Nokia Lumia 920T spotted with China Mobile logo

WP Central Nokia Lumia 920T Spotted with China Mobile logo

We reported the other day on the appearance of the Lumia 920T that looks bound to China Mobile’s network. Looks like there is more evidence of the device as this photo is sporting the operator logo also.

The device, which is rumoured to be released in November will please many who are keen to get their hands on Nokias flagship Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 handset in China. The device packs the required electronics to work properly. So its actually using the Qualcomm MSM8690/8260A hardware which we understand will allow it to operate successfully on China Mobiles TD-SCDMA (GSM) standard.

Nokia has been doing rather well in the pre orders of the Lumia 920 in France and Italy and with the Q3 results set for release today we’re sure Nokia will be glad to report their flagship device is ready to hit China. Nokia have seen good results in that region and we hope to find out more later in the day as to how that has continued.

WP Central WP Central Nokia Lumia 920T Spotted with China Mobile logo

Just like any other variant of the 920, the device rumoured to be heading to the Chinese market packs all the same technology and specs. The only differences will be some region specific apps and of course the ability to use their network standard. Nokia are keen to compete strongly in China and will no doubt be hoping that sales of the 920 will see a marked turn around in their fortunes. The 920 packs the best camera on the market, it remains to be seen if they can take advantage of this to boost sales. From what we have seen with pre-orders they might already be on the right track.

Have you pre-ordered your Lumia 920? Have you even decided what model you’re going to get? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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ctafield says:

Is that top photo for real? Doesn't even look so much like a photoshop job, but more of an MS Paint job!

No kidding. I find it very peculiar.

Duh... Sold dead hardware, new hardware coming... Next quarter will rock!


czk9527 says:

The logo is pretty cool, huh?

inteller says:

wish the ATT logo could be that small.

jcagga says:

Am I the only one who thinks orange has the coolest logo??

jerrynomenon says:

it is pretty Cool as the logo itself is a Tile! Matchs well with metro ui. :)