Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 coming to New Zealand in March

Telecom NZ

Good news for those in New Zealand--you'll be getting both the Nokia Lumia 710 and the Lumia 800 come March, finally bringing some solid Gen 2 devices your way.

The big winner is Telecom NZ who will be getting both devices with the "exclusive" interestingly on the 710, while Vodafone NZ will be getting the Lumia 800 for their customers. The info comes by way of two sources: Nokia NZ who Tweeted as much earlier today and reader Matt H. who sent us this flyer from his local Telecom store, proudly featuring both Lumias as "coming soon".

Nokia NZ

Unfortunately, no word on either carrier getting the Lumia 900 although we must say, the chances for New Zealanders is getting better. You can also pre-register on Telecom right here.

Thanks, Tom M. Liam O. and Matt H., for the tip!



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kidjenius says:

im at a loss, why are people still using that ancient WP logo :(

KustomAU says:

I saw it written as "Windows 7 Mobile" again the other day in an advert somewhere :-(

CE7 says:

I have been hanging out for the Nokia Lumias to come out here since they first started surfacing! Hopefully Telecom won't be too greedy and let me have one for a good price :)

Thank you Telecom and thank you Nokia :D