd card support, but I wish I had opted for a 920, awesome phone.

PeadarWagon says:

Yes this an wireless charging. Sticking with my 920 till they decide to get their act together.

Agree.  There's no excuse for a phone this size to have just 16GB. They should at least offer a 32GB or 64GB version.

IamJonso says:

I understand most of the complaints about the 16gig of storage, but the price will appeal to more consumers, and those that need more can always buy an SD card, so this seems like a good compromise by AT&T to get the device to the masses.

peterfares says:

They could have sold it at the same price with 32GB. They are just trying to push their bullshit AT&T locker.

John20212 says:

+1, I really don't know why any OEM even bothers now with ruining their flagship device with anything less that 32GB; if it was up to me 64gb should be the minimum for a flagship phone.


BK-one says:

I kind of agree with this guy, I have several huge games on my phone and I play them when I can. I don't want to delete any on of them to make room because deleting them means, I have to start the game all over. Batman, halo, asphalt, modern combat to name a few. I prefer at least 32 GB built in.

Pretty damn impressive specs, however more memory would be a good option

L2nak says:

You need more than 2GB on a smartphone? ;P

Hahah hell no, more storage :P the ram is ridiculous. I'd be drooling of my 920 had 2GB RAM and a quad core working at those speeds! My 920 works at 1.5 GHz, and is a dual core, nevermind a quad working at 2.2 or whatever it was :P insane!

bjerry101 says:

I'm excited about the specs too but when I went to the Microsoft Store to play with the Lumia 1520 for 15mins, honestly I couldn't see any difference in speed between my Lumia 1020 and the 1520.


pw38 says:

I think you'll notice more in apps and games, not necessarily the UI.

Madhu T C says:

It will be useful for gaming and apps which require more resource

BK-one says:

Not really about speed, its about the screen size.

rodneyej says:

I'm more concerned about wireless charging.. After having a 920 for a year,, I'm so used to just plopping my phone down on my nightstand.. Having to plug it in everytime would actually be a hassle.. I guess I could revert, but damn❕

bjax says:

While it may suck to change, you could always get the wireless back cover that supports the att wireless tech.

Buy a charging cover from Nokia when it comes out, it will support Qi.

bjax says:

Really? Great news! I hadn't heard about that. I thought by att taking out the wireless charging, they replaced it with the PMI tech and so you had to get a charging plate that is compatible with that. I don't know enough about how it all works that you can still use a Qi cover if someone comes out with one.

poddie says:

A Qi cover is completely possible technologically... one of the only benefits of not having it built in is that you could use both standards just by changing the back. But I still doubt a Qi cover is coming.

poddie says:

I don't think that a Nokia Qi charge back has even been announced, has it? Given that (a) the international version doesn't need it, (b) At&t is unlikely to carry it in store because they don't support the standard, and (c) it is an AT&T exclusive phone, I kinda doubt they will even make one. Each of those things shrinks the market.

peterfares says:

I never put anything on my phone so that is not an option for me.

Madhu T C says:

Having wireless built in increases phone size and having a back is not bad

rodneyej says:

It only increases phone thickness by a few millimeters.. And, being super thin is not always a good thing.. My 920 is the perfect shape for my hands, and if it were much thinner then I would have dropped it many more times.. Now, it could be a little lighter, but to light isn't good either.. I have to admit that the 1520, while I love it and plan to get one, is the flimsiest, cheapest feeling, Lumia device I have put my hands on.. Nevertheless, its shape, size, and thickness is going to give way to some bending, and torsional rigidity.. As would any other device...

tissotti says:

32GB is plenty enough for me at least. Though shame for the AT&T16GB version, if that's what you are talking about. 

Yeah, I was referring to 16gb not being enough, I am very comfortable with the 32GB on my 920. Love this phone :)

kinpin2131 says:

More memory = higher price..
This is a $99 device , be realistic !

paulxxwall says:

For 99$ its good but that 16gb storage is scary. No one has mentioned the ever growing other storage! I have 10gb of other . On a 16gb storage minus 10gb of other minus system leaves me with jack for and storage space so I will be waiting on 32gb version or an actual fix for this other bug! Can the other go on the SD card?

kinpin2131 says:

I think 16GB is good enough for most of the stuff  , the best selling iPhone is the 16GB version and even doesn't even have expandable memory .  Are you willing to pay $299 for a 32 Gb version? 

rogerhew says:

Price wise is very good in your country. In Australia a 16gb 925 cost $624 outright.

retyler says:

They did not reduce the price for taking out Qi charging and cutting down to 16 gigs. Basically AT&T is charging the same amount for their version as you would pay for the International version that has 32 gigs and Qi charging. Plus you have to pay extra to get the PMI wireless charging sleeve.

kinpin2131 says:

That is not true!  The international version with 32Gb and Qi wireless charging is going to cost $749 off contract. The AT&T version costs $584.99 off contract and  $99 on contract . 

BTW  32 GB Note3 ( which  has amost the same spects as the Lumia 1520)  costs $299 on a two year contract / $724.99.. Suprise suprise, it doens't wireless charging either. Will you pay $200 more to get an addtional 16Gb to it? 


rodneyej says:

That's cool❕ And, at $99 I just might get one now.. Should I get Red, or Yellow❔

YA BILLY says:

Is there any 1520 version that can work on Verizon?

theflew says:

I had a red order thru the MS store, but canceled for a yellow via AT&T for $99.  Yellow was the first choice, but I couldn't pass the extra MS was throwing in at the time so I ordered red.

S_C_B says:

The MS store can order the yellow one for you.  They asked me if I wanted the yellow one when I pre-ordered.

cesar ruiz1 says:

I was offered one but they had only black, I had to say no

MichelleSV says:

The Store  ONLY  have Black ones  for now.

cesar ruiz1 says:

I was wondering if I get it in black can exchange it for a yellow 1 next week..

erzhik says:

You will need to pay a restocking fee and not all stores will exchange it because some treat 2 colors of the same phone as a different phone.

Jf.Vigor says:

Sure but with $35 restocking fee. I'd love to go out now and get a black one. I wish a store near me had them to sell

useme2useyou says:

When is the UK getting it? Coz that's when I'll get it! :-)

Fndlumia says:

Waiting for the headline: Lumia black update ready for download

Haha my comment below is basically the same haha. This is wat im talking about. I'm ready for it hahaha

Jf.Vigor says:

Oh guys please dont make this a 'thing' like with the at&t amber update lol

We get it when we get it. Hell it isn't anything special. 8.1 is what I'll be annoying about

I'm wondering how long I have to wait to get Lumia Black on my L925...

invisik says:

Does it fit in the CR-200 car wireless charger?

MichelleSV says:

Also one of the new feature it does I Like is you can double TAB the screen to turn it on

Thats an option any phone with Amber or above has... But yes it is nice. Definitely drains your battery though. Keep that in mind.

PeadarWagon says:

16GB and no wireless charging make me go something something....

Sobr0801 says:

Neither for me is a deal breaker. So I picked up a 925 a month or so back.

bjerry101 says:

Does anyone know if Microsoft will starts shipping the Lumia 1520 on the 19th like AT&T?

S_C_B says:

Good question.

cybermoose89 says:

Still no pre orders for the uk as of yet

leo74 says:

I preordered from the MS store after some hesitation. I would have liked to see 32GB of storage for sure, but I am not the common phone user. I have maybe 1 or 2 games installed and the amount of apps I have and keep is relatively small. I use my phones for business primarily. Office integration, Lync, SharePoint... All that fun stuff :) My files will go on the SD card, so for me the 16GB should do. Many of my coworkers were looking at larger screens. Typing reports and long emails isn't fun on a small screen. I think for professionals, the specs are great and WP will rock it. I will miss wireless charging though, but I can live without it. The pros definitely outweigh the cons in my case... Now of they would only ship that darn thing already :)

bjax says:

It still has wireless charging, just not Qi.

leo74 says:

I looked at the charging cover. Far too ugly... If wireless charging gets integrated in the flip cover, it will become an option for me

bjax says:

Understandable. I just didn't want you to think there was no wireless solution at all. Since I only use my wireless charging overnight, I "guess" I wouldn't be opposed to using the charging cover...even if it isn't winning any beauty contests. Lol

leo74 says:

Lol winning a beauty contest surely is out of the question for that thing. I will probably just plug it in overnight. With the huge battery, I would expect that charging during the day shouldn't become necessary. I get through the day on my 920 most of the time just fine, but I have to admit, putting it on a charging pad in between is convenient. The only time I will miss wireless charging for real is in my car. I love it to only have to put my 920 into the holder without any cable mess. But who knows what will see the light of day in regards to car holders going forward...

MrSimmix says:

What's up with all this getting devices early crap? There's a reason why we have release dates

MrSimmix says:

If it were the Lumia 2520 then yes but for this, no.

leo74 says:

I am :) want my 1520 now... Yesterday would be even better

regi7 says:

I tried to pre order from AT&T and they kept cancelling my order because they say they can't verify my identity. Happened twice. So I'll have to just wait until the 22nd and hope they have the yellow.

Jf.Vigor says:

called every store in the area (northeast PA). None have it. I'm not very good at waiting for things especially when they're just dangling in the area for me to reach out and grab them like the displays they have in stores ugh....

anierinwp says:

My dad was at the at&t store and they offered to sell it to him when he went to go pick up a 1020

I dreamed about this phone last night!!

I wish this to be my Next Windows phone,

abond32 says:

I preordered from att site said shipping between 11/13-11/15, called and was told it was a -15 device back order

Sobr0801 says:

Would love this phone, but I have the 925 till next November. So I guess I am stuck with it :P

kinpin2131 says:

People will always find a reason to complain..  16GB  is what it takes to keep the price of the device at $99. Someone show me a Snapdragon 800 device with 2GB memory and 1080p screen that sells for that price. 

Intrepid00 says:

When the 1020 was released how long did it take Nokia to release Amber to everyone else (exclude AT&T time).

Eric_J says:

I have the 928 and I have used a massive 19 GB with 9.8 GB remaining in free space. I wouldn't dare get this phone. However, since Verizon will be carrying the 929, that will be my next phone. Can't wait!

Clavitox says:

All apps? Cuz for me, I got a 521, 5.5gb in apps, and 14 music and pics on the SD card

damo579 says:

I think it sucks that it doesn't come in the Lumia packaging. I can't stand the at&t box.....

elderjlward says:

Question this article says f/2.2 lens I thought it was f/2.4

bbennett40 says:

Saw one at the MS store grand opening here in Oklahoma City today. Looks pretty sweet. I like the big screen more than I thought I would.

S_C_B says:

I almost went down to the OKC MS Store this afternoon to look at the 1520. I'm going to go later this evening.

bbennett40 says:

I really only went in hopes of getting lucky and winning something.  They only gave away one item. A lady got a 360 and when the One releases, she'll get that too. I, however, got diddly. hehe The vast majority were only there to grab Tim McGraw tickets. That concert will be tomorrow at noon. So, you may want to wait till Monday or after to avoid the throngs of people.

nez99 says:

Future looks bright. Next purchase will be the native 8.1 4.5" version of this when its available next year

derekpthomas says:

There will be a 32gb version on AT&T but no date announced yet. Whether or not it will have built-in PMA charging, we will have to wait & see. I certainly hope so.

wetworker says:

I just hope if Rogers get this they don't make the same mistake with 16GB of onboard memory. This phone is a multimedia powerhouse and should be treated as such. The people who want this phone including myself are more than willing to pay for the extra storage. 32GB-64GB or go home.

S_C_B says:

Well, I pulled the trigger and pre-ordered the red 1520 from my local MS Store. I left with the case and the WP Store card. FYI, the yellow isn't only available via the AT&T website. The clerk would have ordered any color phone for me including yellow.

I must say that I am shocked that the store was packed.

scdkad says:

But what was everybody looking at? Or buying?

S_C_B says:

They were looking at every piece of technology in the store. I saw plenty of people with bags of products.

scdkad says:

Ok. Wondering if there was anybody checking out any WP. Or just more than usual. At my local store there is never anyone looking at them.
Nice to know they can order any color 1520.

S_C_B says:

Well, this was the launch day of the local MS store. So, I'm sure it will slow down. A lot of people were looking at that 1520.

DLP1997 says:

The AT&T store by me is selling them already. They had the 1520 and 925 on display. Strangely, I didn't see the 1020? I guess they took the 1020 down to make room for the 1520, since they have limited shelf space due to the sea of crappy Android devices they push.

Why have we Nokia owners been robbed of the free Headphones!!! My HTC One came with a pair of unbranded BEATS By Dre Headphones in the AT&T box but my 1020 comes with nothing. Bull Corn!

BK-one says:

I was thinking that as well..... where are the headphones?????? My 1020 didn't have any.

Indivestor says:

The Lumia 1520 is an AWESOME phone!!!

iOS and Android = Garbage!!!

S_C_B says:

What a major fanboy.

Sagar Limaye says:

Stop defending WP!! Apps should be allowed to install on the SD card!!! I have hardly 100 mb left on my 820..... Chutyagiri bhenchod


i got bc ;)


Sagar Limaye says:

Things like this are so annoying and embarrassing. And the fan boys out here won't agree to it. Chutiye

phasar says:

Not being able to install apps on your sd cards is unacceptable for a device with 16 gbs internal storage. Its things like that that gives WP the image of being a second rate device, not to be taking seriously. I couldn't imagine carrying this monstrosity of a device and someone inquiries about the amount of storage, and me embarrassingly answer 16gbs!!!

BS, then don't buy from AT&T and join people from everywhere else buying international phones.

Micropel says:

Does anyone know if you can set Xbox music to store on the SD card if you can then I will be good to go

trev tyson says:

Personally, after playing with one of these at an AT&T store, I have one major concern that I've not seen expressed: durability. The 1520, compared against all the other Lumia devices is, simply put, flimsy. I'm afraid that the choice to remove Qi from the body has lessened the integrity. It flexes noticeably, feeling cheap. All the fuss about the lack of memory is only of mild importance against this watering down of what should be a slam dunk device.


I'm going to get one anyway, but I'm sure I'll find myself being extra careful - which is difficult, as I'm rough on my things.

TechFreak1 says:

To be honest, blame AT&T for skimping on the internal storage not Nokia, the international version has 32gb. If it was 16gb as standard then the international version would have come with 16gb as well. Also At&t stripped out qi wireless charging as they are in the pma camp.