Nokia Lumia 800 goes up for pre-order in Switzerland for CHF 599

Live in Switzerland? Want to order the Nokia Lumia 800? Then good news as Digitec.ch has it up for pre-order for CHF 599. The only bad news is it's not shipping till mid-January. However, all three colors--black, cyan, and magenta--are available for ordering at least. Other than than, not much else to say outside of get your order on!

Source: Digitec.ch; Thanks, Eric S., for the tip!



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002_CCCP says:

Live in Switzerland? - Nope.Want to order the Nokia Lumia 800? - Yep.Not shipping till mid-January - Oh well.

CreepinJesus says:

As a regular Digitec customer, I can see this price going down, as well as the release date coming forward. They tend to get a lot of imported products from the EU.

a5cent says:

As far as I know Switzerland is not one of Nokia's initial target markets, so the telco's in Switzerland wouldn't be in on this deal. However, as far as I know, OS updates must be provided by telco's over the air. So how would early adopters in Switzerland receive OS udpates?