Verizon's Nokia Lumia 929 goes on sale early in China

Lumia 929

We’re sure many of you are waiting patiently for the official announcement of the Nokia Lumia 929. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can skip the announcement and buy the device already. It’s not that easy, though. You’ll have to buy it from TaoBao, a very popular online marketplace in China. The seller claims to have imported the devices.

What do we know about the Nokia Lumia 929 so far? We revealed its specs back in November:

Nokia Lumia 929 Specifications

  • Qualcomm Quad-core Snapdragon 800 at 2.2 GHz
  • 5 inch AMOLED display, 1080 x 1920
  • 2 GB of RAM; 32 GB of internal storage (no micro SD)
  • 20 MP PureView rear camera with oversampling (16 MP + 5 MP photos); Front facing camera
  • Dual LED flash
  • NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Qi wireless charging
  • FM Radio
  • At least three HAAC microphones
  • Data Sense, NFL Mobile, Verizon Tones, VZ Navigator, My Verizon Mobile, Nokia StoryTeller, Nokia Screen Beamer
  • Available colors: glossy white or matte black

Nokia Lumia 929

There’s still no official word from Nokia or Verizon about the Lumia 929, so anything mentioned above can still be changed. We’ve seen the specs and we’ve seen the photos. What’s the hold up?

We have asked around at CES 2014, but Nokia and Microsoft were keeping quiet. We did, however, find an accessory for the unannounced device. A case for the Nokia Lumia 929 was on display by Incipio. It was labeled, “compatible with Nokia Lumia ICON,” which reinforces rumors we’ve heard that the Lumia 929 will be the first Lumia to ditch the number designation. Instead of being the Nokia Lumia 929, it could be known as the Lumia Icon.

If you feel like you need to get the Nokia Lumia 929 or Icon right now, this could be a great opportunity. We’d still be cautious, though. Are you tempted to buy it early? Let us know in the comments!

Source: TaoBao; Via: PhoneArena

Thanks for the tip, doeboiO!



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J4rrod says:

This is my dream phone.

Jefe32 says:

I wonder if it is going to be called Lumia 929 for the world and Lumia Icon for Verizon.

Tips_y says:

Or maybe the other way around? The Lumia 929 makes sense only within Verizon so maybe it could be called that in Verizon and Lumia Icon everywhere else? I don't know.

snowmutt says:

...and mine.  Excellent.  Perfect.  I may want a red or Matte white instead of glossy, but otherwise I am infatuated, excited, pumped, and ready to buy.


Oh, wait, I am on AT&T.


*pops open bottle, begins to drink heavily out of depression*

Acbuono5 says:

Im personally excited to see what microkia or nokiasoft (the latter sounds better but the first one makes more sense since Microsoft bought Nokia.) comes up with for the holiday season when my contract for my 920 with att is up. I don't want to get a 6" plus phone so im hoping they make the 930 or 940 4.5 inches again...all metal, thinner, lighter, 1080p, 2gb, etc

Stop it, just stop it, all of that microkia stuff....slam the break on it, throw it on reverse. its Microsoft thats it. MS bought nokia, they didnt merge... you just described an iphone chasis, android specs, with WP8 OS

Tips_y says:

They havn't done 4.5", 1080p, and 2GB RAM yet so that would make it the most "innovative" iPhone yet... sorry, the most innovative smartphone ever yet invented. LOL!

DJCBS says:

Microsoft didn't even buy Nokia. They just hired Nokia employees. In the end, all that Microsoft did was go to Nokia and hire the employees that composed their D&S division.

rodneyej says:

Microsoft isn't buying Nokia.. Where did you get that idea❔

TallAssRob says:

Have you been under a rock for the last 4 months or is this a joke? The deal is expected to be final over the coming weeks.

DJCBS says:

I would recommend you to go read the deal to better understand what MS is buying. It isn't entirely your fault though. The writers here at WPCentral are also to blame for having repeated that same error a couple of times. Still...

TallAssRob says:

I know that they aren't acquiring the entire company. Just the devices & services devision.

But when someone makes a statement like the above it sounds like they are completely unaware of the deal, not nitpicking over the details of it.

Your assessment above isn't exactly on target either.
Bottom line is, very soon you'll have to get your new gold iPhone or Sony Android.

Shawn Magm says:

Don't Verizon phones work on GSM networks as well, although I realize that they use CDMA technology? I remember reading that Verizon phones will work on AT&T, TMobile, etc.

ballanda says:

My 928 worked fine on StraightTalk.  Verizon SIM's dont work on GSM phones though.  VZW are nazis about what phones are allowed on their netork, but you can take them out pretty easily.

Groover1971 says:

I'm not completely sure but I think I read that most, if not all of Verizon's smartphones are 'world phones'. I know my Lumia 822 was listed as such. I really like the specs for the 929 "Icon". The only things that I would ask for is expandable memory and a removable battery. Those are two of the things that led me to get the Lumia 822 in the first place.

theonedunn says:

Lmao! Nice ender!

Eric_J says:

A manufacturer will not use an all metal body and enable wireless charging. They don't want someone to claim they've been burned. I would rather have wireless charging than an all metal body. I'm 100% sure it won't be metal.

Vmac71 says:

Nokia 1520 is the better version on ATT 32gig w/micro SD support. I saw it Friday, and I really wanted that phone. It is very beautiful in person. But, I will have to wait nearly a year for an upgrade. The good thing is that there will be something equally nice, if not better by then.

I'm desperately waiting on the Nokia Lumia 1520 (RM 938) for T-Mobile USA or Rogers Canada launching in April.
32G, 6in Screen, 4G LTE plus the optional 64G SD Card.
Truly the best phone I've ever see.
So enjoy the Lumia Icon, I'm waiting for the Lumia Titan.

rodneyej says:

No you don't have to wait.. Just go into the store and find a really good experienced associate.. They can do things to get you into that phone.. It worked for me...

Burlit says:

Say Whuuut?  A Microsoft rep told us last night that the Verizon stores were ordered to SEND BACK the Icons (that was after they'd already started selling them)!  What part of the country are you in?

John20212 says:

It would be a great phone if it had microSD like the 1520. Without it it's just way too limited.



Duduosf says:

Dream phone = all these specs inside of the 925's body. I'd spend anything on it!

nanddeep333 says:

My Dream phone was L925 but nokia mess up with storage with just 16GB without expansion storage with SD card :(

Yea... Why don't we get it in Europe :(. It is like the 1520 but not that big. Perfect for me. :/

Cellus13 says:

I wish they made variants more appealing. The variants aren't ugly they just seem so generic. The only variant that is appealing is the 521 and the 505. For those of you who can't remember the 505 is a Lumia for south America.

Tips_y says:

It's in the eye of the beholder... I like how Lumia 929/Icon looks actually, except maybe for the thickness. Also, the most appealing variant to me is the 925, not the 521 nor 505.

Cellus13 says:

I agree that the 925 is the most appealing, I actually forget the 925 is a variant due to its beautiful design. I do think the 928 and 929 would look better thinner. Phones with plain designs do look better thinner. I mean imagine a thick s4. It wouldn't looks right...

erzhik says:

Verizon is really afraid of colors it seems...

rodneyej says:

But, why❔ That is the question❕

DJCBS says:

If it's like here, colours don't sell that well. Verizon is not alone on that policy. Carriers here also never offer any colours apart from black and white. Because there's not enough demand for them.

rodneyej says:

Yeah, but that's quickly changing, or doesn't really apply anymore... Especially with what Apple is doing now,, which makes Nokia look sad.... Why doesn't Microkia show the public their strong point's, bragg a little❔

DJCBS says:

No. Just no. There's NO "Microkia". In the near future there's Microsoft and that's it. Nokia D&S employees will be Microsoft employees and that's it. Microsoft bought people and tools. Much like anyone buys nails and wood to build a table at home from a retailer. ;)

As for the colours...I wouldn't say they're really that much of a deal. The iPhone 5S, available only on more traditional colours, still sells much better than the 5c (honestly, why would someone buy a 5c instead of a 5s? To spare 100€/$?). If anything, the "gold" stuff is the latest fad, judging by the huge (unpredicted) demand for the iPhone 5S and now the HTC One Gold.

Nokia has always bragged on their camera technology. That's been Nokia's stronger selling point because their quality construction standards are pretty much established by now and are myth material (and no, that myth will not transfer to Microsoft. It doesn't work that way =P)

Microsoft will have to see what the strong points of their phones will be and sell them on that. Like they do on the Surface. So if Microsoft focus, for example, in the One Experience, they'll put the emphasis on that. If they were hadn't neglected the Xbox-Live games etc, they could focus on the Xbox features.
Only time will tell in what will Microsoft focus their phones. I don't expect them to focus on the cameras anymore though. 2 reasons: 1st - Microsoft has zero knowledge or tradition of camera tech. They can license the tech from Nokia but then; 2nd - if they indeed want to bring Sony over to WP, camera tech is Sony's strong sale point along the PS features. So if Sony produces a WP, surely MS will leave the camera stuff to them. Besides, Nokia's patents can be licensed to anyone. Sony can license PureView if they wish. Or Samsung. Or whomever wishes. So the camera tech that Nokia has will not be exclusive to MS. Actually, it will cease to be exclusive to WP so I'm not sure MS will want to try and focus their phones on camera tech that can be used by Android and iOS phones in the future.

Tips_y says:

Anything to make you feel better... by the way, so when are you moving on to the Z1 and/or the 5S?!! Can't wait to see you go finally after threatening to do so several times!

DJCBS says:

When will you bring me the photo of the front of the TGV in movement taken by yourself? You bring it and I'll go.

Remember MS has exclusive deals on all Nokia parents for at least 5 years

DJCBS says:

Actually you're wrong. Microsoft is licensing Nokia's patents NON-exclusively for 10 years. So Nokia will be licensing them patents...but also to anyone who wants to license them from them.

Zulfigar says:

Microkia Microkia Microkia Microkia Microkia Microkia Microkia Microkia Microkia
Nokiasoft Nokiasoft Nokiasoft Nokiasoft Nokiasoft Nokiasoft Nokiasoft Nokiasoft Nokiasoft

toscrawford says:

We all know it won't be Microkia, that would be silly. It will be Microlumia. Compared with Windows 8 and RT, the Lumia line is the only one to get it right.

MarineDawg says:

PS features?  Post script?

b23h says:

I love my red 920....

korhoden says:

Well I wanted to get the matte yellow at the MS store, but they didn't have it. And I wasn't gonna get the dirt-trap white or lipstick red, so I'm stuck with black.

sectime says:

Too liberal for Verizon :)

Groover1971 says:

You may be right about that. The Lumia 822 was originally sold in stores with only the black and white versions available on hand. The grey version was available for order and the red version was offered later down the road. Ten months later, they were all gone.

rodneyej says:

OMG❕... It's happening❕❕❕❕❕
This really is the beginning of the next chapter of WP❕

lubbalots says:

Only if rumors of the 1525 and 1820 are true.

Zulfigar says:

Little hint, WPC hasn't reported on the rumor, so kind of doubting its true... At least this close after the 1520's release. Maybe later this year (quarter 4 to be specific). Wishful thinking though, and maybe then it'll be true!

DJCBS says:

Hold your horses, Rod. I was under the impression the "next chapter" would only start with 8.1 and the first non-Nokia MS WP?
If anything, this may be the final chapter in Nokia with WP8 history.

rodneyej says:

Ok.. I kinda understood that.. You're going to have to take it really slow with me today because I had a lot to drink last night... So, I understand you're first part, and I agree with you.. But you lost me on the last part.. Come again❔

DJCBS says:

LOL ok. Watch out for the liver, though ;P

The last part is simple: the sale of Nokia's D&S employees to Microsoft is basically closed. So the L929 stands likely as the last Nokia phone to be produced by Nokia. Unless the first batch of 8.1 phones (Goldfinger, Moneypenny etc) are still released under the Nokia banner (the deal between MS/Nokia has no mention as to if phones being produced at the time of the closing of the deal can still be released by Nokia or if they fall already under the no-Nokia-phones until December 2015 rule), the L929 will be the last. As those phones are expected to come with 8.1 already, the L929 is the last phone to come from independent Nokia with WP8.

HansTj says:

Hi DJCBS, high five!

sip1995 says:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I read that at the Q4 financial report Nokia will set devices & services as discontinued......so Nokia has the time to release definitely 5+ new phones.

DJCBS says:

If they release them at MWC, maybe. But that "discontinued" think is leading to believe that the deal is basically closed. So, if they hold until April for 8.1 as Daniel believes, it's more than likely that those phones won't be released by Nokia anymore but by Microsoft itself.

AR2186 says:

Discontinued doesnt mean anything other than for accounting purposes. To imply that the deal is close to closing because it has been classified as discontinued doesnt make sense, and in fact they probably should have classified it that way after Q3. Companies classify businesses as discontinued when they have made the decision to sell or wind down the business.

ttarbuck says:

Is this phone going to be available outside of the us or is it just a us carrier variant?

Chef316 says:

China IS outside of the US

ttarbuck says:

Yeah, but it's not 'officially' available in China.

DJCBS says:

This phone is US-exclusive. Which doesn't mean it can't have an international variant of the phone. Latest rumour talks about a 1520 mini.

rodneyej says:

You think the 1525 is the mini❔

DJCBS says:

Could be. I don't think they'll be calling it really 1520 mini or 1520V. The numbering system will not be abandonned outside the US, I'm sure. So it could be...

Sin Ogaris says:

I know they made different country varients of the 928 (as there was an Aussie one) so I wouldn't be surprised if they do the same thing with the Icon, that said the 928 came out AGES after the US here.

PolishHitta says:

This is a Verizon exclusive but it doesn't mean this phone won't work anywhere else. They could sell the 928 and it would still work in China. I saw the 929 images that were advertised on the site and it had a fat Verizon logo and splash screen shown.

Ken Heslip says:

Why can't Verizon be happy with just "Verizon" as their logo? What's with the large tick thing? Crazy.

TechyMexican says:

they should be happy with having their logo in just one spot. or how about a crazy idea? having their logo nowhere on the phone like international devices

DVELOPinc says:

I agree. My 521 on Tmobile has no Tmobile branding on it whatsoever. I like having nothing but the Nokia branding.

me thinks the logo is a little undersized lol

Groover1971 says:

Undersized? By my estimates, the logo is about 6 inches long. :p

rudranil says:

Any info on the weight and thickness of the phone?

chaz2400 says:

Dimensions: 5.37 in (H): 2.81 in (W): 0.41 in (D)

Cant find the weight anywhere, but battery is 880 hours Standby · 13.83 hours Talk Time

Rem97 says:

10.1mm thick if I remember correctly.

cdbstl76 says:

I hope ATT gets something similar spec wise in the coming year. I like that phone screen size and resolution!

damo579 says:

Me too. That is why I'm waiting until they announce 8.1. Also I'm more than happy with my 920.

cdbstl76 says:

Exact same boat!

DVELOPinc says:

I think ATT gets enough of the phones as it is. Time for others like Tmobile to get some love.

damo579 says:

It is t-mobile's fault that there aren't any high end windows phone on their network.

James8561 says:

The Lumia 925 is pretty high-end...

damo579 says:

It was when it came out but t-mobile is late to get the flagship WP phones....

majortom1981 says:

There is a rumor that att will get an updated Lumia 1020 called the 1820 which has all the 929 specs but an upgraded 41megapixel camera

Jas00555 says:

Wait, is this Chinese variant CDMA or GSM? I really want this phone on AT&T.

SB5 says:

It has the Verizon branding on it so I don't think its a Chinese variant. Its just a phone straight from Verizon it looks like, so I'd say it's CDMA.

thinkdan says:

But it will surely have an unlocked GSM slot, same as the 822 and 928. I'm using a 822 in AT&T.

RyanAMG says:

Do you get LTE on your 822 with ATT?

thinkdan says:

No LTE. The 822 doesn't have the required Band 4, only Band 13. The 928 does, so it should in theory get LTE in AT&T.

RyanAMG says:

Good to know thanks

TechyMexican says:

why does it say 3400mAh?

Tips_y says:

It seems different leaks have the battery different ways... some have it at 2700mAh, others have it at 2500mAh, while the source of the above article has it at 2420mAh!

palandri says:

I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole. Do you really think he imported them from Verizon? They're probably hot.

doeboiO says:

Yeah, it could very well be an android clone

DJCBS says:

Doesn't need to. The factories ARE in China. He just probably...diverged...a couple of phones from the assembly line.

b23h says:

diverged, that's imaginative...   but likely rather accurate

Sin Ogaris says:

On a slightly related note to this post, The Nokia Normandy android design is bloody schmick (if images are to be believed and given that it was evleaks they probably are correct), they NEED to implement that notification design into Windows 8.1 it's just so perfect (downside is there is no chance because that's Microsoft's domain and let's face it they'll probably do a half arsed job of the notification centre much like other aspects of the OS).

jgbstetson says:

I agree. If VZW or Nokia finds out, i imagine they could id the missing units and render them inoperable on their network.

snowmutt says:

What??  China may have ripped someone off??  REALLY??


Palandri, think I am going to have a heart attack and DIE from the shock of that surprise.....

Sin Ogaris says:

I'm surprised it isn't called the Mokia Eyecon.

doeboiO says:

Thanks mark for posting my tip

kleider1 says:

If it had expandable storage, removable battery, and was available on multiple networks, this would be the best phone ever.

aximtreo says:

If your Aunt Minnie had a mustache, she would be your uncle Fred. Just be happy it's almost here.

b23h says:

I concur with the description of "the best phone ever"

people can hope can't they without their hopes being sullied with unfortunate mental images....

RyanAMG says:

Verizon needed to have this phone at the same time as the 1520.

dby2011 says:

No sdcard = not interested

DennisvdG says:

Yes, now that we know that we will be able to use the sd card for all our apps and games with the 8.1 update, I'm also not buying a phone without sd card anymore :)

sasukeluffy says:

we don't "know" that. just romours...

DavidinCT says:

Agreed 100% but, I would only buy one if I got a SMOK'IN Deal on one.....I still have interest but, might wait till I can get a used one cheap....or something better comes out (waiting for Samsung's and HTC 8.1 models to hit before I am 100% on a new phone)

Blkacesvf41 says:

Unbelievable! Every day I think about leaving Verizon more and more!

Barba says:

How much mAh?

planoman says:

Very nice!  Can't wait for ATT for get a comparabe model!  

rahool360 says:

i am patiently waiting for the review of lumia 1320 aftee unboxing there was not much about it, its been long

DJCBS says:

This is tempting but I'm waiting for it to be announced. And to see if Nokia still releases an international variant of this before they leave the mobile phone scene (looking less and less likely).
Then I'll just get it sent from the US instead. Time to put that commercial deal the EU signed to use.

But I have to say...this phone's design is gorgeous. Beats the hell out of the L1520, L1520 mini and L925. No silly humps, no flamboyant colours, no fake leather, no golden plates...very classy phone.

Westoncreg says:

But even with a sim card is still a CDMA technology phone so would it work on European networks? (I'm just asking since I know verizons phones usually don't work on another network and wouldn't want you to wait money)

AR2186 says:

Verizon LTE phones are both CDMA and GSM, and fully unlocked. They will work on any GSM network with the right bands. I can use my Lumia 928 on AT&T and T-Mobile here in the US

DJCBS says:

Well, the information I got was that these LTE phones on Verizon work in Europe (at least the European Union countries, as far as I know, all use standardized networks. Carriers aren't allowed exclusive networks as in the US because people have the right to leave their contracts and have the phone unlocked at any given time). And I actually don't use LTE (I'm not paying the outrageous amounts Vodafone charges for LTE here) so as long as I can get 3G on this, I'm good.

But thanks for the information. I will obviously double-check that when it's announced. But I should also add...I only use 1 simcard. And I have a couple of phones (currently I use the L920 as my daily driver and the L1020 only as a camera, for example) and by the time this comes out, I'll probably be in the process of getting another phone that's been released recently (I'm not naming it to avoid the childish hate-comments). So even if the phone doesn't work with the sim card, I can still use it for everything else ;P

Sin Ogaris says:

2G Network
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

CDMA 800 / 1900

3G Network
HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO

4G Network
LTE 700 MHz Class 13 / 1700 / 2100

LTE 800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600

They are all the networks that the 928 ran on, I highly doubt that the 929 will be any different, you should be fine.

wraedeo_hed says:

I don't care unless there's a 64gb version I'm tired of this 32gb crap. Either make a 64gb version or throw an SD drive in there!

schlubadub says:

+1 low-end, mid-range & phablets have microSD... But none of the top-end models do... Utter bollocks :(

John20212 says:

+1 complete agree, it is absolute bullshit that Nokia does not put microSD slots on high end phones, what the fuck am I paying them for?

The 1020 is a great phone, but it will be my last high end Nokia phone, I will not buy another one, unless it has microSD support; it's just way too limited with just 32gb of storage.

I loved the days when my Windows Mobile iPaq had both SD and CF slots. Now it's 2014 and we are stuck with stupid 32gb only and no expansion posibilities WTF Nokia.


DavidinCT says:

I could of not said it better....Yep my WM devices always had MicroSD or SD/CF slots, move ahead to the newest version getting the best model possable and you dont even have an option for a expandable stoarge....just dumb if you ask me...


32gb is NOT ENOUGH !!! When will they learn it wont be for everyone...

Chris Coyle says:

Rumors of a 1520 mini 4.3 display 14mp camera same specs of 1520 coming in April.

THE_Lawnboy says:

Sounds awful. Not interested in anything less than 5" screen.

schlubadub says:

Sounds wonderful. Not interested in anything more than 5" screen.

rockstarzzz says:

What's the weight like? And battery? Wireless charging surely kills its form factor but my dream phone like many others!

Nejcooo says:

1520 looks a lot better by my opinion.

Chef316 says:

Yes it does...just wish T-Mobile would get it or a variant of it!

RyanAMG says:

I want the 1520 on Verizon.

THE_Lawnboy says:

Absolutely correct!

felickz says:

Top bezel is 1/3 the size of 928, looks like a much better usage of space

but the logo is lil small

TechyMexican says:

I agree. not enough verizon logos

jgbstetson says:

Verizon should introduce an option to have a larger logo laser engraved.

MDak280 says:

I wish Nokia kept their camera bezel/badge design that they've been using up until the Lumia 928. It looks really nice! Now all of their phones look so simple on the back.

I'm guessing someone stole this phone off the manufacture line, cause Verizon doesn't have service in China!

gapost says:

I would be concerned that the phone's esn is not in the Verizon database or if it was ill-gotten, never will be.

Chef316 says:

Here's hoping T-Mibile gets a new WP device soon!!! *crossing my fingers*

AV2RY says:

Just give me Black update for L928. 929 of course better but I paid full price for 928)) (using T-Mobile sim)

Chef316 says:

Nice! Do you get T-Mobile 4G LTE with the 928?

AV2RY says:

Nope) really don't care about it anyway. I'm mostly on WiFi. I used to have problem with txt messaging now I'm able send and receive txt msg. I did hard reset maybe it solved the problem. About LTE, somebody told me Verizon and Tmo have different band/frequency for that and that's why I don't have it. Maybe

RyanAMG says:

My nephew has a 820 from att on tmo. He can text but not send or get pics. Tmo doesn't know what the problem is. Do you think a hard reset would fix?

AV2RY says:

I just checked it, says Can't send msg. I use whatsapp for sending pics. So I can't say Yes and end up being wrong about you nephews device

ualexm90 says:

He needs to change his MMS APN underneath Cellular Data to epc.tmobile.com.

mccasive says:

My 1020 works perfect on Tmobile network except that I can hotspot from it even though I have I data tethering on my plan.

LaNiQuE says:

I think it's stupid not to offer a red one then in 6 months they will bring out one. Anyways I hope it catches the eye of some of the undecided folks who are thinking of switching.

PolishHitta says:

As always Verizon is last... Even when it comes to selling its OWN PHONE

hfcas says:

Just checked TaoBao, it's gone. Shows 'unavailble'


Fritzly says:

My unbranded 920 will happily hold on until WP 8.1 will be, finally, announced. Then I will decide what to buy: less than three months to go.

fireball24 says:

I saw somewhere that 929 might come out in Feb (mid) this year on Verizon. Ah..the rumors!! Why can't they just announce it already :|

TechAbstract says:

Does Straight Talk support Verizion LTE?

Brandon619 says:

I want this phone with these specs with a 41 megapixel successor camera on t-Mobile.

...wow... this phone looks awesome... (but will probably never be available here in germany...)

anyway i'll keep my 920 until it dies or until it doesn't get any bigger updates anymore...hopefully not to soon ^^

WP95 says:

Never buying a Lumia from Verizon. Ugly design, but the specs are ideal. I prefer the 920 and 1020 design first.

AndrewL920 says:

This is the best Windows Phone right now!

Shiawian says:

Nice specs. Wonder if it will be available here in the Netherlands.

Fndlumia says:

3 row tile screen for 4.5" 920,925 & 1020, we want it belfiore so be a good little puppet and make it happen

jorge386 says:

Isn't WP removing physical buttons?

TallAssRob says:

That's the rumor. We won't know for sure until BUILD.

Love it because it looks like my HTC 8x and not like a, uhm, well Nokia.

bono5112 says:

Just got my 1520 32 GB yesterday, what a great phone, you do have to get comfortable with the size though, slowly but surely getting a feel for it

Meagey says:

Ugh I want this phone for tmobile soo bad!

txDrum says:

I never understood the 929 designation. All of the 92x phones made sense because they were built on the same hardware. This is two generations later, even 94x would have been appropriate!

avigyan says:

I really wonder what Nokia's going to showcase at the MWC. If Goldfinger and Moneypenny are the two up for show, WP 8.1 has to be out by then.

nasellok says:

just release this thing already, i cant wait to make my galaxy a paperweight


Don't try too hard to troll

Still fixed memory, when the flagship has a card slot

drozdpatrick says:

Just MS One. Here's something, not sell diffent colored covers on accessories page? My god I always could use a " non " white Nokia cover. Duh. Oh yeah, no SD card, no dice! Considering new updates are SD friendly. Allegedly.

reprod3 says:

Bring this phone now Verizon... Just bring it!!!

What about battery capacity? Some says 3400mah, some 2500 or 3000. Not clear

odie928 says:

I already saw and felt the icon, it was pretty cool but weird . The icons looked weird like they didn't belong on a 5 inch with that 1080p resolution

dw852 says:

TaoBao is full of the faked.

fdruid says:

I like this. 5 inches is the right size (or close to it, maybe a little more wouldn't hurt). The internals sound pretty cool. Even the camera is extra nice. This is the phone to get (well, the version that gets released for everybody eventually, probably with 8.1).

But to be perfect it would have to be the 41 mp version of this phone.

ChrisPS3 says:

Amazing specs. But CDMA?

ltjordan24 says:

   A part of me truly believes that Verizon is trying to sabotage WP8. They say that they want a third ecosystem to compete against Apple and Android (Samsung) but their actions say quite the opposite. November would've been the perfect time to release the Icon/929 with people looking to give smartphones as gifts for Christmas and the Apple hype dying down, but now people are waiting for the S5 and the new devices that will be announced in the coming months.

Starlight87 says:

The 3 phones from this vendor are sold out but 2 new seller appeared. They claim to have over 100 phones in store of each colour. One of them can only deliver after CNY (10th of February) but the other one says he can deliver now.

I'm currently living in Shanghai and the shop is in Suzhou (30min by train), I try to contact the guy and check if they are genuine. They claim you can check it in store and buy it directly from them. But the fact that you will get the phones without headphones makes me think that these are units directly from the factory and not imported from USA like they write on their page.

I will give you feedback as soon as I got an answer from the vendor and when I have the phone in my hands. They sell it now for 4300RMB btw which seems to be closer to the actual retail price.

Starlight87 says:

Already got an update:

The vendor replied and said that I can get the phone only after chinese new year when it has been officially released in USA. So it looks like it will be announced within the next 14 days.