Nokia Lumia 800 makes a cameo in M83's latest video

Besides Flo Ridia (who digs the Lumia 900) it looks like French act M83 also has a hankering for the glossy-white Nokia Lumia 800. The phone makes a brief appearance in the new video for "Reunion" and while the cameo is not as involved as Flo Rida's, the phone is still clearly displayed for a few moments before the bald gent grabs it.

Though clearly not a full on commercial, it's still nice to see the Lumia 800 seeping into pop culture in these short, almost hidden appearances. Plus M83 is pretty good (though we still like their earlier work better, ahem).

M83 Reunion video

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Stuart A., for the tip



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Cartman says:

Looks more like the 800

Yeah, meant to write that. Just woke up ;-) Corrected.

Lol I just checked the article again to watch the video and I seen 800 so I went to the site and saw it again I thought I was seeing thing until I read that u changed it lol

xirsteon says:

Daniel, would you mind reviewing Social Artist app? There seem to be alot of pple wanting Draw Something but I think Social Artist will fill in the gap just fine. Thx

Alwares says:

My 2 favourite thing in one video. <3

Btw in Flo Rida's Wild Ones track they also using WP7 for tweeting.

That's the 800 lol

madogmoody says:

Nokia Drive App also makes an appearance at the 00:47 second mark!!!!! :)

mancae90 says:

Besides the call is also used as a navigator. It's Nokia Drive at 0:46 second.

Avalandiel says:

Did anyone else notice that when Nokia Drive makes an appearance at the 00:47 second mark, the street name is "Adam Yauch Ave". Maybe a tribute to the Bestie Boys Co-Founder who died recently?

laserfloyd says:

Noticed that too.  Nice!