Nokia Lumia 930 available for pre-order in Belgium and Vietnam

Nokia Lumia 930

The Nokia Lumia 930 has yet to launch and become officially available for purchase, but that hasn't halted retailers from riding the hype train and firing up pre-orders. The latest markets to be included on this ride are Vietnam and Belgium, both retailers following suit with an expected release sometime early July. Microsoft formally unveiled the Lumia 930 at a media event in Vietnam today, noting that the smartphone will cost 12,999,000 VND ($610) off contract (starting July 1), while Cool Blue in Belgium has the device listed at €499,99 ($680).

To remind us all of what's included in the price, the phone has a 5-inch 1080p display, with a 2.2Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor inside, along with 2GB of RAM, and 32GB for storage. The rear PureView camera supports an impressive 20 megapixels, enabling owners to take some superb photographs. Think of the Lumia Icon, but internationally available. Microsoft will reportedly be running a discount offer in Vietnam.

Which color will you go for?

Source: Cool Blue, Techrum.vn, via: WMPU

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It feels like nokia Lumia 930 is available all over the world except India!!

Rishabh1995 says:

Trueeee... i hope they launch it soon for around 30k

Aashish13 says:

If 30k I'm in a mode to buy it. But it definitely will cost 40k

Yeah! 40k is definitely on board!

mrdoubleb says:

Don`t worry, it`s not available anywhere yet. None of us can buy it. Don`t be fooled by these announcements, they just keep paper-launching this phone over and over again with no firm shipping date for actual units.

Anubis4574 says:

How about flippin' America? Verizon has a monopoly on the Icon and L920 users are left out in the cold.

aarish1412 says:

I expect it would not be early than 15 july.. Waiting in india!

Dragonic87 says:


Also, wanna try South Africa? Still nothing here... The 630 was only recently listed on their site and under the Coming Soon label of awesomeness.

soutarm says:

India and Australia. I'm tempted to go to Vietnam to get one. :D

mjfadaway says:

I wish this phone was available in the US. (and I don't mean verizon)

I know that feel being on Verizon. Still feel sick about the 920. lol

samy_a says:

Yay for Belgium. Nothing too soon tbh.

Ian Suarez says:

When will it be available in CANADA?!??!?!!

Rishabh1995 says:

Dude even the 1520 is not yet in canada :/

Ian Suarez says:

We have nothing up here in Canada. No love from Nokia.

I need 5" version of 1520 ;-; Is this too much too ask? ;-;

Meier538 says:

I want a Lumia 930 ; ; I wish there was a world version so I can get it for T-Mobile. I still have my 810 and I love it. But seeing how T-Mobile hates WP. I really would love a world version of he 930. It has everything I want in a WP minus the store but with 100 GB + one drive I can survive.

traduma says:

Fly to Vietnam in July to get it :). It's cheaper than other market

I bought a 1520 after waiting so long for 930....the wait was getting too much and we still don't have a date for it's release in India

Jacob Heston says:

When the F is it coming to Australia!!

rogerhew says:

@Jacob, according to WPDownUnder , Australia will be getting the Lumia 930 sometime in July this year.

DJCBS says:

By the way, the Belgiam store, not only offers it for 499€, it also throws in a free wireless charging plate.

Now if only they'd fix the damn credit cards system I could pre-order there as it's a bargain.

Clarke98264 says:

I think Microsoft should sell there phones unlocked right from there stores, just like Google and the Nexus. The easier they make it for consumers to get there hands on there hardware the more they will sell.

 the all new Lumia line where already for pro order in the benelux. still waiting for an renplacement of the lumia 1020.

samicp says:

There is no yellow! Hahaha!! Get it in green!!

7508887757 says:

Sorry. I checked official nokia site then i found green , red , white and black colour are available.

Xavier2508 says:

The coolblue preorder page is actually over a week old and has an expected delivery date of 25-07... At least the price is low(ish), considering that the S5 is still €699, the 1520 €549 and the S4 €499, but with a less powerfull processor than the 930.

also if you buy the cellphone this moth, they will give you a free wireless charger, white color, is not like the cool offer of vietnam, but is better than nothing.

j3angerz says:

Microsoft has a promotional program for customers who pre order Lumia 930 in vietnam :
- 238$ voucher to buy Tommy Hilfger , Diesel ,CK , Nike , Gap , Banana Republic
- a 1 year AIG's warranty package for free hardware replacement up to 1200$
- customers will have a Lumia VIP card which allows them to join premium events of Nokia - Microsoft and they have chance to make they devices more personal by carve whatever thing they want on it by laser
- 46$ to buy Nokia's accessories
- VIP Care service with exclusively hotline for 930 customers
- installment program is supported without interest rate

Yugiro says:

If this phone will not come in July 1st, I will never ever buy this and just wait for McLaren in November. Oh boy, I think I'm still gonna stick to my 920. It would be exactly 2years in November.

DJCBS says:

You're gonna stick with the 920. Which is a great phone. I'm not that eager to switch mine for the 930. I'm honestly just getting the 930 because it's Nokia's last Phone and potentially my last WP because of that.

samicp says:

So want it in green (in Denmark)

DJCBS says:

You know want would be awesome? A working LEGO smartphone that you could basically build the chassis. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

marlasota says:

Ok this time I'll buy Lumia 930 as is but next time would you please Microsoft give me micro SD card slot and replaceable battery?