French Invasion

French telecom Iliad wants to drink Sprint's T-Mobile milkshake

General News

T-Mobile's 'Uncarrier' momentum is taking off

General News

T-Mobile launches new family-focused plan

Microsoft News

Microsoft 'betrayed' Finland, says Finnish finance minister of layoffs


Microsoft's aiming for flagship Windows Phones, killing Nokia X but selling MixRadio


New Treasure Tag app update ditches the 'Nokia' brand

Microsoft News

Rumor claims 1,000 former Nokia employees in Finland could be laid off by Microsoft

Windows Phone News

Unlocked Nokia Lumia 1020 now available from the Microsoft Store, supports LTE on T-Mobile

Windows Phones

Lumia 635 now available for purchase on T-Mobile's site

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More evidence emerges of Nokia Lumia 2520 on T-Mobile

Windows Phones

Home Shopping Network website takes pre-orders for T-Mobile Lumia 635

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FTC claims T-Mobile charged customers millions for bogus SMS subscription fees [Updated]

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T-Mobile and MetroPCS announce Lumia 635 with Windows Phone 8.1 for July with pricing


New Nokia MixRadio update ditches the 'Nokia' brand

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T-Mobile hits mid-year LTE expansion goal

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Lumia 930 pre-orders begin in Norway Wednesday for July 10 launch

Windows Phones

Microsoft Store US site pulls pre-order listings for Nokia Lumia 635


Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 released, Lumia SensorCore SDK out of private beta

Windows Phones

Nokia Lumia 635 for AT&T and T-Mobile available for pre-order at US Microsoft Store site

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Xbox Music a top contender for T-Mobile's Music Freedom


Nokia Lumia 710 makes a cameo in T-Mobile's latest ad

Carly and the gang over at T-Mobile are running a new ad focusing on T-Mobile TV and the wireless carriers 4G network. You will also be introduced to America's first Nokia 4G phone, the Lumia 710.

The T-Mobile TV app comes pre-loaded on the Nokia Lumia 710 (and probably every other smartphone T-Mobile carries) and will be available tomorrow at, authorized retail stores and Target, Costco, and Wal-Mart stores nationwide.  With contractual discounts, you're looking at just under fifty bucks for Nokia's first U.S. Windows Phone.



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kidjenius says:

it looks like they photoshopped that from an android device.
pause at 8 seconds and you'll see

Reaction80 says:

All tech ads are the same. 'Screen images simulated', 'Sequences shortened' and all that jazz. All companies are guilty of this. they never give you a 100% true picture of things.

JodyMaccz says:

Lol yea that was from android

Screw the phone, I want T-Mobile girl

sj55555 says:

For me, both verbs apply to the girl. ;)

Winterfang says:

Cool, that plan is very cheap. Might as well save up and get this phone then use my contract when something interesting appear.

xirsteon says:

I'm considering the same thing. Assuming the phone is $350 or around that. Also, my other option was to get the Lumia 900 (when it's released that is) but only if it quad-band or penta band and works on Tmob 3g. I don't see myself spending that much on a Nokia phone w/o 3g support.
If all else fails, I'll keep my hd7 and wait till something better comes out. No pressure as I have no contract for the last 4-5 yrs.

Phrozty says:

Just saw it! I came here to see if anyone else saw it and here's a headline lol.

Bit yeah, I'd totally snatch up that tmob girl

O yeah android all day! Look at the battery icon! Thats not windows phone! haha But yeah  Tmo girl can get the business! ;)

mab664 says:

Best Windows Phone ad I've seen! WHY... Because they didnt call the Lumia a Windows Phone!!! I'm starting to relalize that M$ biggest mistake in marketing WP7 was using their name in the title. People haven't realized that Android is the new "Windows" buggy, crap interface, but widely distributed and powerful. I don't know if Windows can ever recover from their bad reputation... My friends half expect my Samsung Focus to power down to the blue screen of death...

aubreyq says:

Agreed. I've been saying all along that they need to market the PHONES. The OS can be marketed on those "everything begins with Windows" commercials.

Odog4ever says:

Really? (Not even trying to make a joke referencing the commercials)
First your still using M$
Second you talk about the blue screen as if it is super common (upgraded my Vista PC to Windows 7 and have never seen a blue screen on either OS)
Do you and your "friends" do a lot of time traveling?

Justin.TV312 says:

The Latina Tmo girl is much hotter.

luimende says:

they're both pretty, but I like this commecial alot.