Nokia Lumia 710 ad hits the airways

The Nokia Lumia 710 became available only yesterday at T-Mobile and we've already seen it spotlighted in one T-Mobile commercial and now it's taking center stage in yet another television ad. The thirty second spot focuses on how the Windows Phone can keep you connected to amazing everyday.  From keeping in touch with friends to finding a good ice cream parlor.

The ad does a nice job of catching your attention and shining a little attention on the latest Windows Phone. We've received tips from readers who caught this ad throughout the night and it appears that Nokia has hit the ground running to let everyone know they are back in town.

source: Youtube; Thanks to everyone who tipped us on this!



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Los says:

I like. It's better than the first ad I saw on TV

pavejon says:

Is showing the ice cream cone taking a little dig at Android?

lippidp says:

Hahaha! It'll probably sucker in some joe consumer that has heard of "ice cream sandwich", but doesn't actually know anything about it. "That must be the ice cream sandwich phone I've been hearing all the nerds talking about. Ima get one!"

hardcoreplur says:

I saw a completely different t-mobile and nokia 710 commerical, it was a  standard t-mobile ad with white background and the lady in pink dress, but it did feature the lumia. This is it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TlofKwgi1QM It was on comedy central in the US around 5pm. it was good too, and showed off the T-mobile TV app, but since it was sports related, new customers wanting a smartphone for sports will love the exclusive ESPN app.

B4PJS says:

Do all American's pronounce Nokia "no-kia".
Most Europeans I know pronounce it "Knock-ia"
Anyways, nice ad :-)

Residing says:

Good ad.
When they advertise for the Lumia 900, hopefully they will bring that upbeat, energetic Lumia soundtrack that they used for the Lumia 800 ads in the U.K.!

CAVX says:

Uh, I just can't get over that "finger swipe" at :08.
It's not bad, but to be honest it doesn't feel right to me. The voice...the song...all askew from Nokia's normal stuff. The guy who's talking is just ranting, instead of the subtle narrating that we've felt before. And I don't think there's ever actually been a (humorously mistimed) finger operating the Lumia in any of its previous commercials? I guess I just have viewed the other Lumia commercials I've seen as beautiful, and this one's a little clunky.
I imagine it's mostly due to T-Mobile. In fact, I'm starting to think maybe Nokia just gave them some assets and they ran with it themselves. I am nitpicking, absolutely, but it was interesting enough to bother me a little bit.

Justin.TV312 says:

shouldnt nitpick, an ad is an ad

Dr_8820 says:

Hey Sprint, this is how you advertise a Windows Phone!

eshy says:

+ putting it on the home page and making it the featured 4G device on their website
you can't complain about not selling a product you practically hide in the back corner of your store, never mention to customers and if they come in asking about it you dismiss it and try to push an iphone on them

lippidp says:

I saw this on ESPN last night while at the local pizza joint. It was good even with the sound off and does a nice job of displaying a few capabilities.

Cartman says:

I appreciate you posting these ads since I don’t watch broadcast television.

troygates says:

I saw the Nokia Lumia 710 ad several times last night on ESPN during the two NBA games. 

Nataku4ca says:

i just realized, did the commercial take a stab at apple too with the meaning of life part? :P