Nokia Lumia 610, 710 and 900 Windows Phones coming to SMART in the Philippines


We've already reported that Globe Telcom is slated to get the Nokia Lumia 800 in the Philippines on April 16th. Now on the same day, SMART Communications, another major carrier in the same region, is scheduled to get the Lumia 710 as an exclusive.


In addition, the carrier looks to be getting the Lumia 610 and the Lumia 900 as well, though no launch dates are given for those devices. The carrier is using the the slogan "Your social life, amplified" with a pretty cool graphic (see above) to show off the features of Windows Phone OS.

One thing is for certain, the carrier looks to be excited about getting these phones and so should customers. You can even pre-order the Lumia 710 and get a free invite to the launch party at Republiq. Anyone going?

Source: @SMARTCares; Thanks, Ryan D., for the tip!



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mikmik111 says:

I live in the Philippines and I am sure that you will get the 900 for free under Unlimited Data Plan around ~$40 USD a month for 2 years. That already includes unlimited data and 150 minutes of calls and 200 texts. 
I am pretty amazed how this carrier get to manage these phones at that price point. At the same plan, you also get the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, HTC Sensation XE,  for free, and a cash out of around $60 for the iPhone 4S,.
Smart also is developing their LTE network, and I am curious if the Lumia 900 will have LTE for its international version. Will it guys?

Cyruss1989 says:

Doesn't seem so yet. At least not in Europe, where LTE is already available.
You could have better luck if you use the AT&T frequencies in the Philippines.

ninjaap says:

I've read that Vodafone and Smart are teaming up to roll out LTE in the Philippines. I hope sooner than later.

ejlee072006 says:

But in the Philippines they only have the 2g... Never mind

Oli Gill says:

"Mark added an expense" ... Really? :P maybe I have been using linkedin wrong but I don't remember that as a feature. I sure wouldn't publish my expenses socially either lol.

ryouzaki says:

um, pay more attention to detail next time because it clearly reads "expertise", not "expense"!!! :D

dj0502 says:

I'm interested with the xbox live branding there. Xbox live games is not yet available in the Philippines. if it will be available through smart only, I'm switching carriers!