Nokia Lumia 930 in the Netherlands now available for €495 from Belsimpel.nl

Last night we reported that the Nokia Lumia 930 preorders were being shipped early for those in Norway. Today, it is the Netherlands turn, as Belsimpel.nl starts taking orders and billboards go up in the streets.

Available in four colors, including black, white and the new green or orange, the Lumia 930 is one of the best all-around Windows Phone 8 devices that you can pick up today. Featuring a 2.2 GHz CPU, 20 MP camera, Qi wireless charging and a gorgeous 5-inch AMOLED 1080P display, the Lumia 930 finally brings a worthy replacement for the venerable Lumia 920.

Retailer Belsimpel.nl is selling all four versions of the Lumia 920 for €495 ($675 USD) along with your choice of carrier plans and a free wireless charger. Likewise, reader of the site Akwasi F. sent in the above photo of a Lumia 930 billboard with Bellsimpel.nl branding visible in Amsterdam. It is unclear how aggressive the marketing is be behind the Lumia 930, which so far has had a late and slow start worldwide.

The Lumia 930 joins the earlier released Lumia 630/635 as being the first devices selling with Microsoft's new Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.

Thanks, Akwasi, for the tip!



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Halev says:

Yayy hope to receive it soon then!!!

crise says:

Worthy replacement? No thanks. This is old hardware shoved up our ass, we could have had this half a year ago. Also it barely enhances the experience with enough boom, not worth for me to spend so much money on.
I'll wait for the McLaren.

I'd rather wait for 820 successor.

crise says:

Although I'm afraid, when McLaren gets released in November, we have to wait until march to get it in the Netherlands. Always taking too long to go worldwide, these Lumia phones.

Hoekie says:

Sometimes we get new Lumia's or Surface's very fast.

buggyglint says:

Agreed, I'm waiting on upgrading until we see the first WP with a Snapdragon 801/805.

poststamp says:

So true, they should have sold this half a year ago. I really don't get WHY this thing was usa-only, and now try to sell previous generation stuff like it's the best thing in the world while the rumors of a successor are getting louder already.

crise says:

Well I'm pretty sure they planned to release the McLaren now, but they had problems with the 3D gesture technology. So to give us a WP8.1 device anyway, they decided to pimp up the Lumia icon. Pretty sure about this, because in previous news the McLaren was named goldfinger, and it was delayed.

Hoekie says:

Old hardware? You need to read the specs again. And also the price is competitive to other 'old hardware'. Not everybody wants to spend >600 euro's for a new phone. 495 euro is a very nice starting price. Soon around 425-475 euro. Especially for a 32GB phone with S800 and FullHD screen. Nothing to sneer at.

poststamp says:

YES it is old hardware, the phone industry is moving fast and this device is outpaced by the competition. It is over 6 months old hardware, it should have been released here in europa at the time it was relevant. But they DIDN'T and there is no excuse, it is outdated right now.

And for the price, if they just released it here 6 months ago, it would have been WAY below 495 euro, just look at the price of the 1520.

maxpower818 says:

I have it (icon) and its an amazing phone. But I wouldn't pay 700$ for it. But for the 50$/100$ you can get for at Verizon its definitely worth it! It's better then 5s or S4 in every way imo.

kloon says:

 Levertijd: 2 weken

delivery time 2 weeks !!

kinpin2131 says:

Yes I just contacted them ,  It's available in their shop. If you buy it online it will be delivered within 2 weeks. 

davesannie says:

What ^^ said so its not available yet !

Go to the physical store and it is.

Fade_z says:

Belsimpel is rather aggressive themselves. Saw a million billboards of the 925 not so long ago

DutchFan says:

I don't know why this is news. I've preorder my 930 for weeks at Castle.nl. The arrival time (at the store) for the non-black versions is 7 july.

It's news because someone told us about it and it's unknown to a lot of people.

Tha Analyzer says:

Also coolbleu, bol.com, Central point.nl etc... So whats up with naming only belsimpel.nl...?

In case you have not noticed, we're not a site based in the Netherlands. As such, our knowledge of all the stores that sell phones is limited. Combined with the advertising that Belsimpel is engaging in, it made a good story.

I suggest in the future if you have knowledge about preorders or availability of new Windows Phones in your respective country, you contact and tell us directly. We simply do not have the time - or manpower - to search globally for new phones. Thank you.

pr0phecy says:

*Daniel drops the mic* :P

venetasoft says:

Too late, will stay with my 1520 waiting for next flagship :/
My dream Lumia has 0 border, glance, sd, 120 fps camera, 5/5.5" screen and 5mm :P

Nokia 930 black: 4 juli, orange 22 juli on T-Mobile.nl

Tha Analyzer says:

Daniel. Understood. Still gonna buy one though

willboyce says:

Nice. But I like my 1020 to much

xivius says:

Are they on stock in the Groningen store? (is Groningen the only store?)

hahah, could be but u could order ;)

CBjeenyus says:

Happy with my 1520. Same specs with a few extra's on the side :)

mrdvos says:

What is camera lens aperture for 930?
2 for 920.

Ahhh wanna try it, but Im fine with NL 1520 in NL :D

Is anybody notced in the Netherlands, especially in NS train Wi-Fi speed (WI-FI in de trein) is sooo laggy after WP8.1 DP update???

MVogelezang says:

Train Wifi Always seems laggy. Use it on surface tablet as well, but receiving mail takes very long..

SammyD97 says:

Yoh! Brand new and contracts are already offering it for free?

hfrijters says:

In the Netherlands, its quite normal for providers to offer free phones with contracts. The contract includes the phone, making the monthly fee much higher than for a sim only contract.

Hoekie says:

Yep. Therefore I always buy phone only.

Pacmanimal says:

Jeeeej. Loosing my 8X today

Duduosf says:

Not so expensive over there...

Hoekie says:

Yep. Good pricing. Especially it being the starting/introduction price.

Duduosf says:

For sure. In Brazil there's this site which currently has the 930 for pre order for about$ $800 --and that's supposed to be 'cheap' for us. The 1520 debuted around $1200.

rikycaldeira says:

€495 is quite cheap, I'm looking at at least €100 more in Portugal..

DJCBS says:

As usual. That's why I haven't bought ANY Lumia in this accursed country. I'm getting the 930 from Belgium for 499 with a free wireless charger. Uma das poucas vantagens da política do "emigrem!" do Passos Fedelho.

rikycaldeira says:

What! That's a really nice deal, could you get me a link or is it bought in store? :P

DJCBS says:

Coolblue.be. Though you need to have someone living in Belgium or the Netherlands because they don't ship internationally.

Tha Analyzer says:

Smartphoneshop has the same deal. But there's a catch. You have to pre order it before the 19th of July. Still a good deal.

maxpower818 says:

So is the 930 shipping with Cyan update?

xivius says:

Contacted belsimpel.nl but not on stock, in 2 weeks they expect

Shiawian says:

I do want it badly, but will wait when they surely have the greenness in stock. I am no fan of preordering gadgets anymore...
Good price thou, compared to the €600 I paid for my 920 2years back.