Nokia Lumia 610 starts getting firmware update for camera and device performance

Lumia 610 Update

About a week ago we mentioned how the Nokia Lumia 610 was due for a firmware update to improve the camera and device performance. Indeed that rollout has now begun as the 610 is being updated to firmware 8779.12340.

Lumia 610 Update

The update itself should not take more than 10 minutes as the OS itself is not being updated but instead remains at 8773. The actual changelog for the 610-update states

  • Improved camera performance
  • Usability and performance improvements

Although we didn’t do a before-and-after for the camera, we did snap a few shots with the 610’s 5MP non-Carl Zeiss camera and truth be told, it’s not too bad. Sure images are quite noisy in low-light and it’s not the sharpest 5MP shooter we’ve used (the HTC Radar’s camera is still one of the best at that range), but considering this is supposed to be “low end” for Windows Phone we think most people would be pleased with it. You can see those samples below.

The Lumia 610 is Nokia's solution for emerging markets and the desire for a low-cost handset. In turn, the device forgoes some of Nokia's more high end features like ClearBlack display, Carl Zeiss optics, a front facing camera and has just 256MB of RAM (as opposed to 512MB or more). Still, the device is very well built and performs quite well despite these limitations. 

The update for the Lumia 610 rollout should be global at this point so just plug your phone into a PC and check with Zune Desktop to see if your update is available.

via: Symbian Tweet; Thanks, Michael K, for the link

Lumia 610 Update

Lumia 610 Update

Lumia 610 Update



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kaynachtsman says:

My sister already has it here in Germany.

joshcsmith13 says:

Daniel...   "was 'do'"??? 
you're better than that!

Agreed. Not feeling too well today...

joshcsmith13 says:

good fix.  I hope you perk up soon! 
I thought about saying "your better" just to see who else I could rile up.  :)

WilliamK1973 says:

Is that your cat? Looks like character

Yup, he's a Maine Coon so yes he has lots of personality 

ladydias says:

He's super cute! Reminds me of one of mine.

nailzUK says:

Got the update yesterday. Using Virgin Mobile UK

Ninad jane says:

Any news about the 7.8 update yet?

Not yet available in India! :[

Risvall says:

Got the camera update in sweden, dont se any change in quality in new pic's though:-(

pablo19 says:

Not available in Spain yet, which seems odd. Are 610s with NFC not getting the update or is this a regional thing? :S