Nokia Lumia 800 and Samsung Monument Windows Phones get listed

Once again, Occasional Gamer's phone stats page reveals a few new Windows Phones.

This time around we see the Nokia 800--a device still shrouded in a bit of mystery--get a nickname: Lumia. Not much is known about the 800/Lumia series but it could very well be SeaRay with a different name--in fact, it jives nicely with the Nokia Sun on Orange, since Lumia="Art from light", ergo Sun . We're only expecting two, maybe three, Nokia Windows Phones this year meaning we could be seeing variants of the same core device (we're not even clear on the Sabre/SeaRay distinction yet). See also the Nokia 703.

The other phone is the Samsung Monument, which like the HTC Ultimate, sounds like an epic phone. Then again, Samsung's big device these days is the Galaxy SII which takes the form of the Focus S for Windows Phone. Could this be the Focus S for another carrier or just a whole new device? We're betting on the former but we'll look for more info.

Source: Occasional Gamer



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cool8man says:

Again, the SeaRay is probably the 800. The Sabre is the 703.

Solidstate89 says:

800 should mean it's a fairly good phone. Not the highest end, but damn good.

HD7user86 says:

Just let them be for either Tmobile or Sprint pleeaassse!!!

fwaits says:

I'm gonna guess Lumia = Light = Sun = Sea Ray... Just a guess. Samsung no idea, but it would be sweet to see a Focus S variant on Verizon. =)

lovenokia says:

good for everyone just i am not on verizon.... i looking for a windwos over 1ghz a great build quality(no plastic) and great display nokia come show me what i want

fwaits says:

I have no idea if it will come to Verizon, just wishful thinking. =) Since they have not announced any official WP7.5 devices yet.

Winterfang says:

The Monument could be the WP7 version of the Infuse. Which sounds quite frankly se.xy as he.ck.

tanderson says:

I would be insanely thrilled if the samsung ended up being a WP version of the Nexus Prime. That is looking like a **** phone with the curve, I just can't see going back to android now.Maybe next year...

nizzon says:


binlid1 says:

They are actually mango colored tiles. The new colour appeared on my LG Optimus 7 after Mango update and is called "Mango" :-)Nice touch I thought...

battl3cat says:

Here in Europe, We're still waiting for Samsung to announce the European version of the Focus S. I mean, the Omnia W is a nice phone, but clearly not high-end

jamreal says:

and they need to do it soon or ill be going with the titan.