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AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 'Beautifully Different' advertisement [Video]

The Lumia 900 AT&T 4G Windows Phone has been spotted in an advertisement that we've not yet come across. What makes this different than the countless other videos we've already covered? It's a unique approach to show off the award winning polycarbonate design, with an emphasis on being "beautifully different" when compared to other handsets. This seems to be the new tag-line for the flagship phone as AT&T is also using it on their webpage for the device.

The AT&T 4G Windows Phone is set to launch on April 9th in retail stores, where consumers will finally be able to pick up their own Lumia 900. Nokia and the U.S. carrier are prepping everything for the release, so we expect the dates to be relatively accurate for early April.

Source: YouTube; thanks Ellis for the heads up!



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erzhik says:

Finally the ads are starting to roll out.. About freaking time.

Sarang68 says:

This one is fantabulous.. Just the phone. Nothing else

Ninja1043 says:

This (Video) advertisement is available at the "Coming soon page" from ATT that was posted hours ago. It's better quality for those who would like to see it!

Sarang68 says:

Thanks will check it out

jfa1 says:

Its a great start.  Get it out all over America  and  lets hope that ATT has stockpiled a boatload and a half,  I hope I can get one sometime in April a bit earlier than May 6.

EAA575 says:

Just saw that yesterday on the teaser page. Really impressed :)

Residing says:

It's nice.  Need a better close up of the 'Carl Zeiss' branding though.  Where are the Amazing Everyday tiles? :)

bonecrusher says:

What ever happened to Apple's "Think Different" ad campaign?   They used to show it all the time when few people were buying their products.

Apples ad campaign would hit the truth if it said: Be like everybody else, don't waste your time on thinking... Be like us:) The latest podcast from the Verge had a great comment about Apples next move: we're done here and will be leaving this planet all together:)

jabtano says:

Yes good job.about time

invertme says:

I like that ad. Simple, clean and shows how beautiful the 900 is.

mrolympia74 says:

They should seriously air this on American Idol. I see at&t sponsors it. They should have a giveaway for the contestants as well. Just like they did on X factor. Millions of people watch that show. They should bombard the crap out of it with ads

mrolympia74 says:

I hope they have some insane advertisements prepared for the Olympics

aleclunsford says:

This will not sell any phones, period. They need to make windows phone seem cool so that friends and family will be talking about it. I am completely unimpressed nothing new here.

I agree, they need to emphasize the live tiles and people having fun using what only windows phone can do like the Facebook tile flipping random pics, sports score tile giving live updates, weather tile .... ECT then finish with a super sexy model woman or man slipping the SEXY phone in purse or pocket

DavidinCT says:

What a sexy phone....Man I wish Verizon would get this phone... I am very, VERY tempted to leave Verizon for this phone (Not in a contract but, I will lose my unlimited data)....

lorettaboy says:

Is at&t not releasing the 900 in white?