New Nokia Lumia 930 and LG Windows Phone show up on WPBench [Updated]

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Two new Windows Phones have appeared in the app WPBench, used for testing device speed and performance. The first is the Nokia Lumia 930, seemingly a variant of the Lumia 900 with perhaps updated specs or for different radio technology i.e. CDMA. This could also be similar to the Lumia "910" which some sites have reported as being a 900 but with a 12MP camera instead of 8MP.

Likewise, the other device is from LG, who we have not heard much from lately in the last six months. That device is the LG W930, which is certainly coincidental to the Lumia 930 designation. Not much is known about that device nor what it could be packing in terms of specifications.

WPBench collects data from those testing their phone's speed and performance. Data is encrypted on both the device and server side and in theory, should be resistant to tampering. Likewise, "I'm a WP7!" pulls user data from Windows.Phone.Info.DeviceExtendedProperties and is not easily manipulated (though certainly not impossible).

Still, until we can corroborate this information, file it under rumor. Pick up WPBench here in the Marketplace.

Update: And looks like WPBench is not as impervious to spoofs as thought. 1800PocketPC has demonstrated (but not disclosed), DeviceID data can be spoofed, once again. They will be contacting the dev about the vulnerability which means until a fix, DeviceID data should not be trusted from that app. Thanks, Argenys H., for the tip

Source: WPBench; Thanks, Shinho, for the tip



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albertleao says:

My reaction to this toast:" Whaooo"

Odd-i-See says:

Hmmmm hopefully headed to T-Mo? Please? Come on.....

GU3RO10 says:

Sprint please

WPSteve says:

We can only hope. But let's be realistic here.........

xKophsx says:

LOL after "Sprint not too enthusiastic on Windows Phones" article, you still say "Sprint please"?? :P well good luck!

Rhoyz says:

Tmobile should get this like when At&t got the better specs hd7s.

Ty1361 says:

Verizon please!

lippidp says:

AT&T please! LOL, sorry guys...

aubreyq says:

LMAO! How horrible would that be for those on Verizon and Sprint?

Ty1361 says:

i would kill myself! so.. pretty horrible.

norseman#WP says:

Maybe this is the Telus 900? Bring to Rogers please!

Hopefully a 900 with bigger screen and beefer camera.. :-)

Solidstate89 says:

I can only hope beyond hope this is a CDMA variant, and that it's heading for Sprint.

WinFan1 says:

I hope one of them is coming to tmobile

Justin.TV312 says:

Hmm my comment was deleted

5tephen says:

I just can't wait for the 900 to show up. If a 930 comes up though, my wife will be getting it immediately.

luimende says:

What do you mean you can't wait for it? Are you getting a focus or titan, is that what you mean?

5tephen says:

I meant that if a 930 comes to T-Mobile it will be my wife's. I'm getting a 900, although I have a TITAN right now.

dtboos says:

Most likely other market version with minor difference like the 910 is with a diff camera.
Although a Verizon version would be pretty sweet.  I hope thats what it is.

luimende says:

Who is less evil? At&t or Verizon?

Ty1361 says:

at&t but verizon has better network.

Justin.TV312 says:

Verizon is. At&t's headquarters is shaped like a devil pitchfork and they aren't called American thugs & thieves or a$$tards & turds for no reason

NagoyaX says:

well looks like LG back in the game sweet!

jjrudey says:

I like how there's an APPLE iPhone 5 listed.

cannon#WP says:

Hmmm. The Quantum is C900, Optimus 7 is E900 and Panther is GW910...what could that LG phone be...
PLEASE have a qwerty keyboard.

lovenokia says:

i hope they keep the 900 going just with same specs thorughout the board except the LTE

RumorMill says:

Yeah, I guess Apple has decided to throw in the towel and run Windows Phone on the iPhone 5?  Good choice!

I just wish they do something about the 16 Gb memory

selfcreation says:

Heres to the canadien 930!!! Hopefully lol

PeterFnet says:

Just because there is an exploit that was found by a white hat, doesn't mean it is being exploited by others. I suppose time and future info will be the judge.

Dorknight says:

T-mobile seriously needs this... We only have low end windows phones now...

WinFan1 says:

amen dude amen.....

erasure25 says:

Sprint please... Lol.

jabtano says:

T-MO ....T-MO---------

Eberstein says:

Sprint, please all we have is the crappy keyboarded Arrive

Roei Mizrahi says:

You guys are kidding or what ?!
the app does exactly what its sais it suppose to
I guess you didn't try to take picture of someone's face with it