Nokia Lumia 800 diagnostic tools get detailed

Lumia 800 Diagnostic Tools

Now this is pretty exciting (unless you couldn't give two hoots about diagnostic reporting). Nanapho.jp has come across the Nokia Lumia 800 On-Device Diagnostic Tool, which will enable the user to perform tests and receive readouts for the accelerometer, battery, gyroscope (if supported), and more.

What's semi-interesting is the Gyroscope test reports that the Lumia 800 doesn't have support, which we're already aware of, but the tools are still an insight should you be into this kind of access. To access the tools, simply enter "##634#" on the call screen and it'll load up. 

Diagnostic Tool Menu

Source: nanpho.jp (translate)



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LivinginaBox says:

If I do this on a Samsung Omnia 7 it's loading "field test" and brings me to Diagnosis_DU (ver.0628). Anyone know what to do inhere?
aH... I found the list with tools going with that....

jdowsett says:

I did this on my Lg optimus 7 and got prompted for a password. Anyone know the password?

jdowsett says:

Nevermind google is my friend - password is...appmfg#*#

ntn0520 says:

password is 277634#*# for optimus 7

Tried it on my HD7 and it didn't work at all.