Nokia Lumia 2520 for AT&T and Verizon now available at Amazon (US)

Nokia Lumia 2520 at Amazon

If you have been waiting for Amazon to sell the Nokia Lumia 2520, the wait stops now. You can now pick it up from the online retailer. They have it in black or red for Verizon and the black one for AT&T. There are no discounts available, so the price is $399 with a new contract or $499 outright. Stock appears to be limited for the Verizon variants, but Amazon states more are on the way.

The Nokia Lumia 2520’s specifications include a 10.1-inch 1080p display, 6.7 megapixel camera with ZEISS optics, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, and more. Check out our Nokia Lumia 2520 review for more details.

Are you planning to pick one up? Let us know in the comments!

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Alpo714 says:

I've already got one! Love this device!!!!

Hey buddy can I borrow it :)..lol jk

upsidedown says:

Not sure why I should get this over a venue pro or other full tablet..

aitt says:

I thought too. Then realized I haven't had a netbook in over two years. I don't use x86 for anything. At all. So my question was reverses of yours. So I got it. I can print and full web browse. My two bigger peeves with Android. Everything else is a plus.

Robborboy says:

On the flip side of that, all my productivity from coding to PhotoShop is done on the mobile, so a RT tablet is useless for this. As well as for running x86 games.

Hey their is a movie called upside down

ThaFunk says:

Mini-HDMI out is one, you can plug it into a monitor for word processing etc

Luc4 says:

Main selling point that I see is the 665 nits display and LTE (only first one I care about).
Other than that it's bit more limited given it's RT so not quite seeing a big reason either otherwise.

aitt says:

The screen alone is killer. Way better than the Surface 2 IMO. Makes it look dull

David Bozic1 says:

I will pick up the ATT variant when they are in white and I can get a red touch cover! Their Abu Dhabi unveiling was a farse. Nokia supply chain missed a golden opportunity to market the different colors for the holidays. There should be lines around the block for these, but they're aren't! If they don't come out with other color variants I'm getting a Samsung product!

scipio9 says:

Do Samsung tablets come in cool colors or will you just get a black one?

treetownal says:

It was very disappointing.  I completely agree.  What is the point of introducing a really cool tablet, available in multiple colors and then selling carrier locked versions in your choice of black and black and a red version with all of the bands stripped out and a gigantic VERIZON 4G ELEVENTY! LTE!  covering half the rear surface.  The blew this launch and sales will be embarassing when it is all said and done.  I doubt this opinion will be popular here, but I'd be surprised if they sell half a million of these. 

aitt says:

You people really must understand this is most likely something on the carrier side and not the MFR side. If the carrier want a specific colors why blame the MFR. You don't know why and neither do I. SMH. What Nokia failed to do is have the keyboard ready at launch. When anything Nokia done been consistent? If I was a buyer and a supplier brought me something I don't want I'm not gonna buy it. What else are they suppose to do? Obvious there's a red one so its not they have problems getting colors out.

aitt says:

I absolutely love this device. Goes hand and hand with my 1520. I can't believe that I waited so long to switch from Android to RT.

David Bozic1 says:

How difficult would it have been to 'pressure cast' white or cyan polycarb! None! When Apple comes out with a product there's no screwing around and they do it in 10 days...globally! I own a machine shop. I know what it takes to perform and Nokia didn't do it!

aitt says:

Who's to say the carriers didn't color request specific? You're making assumptions just as much as I am.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Cyan is supposed to go to t-mobile early next year

treetownal says:

That would be good news - is there a source for that?

cesar ruiz1 says:

Na just a friend of a friend who works at t-mobile she says they're receiving blue Nokia tablet next year. She's just a sales rep. she must've heard someone say blue tablet.

treetownal says:

Thanks.  I would be truly excited if it was their 8 inch device. 

Chef316 says:

Cool your jets guy...no reason to get all worked up over it...

gpmic says:

Just like that white iPhone 4 that they revealed and it didn't come out until the 4s (a year later)...?

Not the best comparison to make.

thedastardly says:

How does one get their hands on the blue though?

OldMillXxX says:

If I could get Wi-Fi only, I would in a heartbeat!

Yes Sir! That's all I want for X'mas.

JuanJax says:

theres only two apps that i want; storyTeller and Nokia Video Director. But i want these on 32bit, not RT!

why Nokia, why? Why not release these on intel 32bit!


heres where Apple is apple.... Unified experience!!!! are you reading this microsoft?

oh, btw another complaint... just got the ginormous 1520, awesome huge device....

but, Medium tiles look dxtremely small when compared to 1020...

and... seems there's no DLNA support?..

thats right, I have 1020 with Nokia 'Play To'..... works great with Samsung TV....

but, cant install app on 1520, hardware requirements not met! What???? yup, this application doest work on 1520..... unified experience goes to Apple!!!!!




cesar ruiz1 says:

The 1520 has a play to app what are you talking about, and the app says Nokia video director not Microsoft video director, when the acquisition is complete you might see Nokia apps on other devices. Please do not comment if you do not know what are you talking about.

JuanJax says:

Hi Cesar, this is what I'm talking about...


The application does not come pre-installed. No need to be harsh in comment. Not everyone doesnt know what they are talking about. Fid you phone 1520 has the application pre-installed?

curious to know what version of 1520 you have. Is it US based AT&T?

ChrisPS3 says:

Maybe it's your TV that's cr@ppy. ;)

JuanJax says:

Nothing to do with the TV. is the app not being installable.



absolutshame says:

Unfortunately no 1080p support on the app so no PlayTo on my 1520.

cesar ruiz1 says:

WP central posted it a few weeks ago. Check out "Nokia Play to" for Windows Phone http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=4d202158-2dba-4530-b5f0-47bc4d80fe7a. 1080p. Support

JuanJax says:

Thanks Cesar! 

That did the trick.. So there's two "Play To" application in the store. The "Play To" which works on the 1020, but not the 1520... (Perhaps because of the 1080p limitation absolutshame referred too?). 
And then, there's the "Nokia Play To" that does work on 1520! 

Both Apps are made by Nokia same icon too... Hence the confusion. 

Nonetheless, Thanks again Cesar!

GrapeEyes says:

When is the Cyan colour coming out?

I feel let down by Nokia. Why can't they release all colours at once?

Not sure why anyone picks this over a Surface 2.

rahul.sharma says:

Cellular? Offline maps? Different colors? Etc

VagrantWade says:

Translation: There is no good reason.

aitt says:

To some a better form factor tablet wise. Way better screen display. LTE for those who care. Nokia apps. It gives customers choice as long as the ending result is MS growth.

Daylife says:

Surface 2 for me :)

theefman says:

$499 for a 32GB RT tablet. Asus T100 64GB for $399 including keyboard. x86, full USB 3.0 port, no restrictions. Looks like another overpriced RT tablet. Shouldn't be more than $299 including keyboard.

aitt says:

The Surface 2 is priced $50 cheaper no LTE and they can't keep those on the shelf. No one is talking about ASUS. Everyone talking more about Dell V8 Pro. How many 10.1 inch tablets do you know that sells for $299? I'll wait...

robertre says:

In comparing the 2520 to tablets like the ASUS T00, there is no comparison on the screen quality. The display on the 2520 is gorgeous, clear, and bright. I originally wanted a full 8.1 tablet, until I realized I really only used my netbook for the internet and office. I can do all of that, plus play lots of games, and have GPS, and all in a much thinner and lighter unit. And the 4g is a bonus if I ever decide to use it. I got mine off contract with the free keyboard offer, so that made it much cheaper than a full Windows 8.1 tablet. I saw the Dell Venue Pro at the store when I picked up my Nokia, for the same price, and although it looked nice, the 2520 made the dell look a lot thicker. Plus the Nokia has the great battery life and quick charge. So far I am loving it and have no regrets. It all depends what you need it for. If you need all of the productivity programs, an RT tablet is probably not a good fit, but for most users, it does everything most people need. Heck, it does more than any Ipad (better multitasking, micro SD slot, office suite installed, and more) all at a much lower price than comperable configuration. And they have sold a few Ipads over the years. I have hardly touched my netbook since I got my 2520. It makes my higher end netbook celeron powered netbook feel likea snail. When my powered keyboard case comes, I will probably retire the netbook. It all comes down to what is important for you. For me the screen, build quality, battery life, GPS, Here Map, size and weight, and available powered keyboard were more important. the 4g capability was a bonus, that I may or may not ever use, but it is there if I ever decide I need it. Hopefully they will offer more deals down the road like they did with the free powered keyboard the first week, and then the extra $50 for the 4g radio will not be an issue.

bjax says:

This is good news. I typically get gift cards for Amazon or best buy, so this will help out.

slepr says:

Got one last week but want a power keyboard. Wonder when those will be available?

wpguy says:

They should have produced a cell-data-free model that could have been sold anywhere. As is, I have no need to pay extra for cell radios I will never use.

ChrisPS3 says:

They'll be part of msft soon so they shouldn't compete with the Surface line? Just my thought.

dod888 says:

Do you know when this tablet will be available for other countries? Like in South East Asia?

I'll wait for the inevitable clearance firesale.