Nokia Lumia 925 featured in Microsoft Germany advertisement

Microsoft Germany has uploaded the above video on its YouTube channel, showing off the upcoming Lumia 925. The latest flagship from Nokia has just been released in the German market and will be heading to other markets in the coming months, but it's good to see advertising already kicking off.

What's highlighted in the video? Why, the incredible low-light optics, of course. Microsoft is sure to promote Nokia's advances in photography and it's really effective in getting the message across - Windows Phones are high-end and can even be used successfuly at concerts as well as other points of interest.

Source: YouTube



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I have the 920( the fourth replacement) due to battery issues, I really think that I may jump into the 925 since it is light her and with a bit a aluminum body. I really like my cyan 920 but I see the 925 has a good option especially with the unlimited LTE speed from TMobile. 3G really limits how I want to use the phone.

Manafest says:

my 920 is having tomorrow the 7th replacment. I don´t know what they´re always doing. (Germany)

giorgio h says:

7th? wtf???????

DaSchnee says:

After 7 replacements maybe you should start to think about what you are doing...

Whodaboss says:

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Manafest says:

it is not my fault, thats what they said. but i´m always getting dust under my display and i don´t know why. They sent me 2 times a broken device and once with dust under the display. What should i do ? 

The good thing is, they need 3-5 days to send me a new L920 :) 

Nahaz67 says:

Nokia offers a Dust modification to the screen now. If it's just dust then get this done to your phone ASAP

Spedez says:

Are you trolling Nokia?

Nimdock says:

My girlfriend needs a new phone. I wish t-mobile USA wasn't so slow to do things. This would be perfect and because it is not available she may end up jumping to an iPhone. @#$%^&

uselessrobot says:

I'm still trying to figure out why that jerk poured milk all over himself.

ejlee072006 says:

Ok I thought that was 928 ad. Either way nice commercial...

Otto Gunter says:

Been seeing that commercial here in Canada too...

redtidal says:

Is it the same as the one for Verizon 928?  You only see the front part of the phone through out the commerical, hard to tell the exact model. 

Swore this was the US 928 commercial.

Fhotoroom says:

We have to point out that we are on the home screen at the end, seeing stuff like that is just really cool for a developer. Thank you Microsoft Germany!

Nahaz67 says:

Either the advertisement is wrong or the German Lumia 925 got a 16GB upgrade. There is hope for us yet.

klcow says:

In europe, only Vodafone has the exclusive 32GB version. The ad was advertising the vodafone "version"

taekkwon says:

Moving the speakers to the rear and usb connection to the top and not having wireless charging built-in are bad design and hardware choices... if you have a 920, keep it.