Lumia Cyan updates

Lumia 620, 720 and 820s begin getting Cyan


Black is a B&W film emulator for Windows Phone every photographer needs

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Update 3 and Lumia Black now available for the Lumia 620 on Telus

Windows Phone News

Lumia 620 supplants Lumia 920 as the second-most popular Windows Phone

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Lumia Black now available for the Lumia 521 on T-Mobile

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Lumia Black coming soon to the Lumia 521 on T-Mobile

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Lumia Black now available for the Lumia 620 in India

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Black update for Rogers Nokia Lumia 520 due March 10

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Lumia Black now available for the Lumia 925 on T-Mobile

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Lumia Black for the Lumia 925 on T-Mobile coming soon, update already on Nokia’s servers

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Lumia Black hitting Nokia Lumia 920 on Rogers today

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Verizon Lumia 822 now receiving Black software update

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Lumia Black now available for the Lumia 928 on Verizon

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AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 receiving ‘Black update today

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Lumia Black now available on EE for the Lumia 920

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Lumia Black now available in India for the Nokia Lumia 720

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Lumia Black now available for the Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T (Update: Lumia 820 too!)

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Lumia Black begins rolling out for the Lumia 520 in India

From the Forums

Report: Nokia Lumia 720 to receive double-tap to wake with ‘Black update too

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‘Black update for Nokia Lumia 625 brings double-tap to wake feature


Nokia Lumia 620 Black update finally gets underway in select markets

Lumia 620

The Nokia Lumia 620 is finally receiving the Lumia Black firmware update. The release has been rolling out to Windows Phones in supported regions for almost two months now, but Lumia 620 owners have had to wait in line. Thankfully, the wait is now over in certain markets, enabling consumers to enjoy features included in the update.

We've received reports from readers that update notifications have been received, but we must urge patience as Lumia Black propagates through servers and whatnot. With Lumia Black installed, consumers are able to enjoy new features like Bluetooth 4.0 LE support and improved Glance screen functionality. Be sure to check Nokia's support website for when you can expect to see the update pushed out in your region. We can't imagine it being long before Nokia opens up the floodgates.

If you're wanting to manually check to see if you can upgrade, head into settings and check for updates. Once rocking the latest firmware, be sure to hop on over to the Lumia 620 forums. Let us know in the comments if you receive the update and where you're located.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!



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Aashish13 says:

Congratulations 620 users.

dhaval88 says:

Congo 620 users.....little late because they are giving more attention to those three(x,x+,xl)

doeboiO says:

Thank you Thank you thank you, I'm so happy no i can change my fake touchscreen and have nokia care update it for me

ZiaDeZire says:

Well, turns out Nokia started loving the number 6 again!

Gohar428 says:

+620..we have been heard

stui83 says:

It feels good +620 again

caloikoi says:

+625 any news??

rikipy says:

in Europe two countrys get early Lumia Black: Netherland and Finland

why does 620 get it last and very late!? even amber was highly delayed for 620 (india) .. fortunately i use 820 but id fear to go to the 62# series in future for me or my family!

Cool user name though ....hahahaha!!!

nickengineer says:

Still waiting for 3 (uk) to get L920 update out. So, not last.

chi1701 says:

Ive flashed country varient on my 3UK phone to get the update. Sad that had to do it.

affy 328 says:

I'm still waiting for black on 920 (3 uk)

ReneGO0 says:

Iusacell in México has not yet approved Amber update. I had to use NSU so i now have a weird amber allowing me to close windows with the x glance with notifications in colors, double tap to awake the screen. Im rocking a L920.

Aarti Singh1 says:

"even amber was highly delayed for 620 (india)"
620 was one of the first phones to get amber in india, amber was on whole delayed in india..  
glad you're not in latin america with carrier restrictions... in many countries almost no phone has got black update till now

jibreezy1982 says:

I dated a girl named Arthi :)

v4nandu says:

use brain when you comment in the tech forums!!!

jibreezy1982 says:

You mean 'use your brain when commenting in a tech forum'..

andreirlopes says:

Yeah, 620 was the second, if I remember it right, to recieve Amber. I'm Brazilian. Not a sign of Black coming anytime soon. Every other phone has it, except the lovely 620. And yeah, Latin America update support sucks... Sit down while you read this: some phone models in Columbia didn't recieved Amber yet... So you can figure. But I'm still not hopeless... I still believe this Microsoft+Nokia deal will make the updates faster one day.

The 521 still hasn't got it either...

ULOP3Z says:

The 520 gets all the Love but the 521 dosen't get any, WHY!?

ladydias says:

Wondering if they will fix what happened with the Amber update. Aio (who is ATT) decided to remove internet sharing from the 620 after that update and my husband had to give them a hard time about it. We'll see what happens.

pookiewood says:

Sadly I wouldn't count on that.  That's part of the contract you sign with Aio.  I told my wife to switch from Sprint to Aio and the service has been great but we went in knowing that tethering wasn't supposed to be allowed.  It doesn't surprise me that they removed it.

ladydias says:

Yeah, it's a shame. My 920 still has internet sharing enabled and I use it on Aio and I'm strongly considering getting my hubby a used one as they go for sub-$200 here on Craigslist all the time.

2tomtom says:

Off subject, sorry. But get the 920, brilliant phone. Mine was second hand and has been great, no issues and will not update until a 5" 20mp camera comes out, no need to as the 920 is pure quality and lovely design.

ladydias says:

I have a 920 already, lol, and I love it to bits. My husband got the 620 because he was in a pinch at the time but I'd love to move him over to the 920. :-)

Nazir Taib says:

Glad it will arrive soon.

MI TB says:

A Lumia 620 with wireless charging, this guy has a QI compliant hand :p

mrappbrain says:

⤴⤴ He is right.

pan_ani says:

Lol, great observation! Is that a screenshot??

MI TB says:

It seems to be screenshot :)

DonnaxNL says:

I don't see the three dots in the bottom

mikosoft says:

I almost lost hope for Black for my 620. Glad it finally arrives.

Look at the update status page here in Latin America. Now look at this Lumia 620... Imagine how much time it will need to everyone receive the WP8.1 update. Hope everyone already has this by the Christmas time...

Developer preview ;)

gorantla06 says:

I am from india. Still i havent received black update. 

raj47662 says:

I too haven't received the update

sachinrex says:

Hey dude just get gdr3 devlp. Prvw.. Thats enough.. No need of black firmware ..

Wrong! Some features in dvlp isn't present in black update.

issu ismail says:

From india, still havent received upate for 620. Sigh

Lumia 520 720 920 and 1020 got black update on Argentina 

Meanwhile it's still waiting for approval in India....give it now :(

The double-tap to wake on my 520 is awesome.

Good for lumia 620 users m don't know what made nokia so long to seed the update.

Dazzar says:

I still haven't received the update n im from the uk :(

Nothing yet for Brazil!

I'm downloading the Black update in my 720 (Telefonica Vivo)

aria_wira says:

Still haven't received update notification :( . I'm from Indonesia btw.

AngellaMath says:

Don't wait for the notification. Go to your settings and check for updates.

thank God :D from ph here

rain620 says:

I'm not yet receiving mine bud, is yours a country variant or is it from Globe?

xxxplode says:

Damn, i bought my lumia620 from sm pampanga, philippines, and living in finland where black update is already available, i will have to wait until it's available in philippines :(

caloikoi says:

Maybe you need to change your language+region settings. Just a hunch.

xxxplode says:

I have'em changed long time ago. Well, I can wait. Not long to go until we get 8.1 anyway.

S Vaibhav says:

Nothing yet for India :( :'(

Jagar Tharn says:

still waiting  for approval in Europe

diktea says:

Me India, not yet... Got already glance added functionalities even before black update

Bluetooth- i hardly use so far, so not interested...

What else.. Double tap to wake?????

Rather wait wp8.1

MiyadAnsar says:

Yes... Double tap to wake up z working on 620 now...

kittananj says:

No, not in Thailand.

Eas195 says:

even on Indonesia, dude. :(
All countries on Asia Pacific need to wait for 620 Black Update be released somewhen...

Eas195 says:

Anyone with Black update can confirm that double tap to awake is available on 620?

Eas195 says:

ah, good! thanks for confirming! ;)

Brazil: (at least under Telefonica Vivo) 920, 925, 820, 720 got the Black update. The 620 and 520 still have amber.

rain620 says:

I hope it reaches mine while I'm asleep :)

Good for all the 620s. Enjoy.

Stravincy says:

Installed it. 2 weird things: Nokia beamer doesn't work (error on startup) and Store says i cant download the new Nokia camera app.

ogracia says:

The one for lumias with 512 ram is Nokia Camera BETA Go to betalabs and get it

rain620 says:

Sad, I was actually looking forward for this.

ogracia says:

Why? the Nokia Camera Beta is exactly the same as the regular one...

Have u got double tap to awake?? Plz let me know

Stravincy says:

Yes it's working on my Lumia 620. It's in the touch settings.

aniket03 says:

No update yet:(:(:(

Eas195 says:

35 days left for WP8.1?

aniket03 says:

35 days left for what?

abhishake620 says:

Duh! Seriously.... Go check a calender and come back...

Aashish13 says:

U aren't an excited wp user then

pan_ani says:

For the Microsoft Build conference where WP 8.1 will be announced!

eroselim says:

update: i can see that it is still waiting for apprival status. Hmm might took long before it gets us ;( sad.

Eas195 says:

so am I here, in Indonesia... I'm waiting so long (actually, 3 months) since the first Black update launched... :(

Lee Hoskins1 says:

Will htc 8s get 8.1 update

Eas195 says:

It will get the 8.1 update as well as other Windows Phone 8 devices.

bruteech says:

Not my Argentinian 620.

aniket03 says:

Where is the update? Nokia site it is still waiting for approval. Please can someone clear me whats going on

rain620 says:

The update has just started rolling, I don't expect it coming to all regions at once. Let's just be patient :)

Tips_y says:

The Black update is rolling out to countries in the Middle East.

rain620 says:

For those who got it, how much free memory's needed for the update to be installed? I have like 200MB left in my phone storage now and I predict it's not enough :(

bitfarm says:

Same here :P I am gonna use NSU and do a fresh install :)

rain620 says:

What is NSU? I'm actually planning to wipe off my phone right after updating.

Stravincy says:

I had about 1gb free and it still said i needed more free space. I just clicked cancel and the update continued and works fine atm.

bitfarm says:

Any improvements in Skype usability? Notifications?

daniel620 says:

In my country only my operator has released the update for the 925, 920 and 820, hopelessly 720 and 620 will be soon :D

Aashish13 says:

Do it offline from nokia care centre if u want. But u have to take backup first as you will lost your app data. Rest is synched to your ms account

irsyadhhs says:

Oh God. Finally

nuclax says:

Halleluiah brothers and sisters :p

PepsimanLeh says:

Still waiting here in Singapore.

Aashish13 says:

Any idea about the the upcoming Lumia. Will that have 4k video specs?

Does it suprts glnc scren???

rain620 says:

The 620 has Glance screen even from the Amber update. The latest update in Glance gave the 620 notifications and text - still without the Black; so pretty much, we're just waiting for double tap to wake.

I did not get the notificatins after the latest glance update for my 620.

ogracia says:

to get the notifications you need to put the TEXT thing...without text arent show on the screen

karthikt94 says:

Just checked Nokia official update status page, no countries in 'Asia Pacific'  have it, they are all in 'waiting for approval'.

Those who got the update, can you please specify from which country you are, and whether yours is a country variant or globe?

Still watiing for it in India :( grrrrrrrrrrr

According to the status page Finland, Netherland, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen has the 620 update.

Rymo_17 says:

still waiting on 620 Black on O2UK. Waiting for approval. ridiculous.

xankazo says:

Just waiting for Orange Dominicana to begin rollout.

tanveer 786 says:

Haven't got in India manually checked.

Hmm... My mom's 620 still doesn't have an update available. I told her to check again in a few hours.

Joeul_Ramos says:

521 still hasn't got it... And the wait continues...

Yep same here. At the rate we're going, 8.1 will arrive before Black +update 3 will come for T-Mobile. I'm tired of waiting on them.

Joeul_Ramos says:

Yea forreal. I honestly don't care about Black update 3 anymore. I just can't for 8.1 to come!

Deamion says:

Nothing yet for my 620 on TELUS (Canada)

gtief says:

Nothing in Austria.

pookiewood says:

I have a Hong Kong 620 import to the states and I get a messages saying my phone is up to date.  I only have Amber though.


Diniy Moktar says:

Still not available in Malaysia. So, how long we have to wait? I wonder how long wp8.1 will be released to us lumia 620 users..

uddhav17 says:

dantekai14 will be happy to read this

Aryan Angel says:

Says waiting for approval in my country. Think I'm gonna have to wait one or more weeks...

leceltique says:

Nothing on TELUS yet.

MMM7M12 says:

Finally got Black for 620 ...(INDIA)

big andy ok says:

When is black coming for the 625

Ivan Moronta says:

Hey guys, I need your help, I want to know what is Lumia Black? Because I have a 8X, and I want move to Nokia. What's Lumia Black?

Adani H Mao says:

It's just software/firmware update...

wunnle says:

Lumia Black is a minor update - mostly about glance screen actually - we hope to get before almighty 8.1

PepsimanLeh says:

And camera improvements!

Adani H Mao says:

Too late.

I already crushed that phone & switched to iPhone 5S.

wunnle says:

Still no Lumia Black here in Turkey too :/

MMM7M12 says:

Do not wait for,notifications....Go amd check manually in settings....I have updated..Double tap wake is awesome feature........;-);-)

MMM7M12 says:

620 in India Recieved,black update,......

Are u sure? From wich city u r from? Coz i didn't get it

Can u specify that which city u r belong to on where u r able to install the black update for ur 620.

RafRol says:

I wanted to get a 620 for my mom here in the states for her first smartphone, but I couldn't find one unlocked at a decent price, so I got her a 520 instead. She loves the 520, but I really wanted her to Skype her grandkid (which she can still do, but her grandkid won't fully understand why she has to look at herself while talking to grandma...)

ramcoza says:

Already have this on my 520

usman567 says:

Is Nokia refocus and Nokia Beamer will work after this update ?

wunnle says:

Nah, they are not for 620 because it has 512 ram.

Any UK love yet? No update for me just yet :-/

Hans Silva says:

Brazilians 620 anything yet (Country Variant and Operator)

Deedit Totoi says:

Not yet in vietnam and malaysia

stamford27 says:

620 cutest phone ever. Nokia should go in to partnership with Fiat, and supply these phones with ever Fiat 500 , go so well together. Serious.

Mik29 says:

I've got 2x 620's needing the black update, nothing so far on o2 UK.

beel-30-xxx says:

still waiting for approval here in the philippines.

Nazmi Lao says:

Nope. Not for Malaysia... I'm still waiting for my 620 to catch up to my 1020 :(

Nasimonair says:

Got it...India (kolkata)..check manually.

How? I have been checking manually since last night.And it still says waiting for approval in nokia page How?

Tharakaamare says:

my phone is vodafone (spain). Still nothing :(

karthikt94 says:

Weird. Nokia India page is still listing NL 620 as 'waiting for approval'. Checked manually, didn't get it yet. Am from Chennai.

Anyone fom Chennai got it yet?

manually checked, not yet :( (Chennai, India)

Grunt Attack says:

Didn't get it yet :( - AUS

ajaya p says:

Lumia black update not available in India. Its release or not in India?
plz reply

MMM7M12 says:

Got Black in INDIA (MUMBAI)
check Manually,.....

ayushroushan says:

Does anybody from India (Chennai) got the update?

ayushroushan says:

Does Lumia 620 support windows8.1? Any idea....

unnatixlr8 says:

Yes, you will be able to update to windows phone 8.1 when it comes out

Nasimonair says:

Every wp8 device will support wp8.1

ajaya p says:

How to check manually phone sw update

Go to >>settings>>phone updates>>check for updates

Anyone from Bangalore India recieved Lumia black? I havent recieved it yet..

Anyone from Hyderabad?? I didn't get it

Still no UK black update for o2 rolling out pretty slowly.

Asik15 says:

Got the black via OTA. Mine UAE version you guys will get it soon cheers!!

MMM7M12 says:

What is the size of download for,lumia black update ??

Gdr3 dev preview 40mb download via ota, lumia black 620 maybe same... Indonesia "waiting for approval" :(

Romania here - still waiting for the approval :(

JackFr0st says:

Waiting for approval status has been there now for 2 months now. They are just bluffing and doing nothing. Sitting duckkkkkkkkks


Stiiiillll.... Waaaaaaiiitiiiiing...

product code lumia 620 india please

Aracs008 says:

Still no update in India waiting waiting waiting:(

JackFr0st says:

I waited for amber update and got frustrated. Same thing is happening. When is it happening in India? When there is another update available for other device? Sick and tired of this waiting... 

Mik29 says:

Just got the Black update on my 620 on Giffgaff UK. Haven't tried my other 620 on O2 but their both on the same network so i should work.

totally fake my nokia lumia 620 dose not show the black update while u said 620get black update fakee

Ali Taner says:

I have received black update on lumia 620. Be patient you will receive in a few days or weeks, or in one month.

Borninwar says:

I recently received the lumia 620 Black update. The ROM is Spain Vodafone, Unfortunately when I enable the "Double tap" to unlock the screen, whole the device hangs hardly and I cant do can I report this bug to Nokia?

Borninwar says:

Another problem is that when you put lumia 620 in any of your pocket, the screen confuses every hits in the place as a tap although it doesn't alow screen to be unlocked and it cause the device hanging...

Ali Taner says:

I have received the black update lumia 620 I'm in Romania, my phone is from Italy.

Amit829 says:

at last got black fav.colour


I got it too.


In Bangalore India, on Airtel.

A cool feature I think not mentioned is that now you can conrol vibration on all windows keys.

JackFr0st says:

Finallllllly, the update is showing on my phone. downloading it. 

Romania here... Still no update... It's a Ro carrier free phone bought from Cosmote.