Nokia Lumia 800 getting DLNA support?


File this under rumor, but a reasonable one.

The Lumia 800 lacks a lot of things: front facing camera, gyroscope and DLNA support. That latter one though is something that can be added after the fact as we've seen Samsung and HTC do in the past. In that regard, there's no solid reason we know of why the Lumia 800 can't do DLNA if Nokia did some fiddling with the system files.

Over at MobileTechWorld, they did some sleuthing around the ROM and found some files that look necessary for DLNA support in the future. Italian Windows Phone site Plaffo then posted an email from one of their readers that came from Nokia Care. In that email, they basically confirm that Lumia 800 will get DLNA support like other Windows Phone devices, via the Marketplace.

Now word of caution: Customer care is hardly every a reliable source but Nokia rushing some DLNA support via a Marketplace app is the same method that the other OEMs use, so why not? We'll just have to wait and see.



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niyoko says:

DLNA is also in the Fujitsu IS12T as well, but I never use it. In my time with the phone I haven't seen a person with a TV connected to their network anywhere, or really any situation where it wasn't just easier to show someone the content directly from my phone.  

My TV has NIC built in and runs on a linux kernel, but I never  use it. Does anyone else use DLNA or see it being used by people they know?

algotrash says:

I use dlna on my ps3, to stream media from my NAS. VERY useful.