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Free hardware bundle hard to come by for Lumia 930 (UK)


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Looking for a bargain? Grab the Lumia 930 on EE for just £350

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Lumia 930 now available in the UK, white color variant exclusive to Phones 4u

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Rumor claims 1,000 former Nokia employees in Finland could be laid off by Microsoft

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Microsoft: Over 12 million activations for Lumia 520

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Lumia 930 pre-orders begin in Norway Wednesday for July 10 launch


Pick up the Nokia Lumia 520 on PAYG with O2 UK for £79

Lumia 520

We only just covered a super sweet Lumia 920 deal on the website of UK supermarket Tesco, but Nokia UK tweeted out an offer over on O2 for the Lumia 520. The affordable Windows Phone is already cheap and frequently on sale across the board, but now UK mobile operator O2 has put the handset on sale when you choose the Pay As You Go (PAYG) option.

O2 Lumia 520

If high-end hardware isn't quite what you're after, the Lumia 520 packs a punch for a small price. O2 has the device available in both black and red and is available for free on contracts, should you wish to go down that path.

​Source: O2



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Crazy price!

Getting ready for new hardware? ;)

AndyGriff says:

I got an O2 Lumia 520 for that price a good few months back, as a backup to my 920, though that was a Carphone Warehouse offer. It's absolutely worth the money. It's 90% the experience of the higher end phones for 25% of the price.

tgr42 says:

This is a good deal?  Wow, I guess these things are expensive in the UK and/or cheap in the US.  I picked up a no-contract 520 in the US for $50 from Best Buy ... at the current exchange rate that would be £31.  It's not like that was some crazy discount either as they're currently $60 on Amazon.

nuclax says:

Why it is still showing coming soon for lumia 720 in India at nokia website ?

adrian1338 says:

Was cheaper before christmas

neo158 says:

This seems like a really good deal, perfect for getting my mum into Windows Phone considering O2 will give her £45 for her Galaxy Nexus.

ciscomoto says:

The 920 shows up as £220 on the Tesco site Sim Free / Unlocked

Sponge920 says:

£220 sim free/unlocked and £169 on PAYG on Tesco network.

iSingBass says:

I saw a prominent endcap display at Walmart today featuring the AT&T GoPhone Lumia 520. I think it was between $66 and $67 + tax. Nice to see WP being featured--maybe they'll start stocking some fancier Windows Phones for people to look at soon as these lower-end phones appear to be picking up momentum.

I got Lumia 520 black SIM free for 69.95 GBP at Christmass Lightning deal on Amazon UK for my girlfriend. He is satisfied. Small and fast phone, compared to her non-OS phone...

NachoBear says:

is your girlfriend janet mock?