Nokia Lumia 625 available at Carphone Warehouse for just £79.95

Lumia 625

The Nokia Lumia 625 is the most affordable Windows Phone with 4G and UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has knocked down the price to just £79.95. That's almost half the price we last covered here in the UK. Should you be searching for a Windows Phone to get started with, look no further than the Lumia 625 at this price point.

The Windows Phone not only comes with 4G connectivity, but also a 2,000mAh battery, dual-core Snapdragon CPU, 4.7-inch display, 8GB internal storage (with MicroSD support), and 512MB RAM, which makes this pricing that much more difficult to resist.

Nokia Lumia 625

The final price for the device is £89.95 (including the £10 top-up with a mobile operator), but purchasers also receive £20 to spend on the Windows Phone app store. We're not sure how recent this deal is so take this as a friendly reminder if we're late to the party.

Let us know if you're aware of any other deals currently ongoing for the Lumia 625 (or any other Windows Phone) in the comments.

Source: Carphone Warehouse



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MilkyTee says:

€99.95 in Ireland too. With 3 months Xbox live and a 35 euro voucher with five free gameloft games

aherne98 says:

Ya and I got it for €150 few months ago killer !haha

Just300 says:

What else MS did not give for free in this offer!!!! Good job MS.

nitsuk says:

This is great, much better package than Lumia 630 once 8.1 is deployed to it :-)

WoodsMonk says:

If only it had 1gb ram. I would of snapped this up :(

This is the better deal, been purchasing a 630 and a 625. The 625 is excellent - shame it's 512gb but otherwise its feature loaded

moondogg9 says:

When is a 5" quardcore Lumia coming to the USA unlocked that's all I want to know

Good stuff don't come to fourth world countries. If you want it, come to any first world country.

spinzeroWL says:

Says the person who cannot write properly ;).
Good one bro

Your father couldn't write properly, whats the deal?

Did you check your English, good one Bro?

DreadVenom says:

Rolled these out to our users as replacement of BBs. Now they are even cheaper, it's easier to buy replacements than repair faulty ones.

My mum has this phone its nice just if it had the 1gig of memory then I would buy for a backup device but I already have a W1

VxOC says:

How's the W1 holding up?

dyce23 says:

The lumia 520 Sims free is £84 on amazon. Just got one for mu friends birthday. If I had known this was happening then I would have waited for the 625. Gutted. Lol

You are a fool, no doubt you are from a fourth world country.

Rubios says:

This is bait.

Hooksie says:

Don't be such a dick

L520 £59 unlocked at the carphone warehouse

Ok guys, i have one question, this Nokia 625, the prize of 80 pounds, is just the phone? I mean off contract?

Vertego says:

Yes, that's off contract - pay-as-you-go only.

that price is awesome , i want it too

Just bought one, upgrade from my L520, slowly but surely one day a 1520 :D