Nokia Lumia 635 now available at Clove for £150

Nokia Lumia 635

UK tech retailer Clove has just announced on its blog that the Lumia 635 is now available for purchase through its online store. Priced at £149.99, it's an affordable Windows Phone with 4G LTE connectivity. Running the latest version of Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.1, those who purchase the Lumia 635 are investing in the next-generation experience.

To recap on specifications the Lumia 635 sports, we're looking at a 4.5-inch IPS Display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, 5MP rear camera, 8GB internal storage (expandable up to 128GB) and cool exchangeable shells. Clove has the Lumia 635 in black, orange and green. Check out the store listing for more details. Note that black is currently in stock, with other colors to follow.

Source: Clove



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sachinrex says:

It has 1GB ram rit?

sachinrex says:

Btw 1st to comment!

rockstarzzz says:

I am wondering same. Need to Bing it!

No it has 512 mb of ram

Yeah kinda disappointed but hey its a budget smartphone

Yea but lack of flash light and some other features may affect its market in India. Only cause of dual sim it will gain some attention

rudedog1979 says:

It has Cortana in rit?

Edwardlb20 says:

Available from Carphone warehouse for £130-120

cybermoose89 says:

I'm more interested in what's coming after the 930 ill stick to my 1520 for now

gizzzmo says:

too expensive.

simon 4 says:

Those ugly arse on screen buttons at the bottom put me off and a brand new 625 for 75£ seemed the better deal

jimjam1970 says:

Who is doing the 625 for that price?

simon 4 says:

Go onto ebay mine was brand new boxed and unlocked and the guy I bought it off had more