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Nokia Lumia 900 listed on Amazon.com UK, Clove drops their price a bit

Nokia Lumia 900 listed at Amazon UK

While the Nokia Lumia 900's release in the U.K. has been slightly delayed, we're seeing signs that the May 14th date is holding firm. The black Lumia 900 has popped up on Amazon.co.uk for pre-order. The Windows Phone is being offered Sim-free for £479.99 (about $780 USD). The cyan or white models of the Lumia 900 are not listed.

The shipping information notes that the Lumia 900 is due to be released on May 14, 2012.  We're not sure if the phones will ship on the 14th but delivery in the U.K. is free with Amazon's Super Saver Delivery. 

Lumia 900 at Amazon UK

Amazon U.K. joins Clove in offering the Nokia Lumia 900 for pre-orders. Clove's pre-order price for the unlocked Windows Phone is a little more attractive at £458.40 (about $745 USD) which is down from the original price of £486. Clove is still indicating the first stock of the Lumia 900's is expected on May 16, 2012.

Originally slated for a April 27th release in the U.K., the Nokia Lumia 900 was pushed back to May 14th due to high demand in the North American markets. While delays are never comfortable with consumers, for those waiting patiently for the Lumia 900 we think you'll find the new Windows Phone was well worth the wait.


Reader comments

Nokia Lumia 900 listed on Amazon.com UK, Clove drops their price a bit


I caved and purchased the last white L900 at our local ATT. Piaget would have been disappointed in my inability to delay gratification. That being said, way cooler than my Titan and fits better in the hand....

I checked it out today for the first time. I honestly don't know what the big deal is with the hardware and design. Girlfriend was all set to get it, but it was too big and didn't feel good in her hand. Too bad the 800 wasn't available. It would've been perfect for her.

I caved and purchased the last white L900 at our local ATT. Piaget would have been disappointed in my inability to delay gratification. That being said, way cooler than my Titan and fits better in the hand....

It may be helpful to indicate that these prices actually include VAT. For those of us outside the UK, we get to pay a much lower price.

But still, pretty hefty prices over there, just wow. As stunning as it is I really don't know if I would buy one for $700+

The white 900 is exclusive to phones4u and no one has mentioned the cyan yet. The pricing is in HTC One territory which makes it hard to swallow considering the difference in specs.

Actually I've just checked and the One X is £449.99 on Amazon so it's crazy to get a L900 for more than that, specially since there's no guarantee it will get WP8. I might just go for an original Titan instead, nicely priced at £284.99

I don't think that's true, I remember reading an Article where another company was saying they would get White and Black matte for launch. 

I think some ebay reseller was taking preorders for the white L900 but otherwise it's a phones4u exclusive just like the L800.

George, it doesn't make sense converting the Clove price into USD because people outside UK (and the Euro Region at least) don't pay that VAT Price. It should technically only be $624 USD because that's the price most people will play (before delivery costs). 

Delivery costs and import duty, which usually pushes the price up to the same amount roughly anyway.

That's not the point! He's calculating from European prices. For instances, to Australia it's like 398 pounds + 25 for delivery. No import taxes. 

As well people who have imported from Clove to the usa have said they never paid taxes. It's more like $630 USD. 

I'll skip it, at this stage we are maybe eight months out of seeing or finding out what windows 8 phones will be like. 

The Lumia 900 is a great phone, I love the phone and the WP7 OS. I have a plan on upgrading to WP8 if it's all that, but I'd have gotten it anyway...

At this price specs matter, your answer is just another nonsense you read from fanboys. This is not like paying $99 with AT&T, this is about paying more for this phone than for a One X and it's not even future proof.

I'm in beijing and I much prefer the 800 to the 900. It feels better and is better in th pocket. Who wants to buy my 900? $300

Although Nokia lumia 900 is a spectacular phone, is just overpriced in UK  and i dont think will have possibilities vs the competitors unless they drop down their price. Nokia should come back to their senses if they want to make a come back in the mobility world.

It's pretty cool that these companies are lowering their prices, even if it is only a little bit. Still, that is a lot of money for a phone but I guess that is just a sign of the times these days.

Ugh.. Why doesn't Amazon.COM have the Lumia 900 unlocked... That's what I've been wanting for a while because it's the only place I order from. [I don't live in US, but have a system where I get things shipped to me through there. Last time I ordered from .co.uk they charged heftily]