Nokia Lumia Icon is live on Verizon’s site again, includes support for ISIS mobile wallet

Verizon Lumia Icon

The Nokia Lumia Icon isn’t exactly a secret. The device formerly known as the Lumia 929 has been spotted again, this time on Verizon’s website. We’ve seen this device over and over again, so can we finally get it from Verizon here in the United States?

A few days ago the Lumia Icon went on sale in China. That’s right, a Verizon-exclusive (it even had the Verizon branding) was being sold abroad before being sold on Verizon. It was a few weeks ago that the test-page Verizon was readying slipped out and we saw a case for the device at CES. Right now you’ll see the device on Verizon’s website for $777 on and off-contract. Something tells me the cannon was fired prematurely.

Nokia Lumia Icon

You can get the phone in either black or white on this site. Although the site looks like, we’re not busting out our credit cards just yet. There’s not much we don’t know about the Lumia Icon. We had a pretty great exclusive in early-November where we revealed all specs of the device and some great images of it in action. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Qualcomm Quad-core Snapdragon 800 at 2.2 GHz
  • 5 inch AMOLED display, 1080 x 1920
  • 2 GB of RAM; 32 GB of internal storage (no micro SD)
  • 20 MP PureView rear camera with oversampling (16 MP + 5 MP photos); Front facing camera
  • Dual LED flash
  • NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Qi wireless charging
  • FM Radio
  • At least three HAAC microphones
  • Data Sense, NFL Mobile, Verizon Tones, VZ Navigator, My Verizon Mobile, Nokia StoryTeller, Nokia Screen Beamer
  • Available colors: glossy white or matte black

Lumia Icon vs Lumia 1020

Killer device right? It’s basically a Lumia 1520, but smaller. One thing we did just learn about the Lumia Icon that we weren’t completely sure on was whether or not it would support Verizon’s ISIS mobile payment platform. The specs on the Verizon page confirm that the Lumia Icon will include the ISIS NFC SIM pre-installed so you can make transactions using the Wallet app on Windows Phone at supported locations. Awesome!

We’ll reach out to Microsoft, Nokia, and Verizon and see if it’s finally time for the Lumia Icon to go legit. Otherwise this is probably another early outing.

Source: Verizon

Thanks for the tips everyone! 



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Micah Dawson says:

With all the wait for this phone, I hope it lives up to expectations haha
I hate what Verizon does to these phones though. It looks so chunky.it reminds me of a bigger version of tmobiles 810

Zulfigar says:

I'm more curious on the price... $777? Who's feeling lucky tonight?

Evster88 says:

It's a placeholder - common practice.

YA BILLY says:

I just called Verizon. The customer support person confirmed to me it was $777 and asked if I would like to order it. Too much $$$ gtfo

Cellus13 says:

Well duh, it has nearly the same specs as the 1520. Just because its smaller doesn't mean it'll be the same price as a 920. What did you expect? That 20 MP PureView camera and quad core processor ain't free.

PolishHitta says:

Yeah ill be buying this phone outright without contract so I hope the price will live up to the Chinese sites tag of $650.

Jim_MAY says:

Verizon has removed the link again. :-\ Can someone update?

SwimSwim says:

True. But hey, you've got a gorgeous screen to distract you from the ugly exterior!!!

willied says:

Not sure how you could think it's ugly. Maybe a little boring...but ugly?

Good specs. Go Verizon! Because this means T-Mobile 152(5) is around the corner.

Micfur says:

I hope so, unless something better is around the corner for TMO, I'll Jump to this in a second.

Jim_MAY says:

The Icon selling in China mostly likely are Verizon throw backs. There either testing models or something Verizon wanted changed at the last minute.

tribexx says:

With the release of the Icon - GDR3, I am awaiting the release of GDR3 for the rest of the phones...

Lumia 8x says:

But will it blend?

Mayur says:

Yes, it will on my command :)

TechyMexican says:

If it's $500 without a contact, i'll be at the verizon store tomorrow morning

blazian24 says:

Apparently it's going to be $200-300.  http://imgur.com/a/sJ0DI

fescue says:

Thats probably the price WITH contract..

tissotti says:

$200-300 would be for mid range or below phone without contract. This isn't a mid range phone.


nuprotocol says:

*sigh* if only the 1520 had QI included. I would sell my 1520 and possibly get this device if VZW didn't have to brand their ugly logo all over the phone. lol

SwimSwim says:

Nevermind, I forgot Verizon phones were now GSM compatible, nevermind...

xaeryan says:

Are... are you two the same entity?

pmich says:

hmmmm   nuprotocol = swimswim?  think so

why would you sell your 1520? this 929 is so ugly:( i'm saving money to buy my own 1520..it's just beautiful..i wish i could buy your 1520..

DJCBS says:

That's your opinion. I find the L1520 horrible and the L929 gorgeous.
It's a matter of taste. Everyone has their own ;)

cesar ruiz1 says:

why 1520 is so big and sexy honestly i wouldnt even change my lumia 920 for  the 929. i dont like droid like phones.

Id trade the qi feature for micro sd support any day especially when nokia seemed to have screwed up during gdr2 to make this feature work

Jayflip says:

Wanna see an international version of this phone

Sam Sabri says:

It's from Verizon. It should work anywhere on planet earf. Nuff said.

nelsonecm says:

Is that possible with any Verizon phone? How can I use one in another country?

TechyMexican says:

just throw your sim card in it and change the APN settings and you should be good to go. worked withe 8X on verizon and the 928

Any 'Global' class Verzion phone, which is pretty common.  Even the original WP7 Trophy was a Global phone. 

RFreeland90 says:

Does that include tmobiles network as well?

TechyMexican says:

considering this has AWS support now. It will work on their LTE not their HSPA network unless it's been refarmed

scdkad says:

Thought GSM was used most on the planet which VZ is not. Unless something has changed recently..

hopmedic says:

Most if not all of Verizon's phones are world phones now, having GSM radios in them. And if they have LTE, they can't be locked to the carrier due to the regulation imposed on Verizon's LTE band. Search 47 CFR 27.16 and read sub paragraph e.

Both my 8X and now my 928 are world phones. As is my mothers Android and my dads 822. All Verizon smart phones are now a days.

Ukyo says:

Ah nice, I was wondering where it states that.

Vz was one of the 1st to drop cdma(not to be confused with wcdma aka hspa) for lte. Now the only carrier wasting manufacturers time/money is sprint which is clinging to dear life on their obsolete cdma network

Cannon, not canon.

Sam Sabri says:

Ooops! Just bought some new Canon gear so I guess I have Canon on my mind :p Thanks!

Judge_Daniel says:

I wonder if I can get an NFC SIM for my Verizon 8X now...

RyanAMG says:

Did Verizon advertise the 8X as it was compatible?

Lumia 8x says:

What js NFC SIM? They are two different thing.

TechyMexican says:

he means a Sim Card that has the secure element installed which allows the phone to use ISIS

aschettler says:

An NFC SIM is not really a SIM card with NFC. Rather, it is just an easier way of saying "a SIM card with a secure element for NFC-based payment".

Judge_Daniel says:

Well, I believe Windows Phone 8 supports it right out of the box. You just have to have the ISIS secured SIM, which Verizon didn't offer until now, I believe.

canadian1der says:

It still requires carrier support - none of the AT&T branded Lumias support NFC payments even with a secure SIM. My 1020 did not enable support for NFC payments after I put a secure Isis SIM card in it.

We will still need an Isis app to do this. Hopefully, based on this leak, it means that they are releasing the app very soon.

I am pretty sure it depends on how they integrate into the WP Wallet whether it uses a specific App.

canadian1der says:

If it isn't an app, then every single Lumia in the US will probably need an update to unlock the pay with NFC option in the wallet hub. As far as I know almost nobody has been able to use a Lumia with NFC to make payments so far, even with a secure SIM card in it. It explicitly requires support from the carrier. Unless someone has a 100% stock, unlocked phone directly from Nokia and has managed to use it successfully, I think this capability has been removed.

From Microsoft's FAQ:

While every Windows Phone 8 has a Wallet Hub, not all support NFC transactions. The easiest way to check and see if your phone supports NFC transactions is to go to your Wallet settings. In Wallet, tap More , and then tap Settings+PIN. If you don't see an option to turn on "NFC transactions," then your phone doesn't support it.

sonus says:

If a phone supports NFC, then it is capable of NFC payments. It's just a software thing at that point. 

psiu_glen says:

I have had a SE SIM since last June or July in my 928.

eddieDOTexe says:

This totally should've been called Lumia 815. Looks so much like the 810, I loved that phone. Just needed higher resolution..

Jazmac says:

Thank god they replaced the numbers with a name. Maybe it'll begin a trend.

MrA2Z says:

Looking beautiful

andrewkeith5 says:

Well, Vodafone UK, you have until April to get this into your range so I can upgrade to it...finally a worthy upgrade to the Lumia 920!

Ticomfreak says:

Is this the first phone with ISIS support?

TechyMexican says:

first windows phone, yes

Ray Adams says:

So it was possible to not c reate bump on 1520 with the same 20mpx camera? Then why the hell Nokia did it?

See what an extra two months of engineering gets you!

gamo62 says:

Perhaps the photos are also placeholders.

TechyMexican says:

I'm sure someone could say that built in QI wireless charging could make some difference.

jgbstetson says:

AT&T paid extra for the hump.

Sin Ogaris says:

This looks a lot thicker than the 1520.

cesar ruiz1 says:

it looks as thick as the lumia 920 but the 920 is far more sexier.

Jf.Vigor says:

Because without the hump it becomes fat like this phone. I like the hump. It's like walking around with a bulge in your pants and all the ladies blushing

DJCBS says:

I ask myself the same question. The humps are horrible and clearly unnecessary. Only the L1020 has an excuse for it and even that one could have made it less pronounced.

If you don't like the hump, get a case, I have the case Nokia made and it makes the hump disappear

tbonenga says:

This phone is do close to being perfect. Why doesn't it have a SD slot????

Kevin Rush says:

I am waiting. My next phone is going to have a SD slot. My 822 has 64GB.

ashram says:

So, does this mean ISIS is that much closer for other Windows Phones?

psiu_glen says:

Hope so. I've been nagging them on Twitter :P

Westoncreg says:

Windows phone 8 has had support for it since launch, the carriers haven't though, no phone on AT&T can make payments since they don't support the technology and I don't know if Verizon has this widely available for all phones (but if they do it should work on the 928 and the 8x don't know about the 822)

Steven Curl says:

Verizon, t-mobile and at&t all support ISIS as of November.

saltellezjr says:

This is starting to sound like another "hp pre 3" catastrophe.
Which sucks because I'd probably buy one just for the name. Quite catchy.

jorge386 says:

Thought there would be no more physical buttons?

poddie says:

You thought wrong. ;-). Seriously, that will be an option on budget phones to cut costs, but higher end phones will not likely drop them.

PG2G says:

This isn't an 8.1 device

blazian24 says:

I talked to the Verizon Live Chat agent and he gave me a price. http://imgur.com/a/sJ0DI

TechAbstract says:

This is the phone to switch from AT&T to Verizon for.

fescue says:

Anyone noticed, that it has different thickness? 0,39" is 0,99cm. Before it was 1,05cm.
I like!

fescue says:

Height and width are slightly different, too. A bit more height, a bit less width.

myoujin says:

0.99cm? Thats why no Camera hump.

jgbstetson says:

Oh joy! This includes band 4 LTE support!

MikeSo says:

Means it should work on T-Mobile LTE, right?

Verizon phones with the Verizon branding technically cannot be used with a GSM carrier, "technically" Verizon branded 4g lte phones use cdma still for calls and texts and only use GSM for data

MikeSo says:

Is this a yes or a no?

It is a no. A phone made specifically for Verizon or sprint can only be used on those carriers (and not both, only on Verizon or sprint) due to them being cdma network, where as most international carriers, at&t, and t-mobile use the GSM network so a phone made for them can be unlocked for another GSM carrier

Steven Curl says:

All Verizon LTE phones are world phones, toss in a new sim and you're good to go. I would wager this follows the trend of every other high end device on their network. Just look in the forums for people with 928s on T-Mobile.

What about CDMA networks, is the ICON factory unlocked on other CDMA networks.

i.e. i want to use in on a CDMA network abroad, is it going to works, (voice and date)?

Kindly help.

felickz says:

Here we go again

Dusteater says:

Lets hope Isis is for real on WP. I am skeptical though.

Jace Nelson says:

The only thing i saw in this post that i care about is ISIS.  I've been dying to use ISIS since it was announced almost 18 months ago at the WP8 launch. I'm hoping that ISIS will be announced and launched acrossed all Windows Phones with the launch of this device  PLEASE!!!!

socalpaisa says:

Aesthetically this is just a bigger Lumia 810 with 1520 specs

donbreathe says:

Need the international version of this phone and more importantly a beautiful design unlike this not so fine stone...lol. Or maybe I should just wait on Goldfinger, my 920 still looks cute and solid still!

sip1995 says:

Lumia 929 for U.S. is the way, now what about the European version ?

TallAssRob says:

When the phone is finally announced I hope it comes with an explanation for the delay. I want to know why it's been leaked for months w/o being announced earlier

DWTrump says:

Don't hold your breath. Verizon doesn't have to answer to their customers. They are in it to make money, and could not care less what you or I think as long as we continue to bend over and take whatever they shove our way. I'd love to give them the finger and go elsewhere, but the other companies' services are underwhelming in my area, so I'm stuck.

DavidinCT says:

Why would they give a explanation for the delay ? The phone is STILL NOT officialy announced. According to Verizon and Nokia the phone does not exist till it's annouced.

Welcome to Verizon and new phones....

Its not just Verizon that does this, has any1 ever noticed at&t doing the same thing before? It hasn't been announced because they are still testing it, do you think the Nokia with android software is going to come out in q1-q2 of 2014? No, point is it is still being tested, just wait for it to be announced

Nazir Taib says:

Now, bring the phone to the rest of the world.

jcar302 says:

So who thinks this will be fully functional on AT&T?

If it is, i'll buy it unlocked.

AR2186 says:

Should be, like all VZW Windows Phones

UncleGrandpa says:

Live..is when you can actually buy the thing...its NOT live by any means.

pjs312 says:

According to this page it has wireless charging, a 2420mAH battery, nano-sim, and no expandable storage

psiu_glen says:

Boo nano-SIM, would prefer micro (especially since it look like it still uses a large tray for it). Harder to swap the SIM around.

pjs312 says:

The 1520 also has nano-sim so I guess thats what all the new ones will have ths year

jgbstetson says:

And bam! It's gone again, at least for me.

microhaxo#WP says:

Seems they have removed it again..

pjs312 says:

still working for me

microhaxo#WP says:

Gone for me on verizons cell network and on my wifi. Redirects to the shopping main page. Searching for Nokia Lumia icon shows it but when you click it redirects to main page again.

teoami says:

I thought that in order to use ISIS, you had to actually use the ISIS app. Even with a secure element SIM, the WP Wallet does not allow NFC payments. Atleast, that is the case with my 1520 on ATT.

bbennett40 says:

I believe that is because AT&T has it disabled. What I understand is that Wallet does support it and Isis was to work through Wallet once carrier approved. But of course, I could be mistaken.

That is true.  You have to have the ISIS app.  It's an American Express account.  BTW, I can't wait for this phone to finally land!

ejlee072006 says:

Verizon still sells more LUMIA than att.. The 1020 should've been the killer phone.. But msft/nokia doesn't know how to advertised..

bbennett40 says:

In my opinion, AT&T screwed the 1020 by not allowing SD card. That and I think just the camera alone wasn't big enough to push the phone into public eye. They should have upgraded the processor as well instead of just slapping a new camera on the 920; a year old phone at that point. I agree, it could have been THE phone to have. Instead it was just an niche offshoot.

It's matte white, not glossy.

terrokkinit says:

Ugh....I WANT!!!

DavidinCT says:

Site is down again, saw it around 7am this morning fine but, it's down again.... So when will be the annoucment for the phone ? Testing is one thing but, being official is a whole different thing..

pjs312 says:

Mine still works

primortal says:

Still up for me.

I guess Icon has a mind of its own and wants to be released

pjs312 says:

If I open it in a different browser it doesn't work. Its only working in the browser I had it open in before.

DavidinCT says:

It's what you call a cached page, it's from your temp files. If you close your browser, clean out your internet temp files, and try again, I would bet that you would not see it...

primortal says:

Normally CTRL+F5 normally takes care of a pesky caching problem

Can there be any shitter logo than that Verizon one?
Why not just use the word Verizon - it incorporates a stylised flash in it already but no - we have to have that sodding great tick too.

I mean why not put the tick behind the words at least so it isn't so big. Just looks awful.

IamJonso says:

Agree. Verizon has the ugliest branding. And why put the hideously huge 4G LTE on the back of their phones?

DavidinCT says:

Dam, now they say, no MicroSD....sites have been saying a MicroSD...WTF ? With one I will get it, without I might just wait till 8.1 devices...

For what it's worth, this isn't showing up on the business portal yet.

cyborg4 says:

Looks like Verizon have taken the phone down...

flattie says:

Great specs. Not feeling the design though, tbh. Hoping to see something a little more along the lines of the standard high end Lumia range with the same internals as this.  Squeezing the internals into a 925 chassis would be something I could get behind. 

Mr. Brown says:

How thick is this phone compared to the 920?

ChRiS4932 says:

With the size specs being 5.39" x 2.78" it is just slightly larger than a Lumia 928

MrUniq says:

This will be less than half on eBay by end of this summer.

JW888 says:

Doesn't show up any more, what's going on? Verizon

vhaakmat says:

I wish I could buy the Lumia Icon that's being sold in China.. Anyone with thwe link?