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Nokia Lumia 800 & 900 capture Gold IDEA Awards for Design

WP Central

The Lumia 900 - Winner of the 2012 IDEA Award for Design

At this point, it’s little surprise to see Nokia continuing to win awards for its Lumia line of smartphones, specifically the Lumia 800 and its offshoot the 900. Earlier this year it won 4 awards at CES 2012.  But it’s still nice to see them getting the recognition and let’s face it they’re the only Windows Phone OEM in town winning design awards. Heck, they’re pretty much the only smartphone maker to win design awards, regardless of platform.

This year they won gold at the International Design Excellence Awards, sponsored by the Henry Ford Museum, official home of American ideas and innovation. The jury had some fairly nice words for Nokia:

“In a market in which it is difficult to stand out, the Nokia Lumia brings a fresh perspective. The iconic form is personal and inviting without sacrificing precision, and the construction is modern, efficient and well-crafted down to the smallest details. It’s a bold, gold-worthy effort, and I’m glad to see Nokia reclaim its design swagger.” Jonah Becker, Principal and Creative Director, One & Co.

From the Lumia 900 page:

"The Lumia 900 was designed to feel human and to fit beautifully in the hand. At first glance, it looks advanced and feels progressive. The sleek form of the polycarbonate unibody flows seamlessly into the curved Gorilla glass display. This blurs the boundary between physical and digital, and accentuates the tactile experience of the swiping gesture that is core to the user interface. Laminating the display module directly to the 3D glass gives the appearance that the content is swimming on the surface. It brings simplicity and a quiet intrigue that is beautiful to the eye, but complex to achieve."

Indeed, the Lumia 900 and especially the Lumia 800 really are stand out products. We would actually say the 800 feels the best due to its more rounded screen and smaller size, but clearly the 900 is no rehash of current design trends either.

As Windows Phone enthusiasts, it’s great to see Nokia taking these top prizes for design and we can only imagine what they have in store for us later this year with Windows Phone 8.

Interestingly, in 2011, the Windows Phone OS won the People's Choice award at the same show.

Source: IDSA (main), Lumia 800, Lumia 900; via Nokia Conversations



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BK-one says:

I agree with the decision. The phone is physically in a class of its own.

gorebashd says:

Agree 900 is a sexy beast

venetasoft says:

Best design with best os :)

likaros88 says:

It's smokin' hot :)

myjota says:

I dont need apollo i am very happy with lumia. Really, on my hand it so comfortable.

OMG55 says:

Agreed, but if sexier hardware comes out, I will pay the early upgrade fee with ATT. As far as apps are concerned, believe developers will put their apps on 7.5-7.8 as well as 8.0 since it only takes a few lines of code. Also if they encapsulate all devices, it means more revenue for them.

funkyGeneral says:

Now, if only the 800 would see some of the same accessory love...

albertico says:

With all this love for its phones, why is it so hard for Nokia to sell some official accessories through their website? I was looking for an official Nokia car charger the other day and a few other basic things (extra USB cable, wall charger, etc.) and they have the most nonexistent accessory presence on the Nokia site. I love my Lumia 900, and I would love to buy more of Nokia's top-notch hardware accessories for it (not talking about the Play 360 speaker and Purity headset; I already have those).

OMG55 says:

Agreed, they need to make docks, etc

BK-one says:

i got the white in ear purity by monster headphone to go with my white 900 from someone in Great Britian off e-bay.
They are ameazing headphones. I wear them at work all day long. Have  them on now as I type this up.

koller says:

Anyone noticed they are actually describing the lumia 900 wrong (curved gorilla glass)?
Only the 800 has the curved glass (unfortunately).

Strange no one reads...

banazul says:

I have friends who are diehard Apple fans telling me my Lumia 800 is the first phone they've ever seen that they would actually switch to. I catch people checking out my phone all the time (maybe it's the cyan). Kudos to Nokia! 

saket gupta says:

I love it more good

uopjo6 says:

I've gotta say the curved screen on the 800 makes a big difference. The 900 is good in its own way with more function and screen but if we're talking ergonomics only, 800 wins hands down.  It's surprising how a big difference a small detail can make. 

thecember says:

800 design is rubbish

lippidp says:

I think the 800 would have done well in the USA.