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Nokia's Lumia 920 PureView camera shows off Vienna at night

Lumia 920 Vienna

We're already aware of just how effective the camera on the Lumia 920 is, but here are some shots taken by Fabian Pimminger in Vienna, Austria. Yes, they look that good. Now we understand that a fairly expensive camera will take just as good (if not better) shots, but we're talking about a Windows Phone here. You know, a device that you use for making calls and playing some Angry Birds when work becomes rather boring.

We're glad Fabian decided to share his awesome snaps with the rest of the world. Here are a few more:

Lumia 920 ienna

Lumia 920 Vienna

Be sure to head on over to Fabian's collection of shots for more eye candy. With all the magic Nokia is creating with its optics technology, we're getting rather excited about the upcoming EOS Windows Phone.



There are 19 comments. Sign in to comment

xRiceyx says:

Great pictures. Do that on your iPhone/Galaxy!

DJCBS says:

Gorgeous also helps that Vienna is the most beautiful city in the that's kind of cheating XD

bb_gonzo says:

I thought the same thing. Although there would even be more beautifull locations in Vienna the photos are great. I am always happy when my favourite OS snaps pics of my favourite city.

i_am_fabs says:

Thanks for featuring my pictures. :-)
Btw. they are all shot using the absolutely awesome ProShot App.

111san says:

nice....did you use any sort of tripod or were they all just handheld photos with no attachments on phone of any kind? also how has your experience been with the phone in day light conditions? thanks.

riccardo56 says:

I am interested in getting one of those portable tripods for cell phones. Anyone can suggest any model?

Sean Maloney says:

I like having a great camera phone, because unlike my dedicated camera, my phone is always with me.  So I wanted a tri-pod that would also be always with me.

I found this keychain-tripod and am really happy with it:
You'll need to buy a 5/8" keyring, which can be found at any hardware store for around 25 cents.

i_am_fabs says:

Hi, yeah. I've a custom made GoPro-Case for the Lumia which can be used together with a tripod:
It's easier to get such beautiful photos with a tripod :-)

wsantiago says:

Awesome photos

aaa6112 says:

Stunning photos Fabian!

DId you use Auto or manual settings? - If yes, what were they? Great Shots though!

Man those are awesome! I wish Verizon had the 920...wait a minute...they have a 928!! 
I still want vibrant colors besides black and color however.

LaNiQuE says:

The sky looks amazing in that last shot! remember when taken pictures of the sky at night use to be impossible

Ok, now I'm really jonesing for the new EOS...sigh...


Spedez says:

Very nice!

how1ard says:

Are we EVER going to see some pictures taken in the day?! We get it low light it's impressive but when is it going to be equally impressive in the day? Because at the moment it just isn't.

JammyGitz says:

What settings was this on?