Nokia Lumia 710 makes a cameo in T-Mobile's latest ad

Carly and the gang over at T-Mobile are running a new ad focusing on T-Mobile TV and the wireless carriers 4G network. You will also be introduced to America's first Nokia 4G phone, the Lumia 710.

The T-Mobile TV app comes pre-loaded on the Nokia Lumia 710 (and probably every other smartphone T-Mobile carries) and will be available tomorrow at T-Mobile.com, authorized retail stores and Target, Costco, and Wal-Mart stores nationwide.  With contractual discounts, you're looking at just under fifty bucks for Nokia's first U.S. Windows Phone.



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kidjenius says:

it looks like they photoshopped that from an android device.
pause at 8 seconds and you'll see

Reaction80 says:

All tech ads are the same. 'Screen images simulated', 'Sequences shortened' and all that jazz. All companies are guilty of this. they never give you a 100% true picture of things.

JodyMaccz says:

Lol yea that was from android

Screw the phone, I want T-Mobile girl

sj55555 says:

For me, both verbs apply to the girl. ;)

Winterfang says:

Cool, that plan is very cheap. Might as well save up and get this phone then use my contract when something interesting appear.

xirsteon says:

I'm considering the same thing. Assuming the phone is $350 or around that. Also, my other option was to get the Lumia 900 (when it's released that is) but only if it quad-band or penta band and works on Tmob 3g. I don't see myself spending that much on a Nokia phone w/o 3g support.
If all else fails, I'll keep my hd7 and wait till something better comes out. No pressure as I have no contract for the last 4-5 yrs.

Phrozty says:

Just saw it! I came here to see if anyone else saw it and here's a headline lol.

Bit yeah, I'd totally snatch up that tmob girl

O yeah android all day! Look at the battery icon! Thats not windows phone! haha But yeah  Tmo girl can get the business! ;)

mab664 says:

Best Windows Phone ad I've seen! WHY... Because they didnt call the Lumia a Windows Phone!!! I'm starting to relalize that M$ biggest mistake in marketing WP7 was using their name in the title. People haven't realized that Android is the new "Windows" buggy, crap interface, but widely distributed and powerful. I don't know if Windows can ever recover from their bad reputation... My friends half expect my Samsung Focus to power down to the blue screen of death...

aubreyq says:

Agreed. I've been saying all along that they need to market the PHONES. The OS can be marketed on those "everything begins with Windows" commercials.

Odog4ever says:

Really? (Not even trying to make a joke referencing the commercials)
First your still using M$
Second you talk about the blue screen as if it is super common (upgraded my Vista PC to Windows 7 and have never seen a blue screen on either OS)
Do you and your "friends" do a lot of time traveling?

Justin.TV312 says:

The Latina Tmo girl is much hotter.

luimende says:

they're both pretty, but I like this commecial alot.