Nokia Lumia 510 with low-end specs headed to China, sports Windows Phone 7.x

umia 510

It looks like Nokia is still pushing ahead with some low-end phones to compete with the likes of Android, especially in China.

News has come forward this morning that a new device caledl ‘Lumia 510’ has just passed certification in China. The specs aren’t anything eye catching for obvious reasons but it should sell well if priced right:

  • 4 "LCD screen, 5MP
  • 120.7 x 64.9 x 11.51 (mm), 129 (g)
  • 800MHz MSM7227A + 256MB RAM + Windows Phone 7.5/7.8

No word on exact release date though we’re sure more information will come forward shortly. What’s interesting is that the device is running Windows Phone 7.5 and will get the 7.8 upgrade but alas, no Windows Phone 8.

Source: Tieba Badu; Thanks, Jack Lo, for the link and images!

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aubreyq says:

Hey, why not?

dougwallace says:

Android phones are sold everyday with earlier versions of Android with no hope of ever getting newer software. More power to them. Maybe Microsoft should give Windows 7.5 away free to piss in Google's open source pool.

aubreyq says:

LOL I like that idea!

Micfur says:

Now thats a good idea, they could flood the marketplace with low end windows phones.

snakechia says:

If Microsoft give away WP7.5/7.8 to OEM for free, Androids days is numbered! :P

tigermcm says:

I understand this is a low end phone but it seriously looks like my son's toy phone.

Your son's toy phone is a poorly done render? 

Don't put too much into the looks of place-holder graphics versus the real thing ;-)

inteller says:

I have a feeling 7.x is about to become the new Asha.  Which I'm fine with if they can keep pushing updates for the rest of us.

Looks like Lumia 710

Munkeyphyst says:

The front view is nearly identical to the Samsung focus

Munkeyphyst says:

Day-um that is a thick phone. Did they stuff a car battery in there?

CaptDjob says:

If you look the photo, its not side projection but little bit in angle.
So no, its not damn thick phone, just normal.

Munkeyphyst says:

Well, it is shorter, narrower and thicker than all the hero phones and thicker than the second tier phones too, but I now see what you mean by the tilted side angle. Definitely makes it look thick as all get out. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

TJWINS says:

I disagree with this move. It should be in both Microsoft and Nokia's best interest to put the best WP experience in the hands of the people and that experience is WP8. They should have made a minimum requirement hardware phone and slapped OS8 in it. I'm sure it wouldn't cost more. Promoting the old OS doesn't make sense to me. This is like Dell selling a new PC with Vista in it. Doesn't make sense to me. Sorry.

CaptDjob says:

Um, you are sure that putting higher cpu+gpu components inside, increasing memory and possible installing more expensive software is not more expensive?
How is that even remotely possible?

Tomasz S. says:

Aren't you aware that WP8 experience is essentialy the same as WP7? And the new start screen is coming to WP7 anyway.

jddumawa says:

But if the 7.8 update brings some really great functionality similar to what wp8 brings, then maybe its not so much of a bad move after all?

schlubadub says:

Except it won't...

This means continued software support is sure to come for 7.x.

Merging markets are huge, and developers would be smart to take advantage of that.

So if you have a 7.x device, this could result in seeing a constant stream of new apps and games.

cool8man says:

If they make these any less expensive kids will be able to buy them on the way out of the supermarket.

I can see how the 510 is supposed to be Nokia's budget phone, with hopefully Asha-like pricing, but this looks like the rumoured 620.  How many different low-end model can Nokia build, if they all have 4inch screens?  Isn't the LCD one of the more expensive components, and one of the more battery-hogging ones as well?  For a phone geared for the lowest price, why not decrease the screen size to 3.5inch?  Up until a week ago 3.5 inch was good enough for all iPhones so it should be good enough for a low-end WP.

swizzlerz says:

Don't forget the Chinese version of the is is not the same as us .. No Facebook or twitter built in... Its different.

samirsshah says:

When is 510 going to be introduced in India?

afterblind says:

and soon followed by Indonesia, it has passed the regulation.

aimuatrang says:

That is fantastic looking phone for low-end... Great for emerging market... Everyone should have access to window phones... Thanks Nokia!