Nokia Lumia 630 available for pre-order in Russia, starting at 7990 rubles

Lumia 630

Wanting to get Windows Phone 8.1 on a new phone in Russia? Then the Nokia Lumia 630 is your best bet. The device is expected to be the first phone publically available with Windows Phone 8.1 when it launches next month. It’s now up for pre-order in Russia. Details below.

The Lumia 630 was announced last week by Nokia at Microsoft’s Build conference. It’s 4G/LTE variant, the Lumia 635, was also announced last week, but unfortunately doesn’t appear available for pre-order in Russia at the moment.

The Lumia 630 comes in either a single-SIM or dual-SIM model. Internal specs between the two models are otherwise identical. Inside you’ll find a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor running at 1.2 GHz. You get 512 MB of RAM for memory and 8GB of internal storage. You can, thankfully, expand that with a microSD card. There’s an 1830 mAh battery to power you through your day. The 4.5-inch display with touchscreen buttons will keep you occupied up front.

In Russia, you can pre-order both the single-SIM and dual-SIM versions of the Lumia 630. The single-SIM version will go for 7990p ($224 USD), while the dual-SIM version is going for 8490p ($238 USD).

The Lumia 630 comes in a variety of colors like green, orange, yellow, white and black. You can also swap out those backs to get a new color anytime you’d like.

Any of our friends in Russia thinking of picking up the Lumia 630? Sound off below.

Source: Lumia 630 single-SIM, Lumia 630 dual-SIM Via: wp7forum



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Westoncreg says:

Lte version is the 635 not 630 :P

Sam Sabri says:

Brain said 635, fingers said 630. Ha. Fixed. Thanks.

SargeT says:

Grey matter called Brian. Girls accordingly call it Brianna.

greedypnguin says:

The hell is a ruble?

Jazmac says:

7990 Rubles is about $225.00 US.  aka, affordable!

josonjoy1986 says:

Somehow i get a bad feeling about that shape with sharp edges instead of the smooth edges like L620.....:(

josonjoy1986 says:

Sam, your review unit was somewhat special with black shell and green buttons.....:) I want that prototype.....:)

Dadstar0410 says:

In Soviet Russia, Nokia Lumia 630 buys you for 7990 rubles.

I miss the Soviet union.

jason8957 says:

It seems to be still alive and invading countries and stuff; KGB president; human rights violations... You don't have to miss it.

monayosh says:

And the US and other NATO countries don't violate human rights and invade other countries?

The difference here is that no situation like that could even happen here; in fact Puerto Rico has voted to join the US. And if there was a situation like that somehow, we definitely wouldn't send plainclothes troops in there, take it over forcefully, and call these troops "militias". It's seriously exactly the same as what Hitler was doing before WWII. Well, not the part about calling them militias, but claiming that it's protecting Russian nationals and using that as grounds to invade and annex Crimea.

zelder_rus says:

Only here all to exactly the opposite. Your government has paid off and organized a military coup in Kiev. Maidan your handiwork. Hundreds killed, so the Nazis came to power in Kiev. And this "government" wants to ban Russian language, to destroy all Russian. These words are from the stands these "government" Against this background, Crimea (or any adequate man ) does not want to live with these fascists. How can you call 96% of voters in the Crimea population (pensioners , mothers) to join Russia called Russian troops? You show pictures of the Russian army from other regions of Russia, you are deceived. Ukrainian " power" given the opportunity to fly over Russian territory and ensure that no troops are not strapped. No mobilization in Russia is not, no one is threatening the people of Ukraine, we brotherly nation, and in our country there are no calls to kill someone else. Ukraine banned all Russian TV channels, journalists are not allowed, if you say something disliked in Kiev, you are put in jail. You in America, also show pleasing your government transfer. Your "freedom" imposed on you by your government. I feel sorry for you.

PS. Sorry for my english. On this forum in Russian message was seen as spam :)

Communism is on paper a great form of government, its the corruption and leaders that ruin it. Just like any government.

SargeT says:

Our leaders come from us. So, every people gets the government they deserve. Americans love playing war, they got bush and nixon, gemans love building empires, they got merkel, we are lazy and being under command, we got putin.

Your spot on, when I'm in school and discuss history we learned that America likes to make.peace With war.(I live.in America)

...likes to make money with war

jason8957 says:

The USA got to clean up messes of European Imperialism all over the near and far East and the Europeans got used to the idea and get to now sit in thier comfortable places, unable to defend themselves anymore after abdicating all power to the US, while condescendingly lecturing us about how terrible war is and how wonderful socialism is.

SargeT says:

Quit thinking the USA got to do something outside its borders on its own. I could've understand if it could be an international fair policeman, but truly all what americans do is raising hatred between nations within a country and put them into civil war. Iraq, iran, kosovo, libya, ukraine, all the same scenario. Having an illusion of electing a president or parliament doesn't make you a citizen of a democratic country.

jason8957 says:

I get it.  It wasn't the Russians trying to take over the Middle East either clandestinely though supplying weapons to dictators or overtly by invading nations, it was actually the USA trying to secure free access to the Suez canal or the Persian Gulf that raised all the anti-Western hatred.  It wasn't failed British and German imperialism in Asia Minor and Northern Africa that left the place in turmoil.  It was the American cleaning up after all of this that raised hatred through-out the region.  The Israelis stomping on the Palestinians... America's fault.  Yemeni civil war... America's fault.  Soviet sponsored regime in Egypt.... America's fault.  

French proliferation of nuclear weapons through a politically volitile region of the world.  America's fault, no doubt.

Failed French Empire building in Africa didn't cause problems, it was America having to deal with the brutal leftover dictatorships while the French tucked their tail between their legs and ran; that was the problem. 

It was the USA attempting cleaning up the failed French Imperial exploits in Vietnam agaist the Imperial Russian communists that was the problem, not the Euro French and Russians.  What else have I missed?  Pakistan and India - surely the USA's fault, through and through. 

Kosovo, the Ukraine... that wasn't communist Russian imperialism gone bad, wasn't terrorist Serbians, wasn't the gutless British and Germans, no no; that was the Americans fault because, well, I don't know, doesn't matter.  Stupid cowboy Americans.

Hey, why not blame us for South Africa too?

SargeT says:

Hehe. Many of the episodes you know as "cleaning up" I know as "leaving in fire". Seems like "propaganda" works in the US pretty nice, too. But the difference between you and me is that I don't say, for example, in Iraq there was nice and became bad, I say it was a poor country with regime selling oil for a few people's wealth and it became a poor country selling oil to support war between two religious groups... It was bad, and it became bad but named democracy. What's good? I don't know, something third. Somewhere in Iceland, New Zealand or Alaska maybe.
But serious, one thing I can tell for sure: my father went for a trip to Jugoslavia in a month before bombing started. Not very "touristic" tour, rather wild. He couldnt find any "Serbian terrorists", instead he was roughly robbed by some Albanian gangs, and their police didn't do anything. Serbians helped him much because they are smart enough to understand peace is tourism. That's what he have seen with his own eyes, not on TV like you and me. Or told by officers in the army like some others. Or something else. I guess other "cleanups" were cleaning same myth terrorists. Hope not, though.

jason8957 says:

I have a good friend who is Croatian and fought the Serbs.  Perhaps his tales are a bit biased, but I don't doubt that they are pretty accurate.

jason8957 says:

Communism on paper, and in reality, concentrates power in the hands of a few elite and the expense of the rights of everyone else.  It is a terrible form of government and goes against human nature.  It has been a disaster where ever tried.  It is mainly embraced by pseudo-intellectual elitists who have no real experience or skill in the real world.

But, I can see why someone like Putin would like it.

borasar says:

Democracy and capitalism not on paper have also concentrated power in the hands of a few. I'm not defending communism, but corruption and abuse of authority are independant of the political system

jason8957 says:

Capitalism works with rather than against human nature.  Communism relies on everyone being selfless.  Capitalism puts mechanisms in place so that human ambition benefits society as a whole.  A superior system based on the nature of the beast.

borasar says:

oh yeah did the credit crisis benefit society as a whole or just the select few who made a ton of money effed up and then got bailed out by the society's taxes?

mjfadaway says:

Is that pronounced Roobles or Ruhbles?

SargeT says:

English correct pronunciation is "ruhbles", Russian is roobl', plural roobli. It's like Moscow and Moskva.

wild_nahuy says:

Russian for "ruhbles" - "Roobli, roobl', roobley" Understand? :D I'm from Russia. Ask me anything:)

SargeT says:

So am I, but thanks for your explanation :D

English pronunciation is roobles. To be pronounced ruhbles, it would have to be spelt "rubbles".

Like a great phone!

SargeT says:

Stupid marketing, it lacks flash led and it's loo large. Great that 620 is still in stock.

booog89 says:

Like an exciting phone!

Is it coming to the USA?

jgbstetson says:

Yes, the 635 will come to T-Mobile first, then ATT

AccentAE86 says:

Honestly with all the buzz around the 512mb limitations im surprised they are releasing a brand new 512 Mb device, especially considering that they had seemed to already learn their lesson and put out the 525.

Winnabe says:

Absolutely. What this tells is that Nokia is won't to not learning its lessons. They will give you some excuse about keeping manufacturing costs low and how their profit margin is very thin and so, but then, how on earth is the Moto G able to give you such a great deal for the same $225? It has 1GB RAM, a flash on the rear and a ffc.

Throttler says:

MotoG was heavily and deparately funded by Google. No more once they move to Lenovo.

Google makes as much as $100 per year per phone with Ads and PlayStore revenue.

Doctor Pork says:

Because it is a Google subsidized phone where google accepted to not make any money on the hardware and even take a loss on it? They basically sell the Moto G at cost, and given the fact that normal companies also have to fund other divisions, development etc that thin marigins pretty much mean that in reality you are losing money on the phone. If Motorola is the only manufacturer offering a phone with those specifications for that price, either they charge to little, or the other too much, and given that the other OEMs *still* struggle to make a profit, it's not too hard to guess which one is closer to the truth.

josonjoy1986 says:

Moto G's only drawback is the OS it runs....:/

jgbstetson says:

I'm sure there is a good reason for this. They understand the limitation, but perhaps they have weighed the opportunity of gaining the budget minded consumer against the hw limitations. Nokia does offer and will continue to offer devices at every price point. Maybe we are all just a bit upset that this isn't exactly the phone we want when we want it? Maybe?

The problem isn't the RAM, but the internal memory: they still do 8gb devices! But it isn't enough, especially because you can't use microSD for the apps!

Westoncreg says:

Have you paid attention to wp8.1 at all? Since you can install apps and games on the SD card so that's not a limitation anymore

Of course I paid attenction, and the possibility to install apps on SD card is a rumor. It isn't sure if they add it.

Westoncreg says:

Daniel went over it in his review of windows phone 8.1 so its there

Its a tough choice for Nokia. If they stop making 512mb devices then that's a message to developers to stop making apps with 512mb users in mind (which, ironically, is what most people are bothered by in the first place. Why make it worse?)

Of course, making 512mb devices mean they get accused of not being with the times, despite having a whole range of phones yet to announce. Can't win.

RafRol says:

I was expecting more "In Soviet Russia..." jokes in the comments.

MikeSo says:

In Soviet Russia, phones pre-order YOU!

sachinrex says:

It should be priced below 520 in India then it will be a huge success...or else it won't sell much..!!

Akash294 says:

Expect a price of around 13k here in India...

Marco Gomes1 says:

Yes it should. And Indian corrupt government should stop trying to squeeze roughly 500 million dollars from nokia to sanction the Nokia/Microsoft deal.

Etios says:

LOL sounds rich coming from your sorry portugal ass:

"Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer 2013 reveals that political partiesParliament, the judiciary and the military are the most corrupt institutions in Portugal"


"Recurring corruption scandals involving high-level politicians, local administrators and businesses abusing public funds have revealed that safeguards to counter corruption and abuse of power have been relatively inefficient, according to the National Integrity System Assessment 2012 by the Portuguese chapter of Transparency International (TIAC)"

THE_Lawnboy says:

Yeah, those must be some painful sanctions. Like a sieve.

MrDaedra says:

No, that's just taxes. Everything cost much. For example, Surface Pro 1 was about 1400$. Also 150 € price in Italy is 7291 rubles.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Please, stop watching fox news. It's making you dumb. That price is about right with taxes. I bet in Portugal its gonna cost around 160 € which is over 200 $

Shot05 says:

The funny part is, Lumia's 625 original price was 12000 rubles. Such sanctions...

I might get hammered for this, but they need to get this on Consumer Celluar and run ads in the AARP magazines. Older people would love a smart phone with tiles/icons you can make as large as you want. My mother will not give up her WP just because of that.

KMF79 says:

Hammered, why? That's actually a good idea. It's logical and, in my opinion, would actually push units.

Marco Gomes1 says:

And older people probably won't be playing many "hard core" games, so they won't mind the 512 Mb ram.

Sajal Garg says:

Hah..its funny that 620's hardware is better.. ;D

myjota says:

No. No and no. 500ram? Awful. No flesh)))

SpiDe1500 says:

No flash is the killer for me...

gurtej singh says:

This phone is made for having a lag free and silky smooth smartphone experience on a budget .... RESPECT !!! FOR NOKIA 630/635