Nokia Lumia 920, 820 spotted heading through FCC

Lumia 820 920

The Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 Windows Phones that are heading to AT&T have been given the green light over at FCC and are well on their way to Microsoft's launch party. It's always a quiet buzz when our dear handsets pass through the agency, which provides us with a slight reminder on where Windows Phones are heading and more.

FCC reveals the Lumia 920 supporting both the 700MHz LTE and the AWS-based LTE bands available for AT&T, with the latter also being used by carriers in Canada - think Rogers. The Nokia Lumia 820 on the other hand is limited to AT&T for LTE connectivity, while the Lumia 810 will be deployed exclusively by T-Mobile.

Nokia Lumia 820 920 FCC

The Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, both 'exclusive' to AT&T in the US, have been confirmed to be launching shortly after Microsoft's Windows Phone event later this month. The former is set to be available on November 4th, while the younger sibling is expected the also be brought along for the ride.

Source: FCC (1 / 2), via: Engadget



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rocky 710 says:

Hello Edmonds any news or rumors regarding the wp7.8 update to existing WP devices

Rich Edmonds says:

Not just yet, be sure to remain on standby for more information at later dates.

wallpaper_01 says:

Do you know if this phone will work on the Three network in the UK?

Divination says:

I asked a store rep if they're gonna stock the 920, he said it is very unlikely. Dunno if that helps.

ctafield says:

It should work fine on Three... But yeah, thery're not stocking them. Just the HTC 8S, 8X, and Samsung ATIV-S... I assume that's due to the exclusivity deal for EE.

wallpaper_01 says:

Ah ok cool, not too fussed about LTE to be honest, H works fast enough for me on a phone at the moment, just as long as it still works!

ebradley says:

It is about time. The next couple of weeks is going to be fun.

Nitaino says:

Do you know if AT&T AWS 1700/2100 LTE bands will fully compatible with T-Mobile USA 1700/2100 LTE bands?

wpguy says:

In another recent story, Daniel confirmed with Nokia no support for T-Mobile's 1700 frequency, even on the international version of the phones. You will not get high speed data until the T-Mobile network in your area has been upgraded/refarmed.

theefman says:

It supposedly should, tmo has said their network would allow this, whether it turns out to be true remains to be confirmed.

lippidp says:

I wonder if the reason why they haven't yet given release dates is due to this FCC approval process.

chucky78 says:

What do you mean by AWS based LTE band? Is that compatible with T-Mobile?

chad08er says:

T Mobile does not have LTE.

Adiliyo says:

it's so close i can almost taste it!
it tastes very cyan-ey.