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Nokia Lumia 825 to boast a 5-inch display and quad-core support? It's plausible.

Nokia Lumia Snapdragon

Nokia has announced and launched the Lumia 625, a new Windows Phone that packs the largest display found on any Nokia Windows Phone. So following on from that mid-range device, rumours have begun circling around that the manufacturer will be looking at releasing a Lumia 825, which is said to be raising the bar by supporting quad-core and a 5.2-inch display. Now, before we begin, take this rumour with a pinch of salt, folks.


GDR3 is on the horizon and will be with us after we get the current wave of updates pushed to consumers. Both quad-core and full HD support are believed to be included, but this device is not going to be 1080p. With a 720p 5.2-inch screen, this would be why the rumoured handset could be the Lumia 825, being mid-range and all. Also, as well as the 720p resolution, the quad-core is said to be the Snapdragon 400, possibly clocked at 1.2GHz. 

What the Lumia 825 could achieve is a premium device at an affordable price point. Emerging markets typically have to deal with low-end specifications to match the cheap price tags, but Nokia could be attempting to raise the bar, continuing efforts that have given us the Lumia 520. It would be exciting to see not only a large Lumia 625, but also a massive mid-range option too.

The beauty of this rumour is that a lot can change between now and when GDR3 is both announced and released. We could well be looking at a late 2013 / early 2014 launch if such a Windows Phone is to be produced by Nokia. Consumers are also looking forward to a "phablet" to be released, but a Lumia 825 (should one ever see the light of day) would indeed be warmly received.

Source: Unwired View, via: dospy; Thanks, SachinJagtap, for the tip!



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index1366 says:

Mockup fail, look at the four circles on the bottom of the upper layer, Crapdroid style. 
Otherwise, nice specs, would love to see them become reality. 

KeegdnaB42 says:

That's a promo image from Qualcomm they photoshopped a WP start screen over. I don't think they expected anyone to think it was actually a mockup

tissotti says:

Just to clarify, it was never meant to represent the device.

Lumia 8x says:

It's from Chinese website... What did you expect?

jlynnm350z says:

Take this comment with a pinch of salt. Wholly cow batman.

agm353 says:

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo

baron1996 says:

Yo yo yo yo yo yo. Yoed you

thegamevg says:

Yo(u) guys make me sad....

Hopefully they wait until they can support 1080p. Even though the difference between 720 and 1080 is minimal to the eye, people seem to clamor to this like it's a deal breaker.

Jf.Vigor says:

Why wait? The 825 can be 720p (cheaper) and the 940 or whatever can be 1080p (more premium)

MikeSo says:

That would be for higher end devices I'm sure.

eortizr says:

I do notice the difference. But thats just me...

ttsoldier says:

It's impossible for the human eye to notice the difference on a 5inch screen. Just saying.

You're wrong. I have a nokia 928 and have no problem seeing the pixels on it. Its a 4.5" screen and 720p. The pixels are definately smaller than my old HTC Arrive, but I can still see them. That means that at 5" 1080p is a requirement or else the pixels will probably be just as big as the HTC Arrive.

111san says:

well its not always about quality but quantity as well...larger resolution means more space to display another row of icons and so on....people with good enough eye sight can make use of the extra info on the screen...many others might just go to settings and make everything bigger and for these people, yes, it shouldn't matter whether its 720p or 1080p.

GizmoEV says:

Impossible? I'm blessed (or cursed) with the ability to see the jaggies on my 920, what makes you think I couldn't see the difference between 720p and 1080p on a larger screen?

ttsoldier says:

lol you guys are funny

Aaron M says:

I'm not going to say its impossible, but I'm mostly with you.  I'm sure plenty of people will say, or at least claim, they can tell the difference.  But for me, the difference from 480p to 720p is so much more perceptible than the difference from 720p to 1080p.  But as another commentor said, release the 825 as 720p to cut costs, but make a premium 940 or whatever with 1080p for the spec nerds.

Bloobed says:

Much of those claims can either be a) looking at the screen from a very small distance, b) seeing jackies in games (which are usually rendered at 480p at best), or c) they actually have a very good eye sight. The fact still stands that most people will not notice a difference between 720p and 1080p from about 30cm away from the eye.

Spedez says:

DId you use magnifying glass? 

tissotti says:

This is 8xx series phone. Same as with 820 and 920.

muderko says:

Yeah, the four circles for the HTC Evo 3D!

blackhawk556 says:

Give 1080p with 8 cores and 128gb or this is a fail!!! /s

SachinJagtap says:

stop kidding please...

jgbstetson says:

And no more than 3 mm thick. I want it to cut my hand when I grab it.

blackhawk556 says:

I want it suck my blood when it cuts me so that it becomes part of me.

CobraJ82 says:

Lol good one

lbaxter says:

It must also make me any coffee drink (hot or iced) I desire without even inputting said request or voicing it aloud. It shall also allow me the ability to fly at sub-sonic speeds. Otherwise, it's crap and I'm going to Android, cuz they make that kind of stuff 10 years ago already good happy yes. Or so I read from the phandroids. :)

blackprince says:

Add a 3D printer to it and I'm sold

mixtnet says:

I should be able to power an electric car with it through USB. Sign me up!

Aaron M says:

1080p is ancient crap that belongs in a museum. They need to make this 4K minimum.

Spedez says:

Why not 4K and 16 cores and 256 or its abysmal"!!!!!E LOLOLOl

DenisSuncity says:

And what? One core for each brain cell?

Aryan Angel says:

It's so beautiful... Only if it wasn't as big as a dinner plate, I'd buy it at the launch day :(

Sam Not Spam says:

Wouldn't a large screen plus the quad kill battery life? The opposite of what's good for emerging markets? I'd just as soon see them give it a built-in solar charger or something actually practical.

Dude, we do have energy, just like you. Cheaper phones are atractive in emerging markets because they are cheap! Here in brazil we have to pay so much tax, that the Lumia 820 would cost three times what you pay for your 920.

Sam Not Spam says:

Sorry, didn't mean to offend. However, everytime I read about emerging markets, I read about how important battery life is. Granted, is Brazil considered "emerging?"

Regardless, i still think that solar charging would be useful, regardless of market. Extend the battery life by supplementing its stand-by life, and have something even when you don't have a charger handy... Not everyone has multiple chargers with them, or forget to bring one, like my mother.

irvin792 says:

*rubs sticks together to charge phone* who needs solar?

Rick Spears says:

This is what happens when you have big socialist governments. I paid like 420 bucks for my Lumia 925. The 1020 that came out isnt really any better except for the camera.
I think the phone companies should NOT allow exclusive deal on carriers. I think Nokia should make the phones work on all carriers or varients that do. This would force the carriers to compete on the actual service they offer.
I am with T-Mobile and for an unlimited 4G/LTE (no data caps) and unlimited talk/text coast to coast plan they are the best 70 bucks a month for everything. Then I add in my discount through my employer LOL...

jsnod25 says:

A 5+ inch device will house a much larger battery to compensate.

Bob Shiska says:

One of the things driving larger devices is actually battery life. Bigger screen = more space for battery, and disproporationately so given that all the other internals stay the same size. Try fitting a big enough battery to power a Snapdragon 800 all day in a 3.5" phone.

JoeDizzle33 says:

Would love to see Nokia do a 5 in phone display, quad core with 1080p when the OS can support that resolution. I have an upgrade next February. Hopefully by then the next wave of Flagship phones are out.

Daakkon says:

I don't understand why they would make a mid-tier phablet? I understand the 1020 just came out, but if they are to compete they better make this have top specs.

aitt says:

Tell that to the Samsung Mega.

ThePKReddy says:

Diversify the portfolio to meet different niches? Samsung isn't selling all S4s..

Tips_y says:

You may not understand it, but from where I sit (emerging market), it's completely easy to understand.

This would be amazing. Keeping fingers crossed

jgbstetson says:

I seriously don't understand the 1080p nonsense.

Graven Pshya says:

Something to brag about. "My screen is 1080p guyzzzzzzzzz!" smh

Dk92 says:

It does make everything look "prettier", but it shouldn't be a factor in deciding which phone you get.

ymcpa says:

I compared the 920 to the S4 and couldn't see the difference. However, when I went to the same websites, my 920 had better image quality. I think that is because the higher res screen makes the low res images on website look even worse. The website pictures on the S4 look blurry while the 920 look fine.

peterfares says:

It makes sense on 5"+ phones. Not on 4.5" which is the biggest Nokia has done.

williog says:

I would love to see a Nokia with a 5 inch display, quad core with 1080p super amoled display, 64gb internal with no external memory card, 41mp camera, 8mm thick and 3500mh battery.

irvin792 says:

I'll take thicker to include wireless charging even!

I don't like amoled. I have a nokia 928 and I see the checkerboard effect all the time and it drives me nuts. I prefer my pixels to be nice crisp squares. Hopefully 1080p @ 5" it won't be as important, but I think it will be. Also the occasional image ghosting is horrible. Fortunately its not permanent yet, but from what I've heard about OLED it will be. LCD is better.

peterfares says:

There are AMOLED panels which aren't PenTile. My Galaxy Note 2 has a 720p RGB 5.5" screen. The Galaxy S3 and S4 have PenTile screens.
There is no reason for the 928 and 1020 to have PenTile screens. Nokia just cheaped out on the screen. They have 4.5" 720p RGB AMOLED screens available, you just have to pay a few bucks more for them. 

Credo93 says:

Come on, don't forget wireless charging, and yes please AMOLED :)

isi mcf says:

Mine all mine!! If its produced of course.

sholokov says:

Look...Windows Phone is eventually going to have four buttons like Android!

a5cent says:

I hope it is not a quad core from the snapdragon 400 series. That would make it the slowest WP8 device to date. If true, it would represent a sell out to the ignorant tech geek crowd... trading actual performance for "better" specs on paper.

dv220s says:

Surprise! It does have the Snapdragon 400. Guess what, the HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo both use the Dual Core Snapdragon 400 (Krait 300 though instead of Cortex A7 like in the quad core versions of the S400)

DJCBS says:

If they could stop producting dinner trays...that'd be great.

That said, this is so fake, it hurts.

Tbonium says:

While a device like this could very well be in development, it wouldn't be called 825. The X25-series is just a small upgrade that completes the lineup of the X20-series. This sounds more like a 930 to me.

I pray that Nokia never makes an 8X0 phone with a screen that large.

poiman says:

I'm waiting for a Galaxy S4 sized Lumia 930 with a 5-5.2' screen, quad core, 12MP OIS PureView camera.

jplunks says:

With WP getting ready with Quad core and 1080p. Would future plans and or updates effect users on 920/1020 owners? reason i ask is im looking to get the 1020 but currently using a used 920. But i dont wnat to use my upgrade on hardware that would not be "compatible", ie wp 7.8 vs wp8 type of things

Jefe32 says:

I don't think they are looking to redo the whole mobile OS again. The WP8 kernel is based on the Windows 8/RT kernel. They are all about the unified systems going forward now.

peterfares says:

Multiple screen resolutions isn't an issue. WP8 already supports 3 resolutions at three different scale factors. What's a 4th resolution and 4th scale factor? The new resolution (1080p) will be the same aspect ratio as an existing (720p) so unupdated apps will work just like they do on a 720p screen, though any bitmaps might get a little blurry until they get updated. 

Rich White says:

Next month we should know the new positioning of the 820 and 920 replacements for the Holiday season. I expect the specs will match the US Galaxy 4.

ejlee072006 says:

Where is the 6 inch??

sip1995 says:

Nokia phablet with full resolution maybe for next year :)

uselessrobot says:

I've long since lost track of what any of the numbers under the Lumia line are supposed to represent. I thought the 8-series was high-end but smaller than the 9-series phones. So now the 825 is going to be the bigger phone even though it's mid-range. Isn't the 720 the mid-range model? I thought the 620 was also mid-range, but I guess it can't be if it's got the same specs as the entry-level 520. But then the 625 got the biggest screen of the entire lineup and a faster CPU than the 720. But just to confuse you it's still running the same resolution as the 820.

On top of it all, unless the information is all wrong, the 825 comes with a CPU that offers lower performance than the 820. The Adreno 305 is a successor to the 205, not the 225. It's a chipset with battery life, not graphics performance, in mind and posted benchmarks reflect that. But apparently it's being paired to a larger screen? Will it run at the same resolution? It's going to be interesting to see people replace their 820 and encounter worse gaming performance. Nokia couldn't have decided that WP gaming is a lost cause, could they?

jwdaigle says:

+825 I am just as stymied. The numbering scheme is more or less random at this point:-) so what would the 725s specs be?
And please Nokia please, make a phone under 4.5" that is feature rich. I refuse to hold dinner plates up to my ear in public!

Tips_y says:

If the specs for the next iteration of the 8xx as stated in the article come about, it probably means the next iteration of the 920/925/928 series will also come with bigger screens and an even higher specs than  those stated in the article for the 8xx. Which could also mean that when the next iteration of the 7xx comes,it will also come in bigger screen than the present 720, higher specs, but lower than those of 825 in the article.

^ This
I thought 4.3" and 4.5" are the ideal screen sizes, and I'm hoping Nokia doesn't abandon it.

discohaze says:

If the 825 will be 5.2 inches, will the next 9xx be that size or bigger? I hope not.... 4.5 is a pretty good size for me.

peterfares says:

4.5 is to miniscule for me. I'd like to use my 920 more but the screen is just too damn small. Hopefully they have high end options available at multiple sizes, but if they're only going to go for one make it 5"+

gevabar says:

Each company should only make 3 phones and be the best at that......for Nokia it should be 520, 925,and 1020 the rest confuses the consumers....

MrSimmix says:

And for apple? IPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5?

Tips_y says:

There's a hole between the 925 and 520. It makes great sense for Nokia's strategy in emerging markets to hit different price points. I'm glad you're not Elop, or you'd have driven the company down to the ground already. The reason Samsung is so successful is because they hit all segments of the market, from high-end to the very low, crappy end of Droiddom.

whatsapp just updated to version 2.11.59
looks hella fast on my lumia 620 :D 

MrSimmix says:

So wait, does my 920 support 1080p videos since it doesn't have a 1080p display?

pikablu0530 says:

I'd give the rum-o-meter an even lower rating. Not sure if you can read Chinese or not, but the source dospy had been making up fake stories about Nokia and Windows Phone numerous times. Further, in the source article (in Chinese) it actually says "according to overseas media, ...." without linking to what these source mediums are (and I've searched and there is none).

Tips_y says:

The story might be fake but the general idea of bigger phones with higher specs is just in the horizon for WP8 so those things are coming. After all, the WP8 OS is still evolving and getting better. Things may not happen exactly as in the rumor, but they are coming.

sip1995 says:

Big screens the old rumours about Nokia phablet with 6 inches display is TRUE.

This Christmas might be taxing on my wallet. XBox One, Nokia Phablet & 2nd Gen Surface Tablet. Factor in XBox One Games and I'm looking at $1000 easy. Good Times.

SleepyTheDon says:

I truly hope this is a rumor if this is not a flagship device. How are we to differentiate if 9XX was and the 1020 is. Nokia what's the deal?

Tips_y says:

Fake or not, I truly hope the rumor is true because it could mean only one thing: The flagship device would come with even better specs than those in the story for the 825! I'm stoked!

TheNexxuvas says:

So many penis jokes in this thread, so little time.

MDak280 says:

If this is true, it could be a good competitor for the iPhone 5C. I think Nokia should price it below $350 if this device will be released.

Tips_y says:

Good point!

T Moore says:

My MS son says quad-core Windodws Phone will be here at the end of this year.

Tips_y says:

Yes, with GDR3 coming, I'm sure bigger phones with quad-cores and Full HD screens are just around the corner!

crazygonzo says:

I expect 825 (and maybe 525) to be announced in September/October, why would a 5" inch Lumia be far away ? And we could argue that 625 is a solid mid range device with that price point, I think a small price drop would be nice for 625, 720 if they want to offer a tempting affordable alternative.

louis6 says:


Arjun KR says:

well you can't consider 82x as mid range phones :-/ 23,000 Rs is too much to be called as affordable

AlexanderJJJ says:

I hope this is not true. I don't really like phones over 5' inches. They just get to big and weird to hold in the hand. Hope the next flagship is 4.7 - 5'. Maybe 4.5 for the mid-range.

crazygonzo says:

Yeah, I don't understand them exactly either. It's to big to keep it comfortably in your pocket and to call it a phone but at the same time it's to small to call it a tablet.

Duffau says:

Weren't we told that there already was a lumia 825, which was simply boring and not available. It was supposedly the one used to make the wall of WPs at some event.

bryantest says:

I find the rumor weird
Just odd that rumors about a midrange deviced came out...usually the first rumor about a next-gen smartphone is usually  about the flagship device. 

seems fake. the image showing four buttons like an Android. Fail rumor

ling520 says:

black and decker toaster oven white Black & Decker CTO4300W Perfect Broil Countertop Oven, White

Would definitely buy this if it has 16GB or more internal memory. my 820's 8GB internal is very very limiting.